Is Snoo Worth It? (What You Really Need To Know)

One of the most common sleep-related questions you’ll hear from sleep-deprived parents is “Is Snoo worth it?”

Snoo has been hyped as the most amazing, albeit expensive, product for parents desperate to get more sleep. 

And if you’ve literally tried almost everything to make your baby sleep longer unsuccessfully, then Snoo might just be your last resort.

But is Snoo worth it? What makes it so amazing? Is it really the miracle sleep worker you need?

We’ll discuss that here and more.

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In a Hurry? We Recommend…

Snoo is worth it IF:

  • You have some money to burn
  • You got it on sale – Black Friday promo, Labor Day sale, etc.
  • You plan to sell it after, as it has a great resale value.
  • You have twins
  • You plan to have many kids

But you might want to give SNOO a hard pass if:

  • Its price is making you think of all the other baby essentials you can buy with it
  • Your baby hates being swaddled
  • Your baby has a bad case of acid reflux

What is SNOO?

The SNOO is basically a smart bassinet and is considered THE holy grail of bassinets. Mainly because of its top feature – the ability to automatically soothe or lull your baby to sleep.

Think of it as a robotic night nurse – it helps you calm your baby or make them go back to sleep, automatically!

It was invented by a pediatrician, to help parents get some well-deserved shut-eye. 

The SNOO also has a fail-safe, SID prevention feature – its sleep sacks – that makes parents breathe a sigh of relief.

These sleep sacks let babies stay on their backs the whole night, preventing them from turning over in a risky position.

These features and more, are what make the Snoo the holy grail of bassinets. As mentioned by most parents online.

How does the SNOO work?

In a nutshell, the SNOO will automatically rock and play white noise to calm down a fussy, crying baby.

The rocking and white noise level will increase if your baby is still crying. 

It will then alert you via its mobile app if your baby needs you and not the SNOO.

The mobile app, aside from controlling the rocking and white noise, can also help you track your baby’s sleep and monitor their wake windows.

This is helpful so you can put your baby to sleep at the right time – not overtired and not under tired.

Before we get to the SNOO’s pros and cons, let me just touch on its other features below.

SNOO Features

Age Limit

The SNOO, just like most bassinets, can only be used for a few months, depending on other factors, such as your baby’s age, size, and mobility.


The SNOO comes in a complete package of a bassinet with a mattress and cover, 3 sleeping sacks (size S, M, L), and even 24/7 access to sleep consultants.

Mobile App

It has a mobile app that lets you control the rocking and white noise levels.

The mobile app also lets you track your baby’s sleep. 

So you can keep an eye on their wake windows, to perfectly time their nap and bedtime sleep.

SNOO’s mobile app also has a weaning mode, which helps transition your baby to the crib.

Mesh Walls

SNOO also has breathable mesh walls, which is a safety feature for your baby. 

Plus it also makes it easy on you to check on your little one, without going near the bassinet.

Easy to Assemble

The SNOO is relatively easy to assemble but it’s not the lightest bassinet out there. 

If you’re pregnant or on the thin, petite side, I would recommend assembling it with your spouse or other loved ones.

Warranty and Trial Period

Snoo offers a 1-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros of Using SNOO

Like having a night nurse

This is the main reason why it’s considered the holy grail of bassinets. 

It’s like hiring a robotic night nurse that soothes or soothes your baby to sleep without you prodding it!

Of course, it’s not a magical tool that can guarantee your baby will be sleeping for hours on end.

You will still need to check up on your baby if they can’t be settled by the SNOO, as they might need feeding, a diaper change, or some snuggles.

But for most parents, it has been worth it in giving them some added rest and sleep.

Can help with twins

Having the SNOO can be a great help for twin parents.

It can give you some time to take care of the other baby (especially if you’re solo parenting) while letting the SNOO calm down or settle another baby to sleep.

Lets you track your baby’s sleep

SNOO also allows you to track your baby’s wake windows. So you don’t need to check their sleepy cues or guess what time your baby should be napping or sleeping.

You can monitor and see their sleeping logs via the SNOO mobile app and more or less have a calculation of when to put your baby to sleep.

Has a 30-day trial period

If you’re still on the fence about the SNOO but you want to give it a try, they offer a 30-day worry-free trial period.

Of course, you’d need to time your purchase, so it won’t be delivered too soon before your baby comes. 

Rental is available

There are a lot of expensive baby products out there and not all offer a rental service, just to see how the product will really work for your baby.

SNOO at least offers that. You can rent it out and not make a full commitment.

The rental fee, at the time of this publishing, is like paying $5.30 a day.

For you to get more rest and sleep, I think that’s worth the fee.

Great resale value

It’s expensive, yes, but the SNOO has a really good resale value. 

The SNOO has a huge second-hand market.

And you can sell them at almost their full price, if you bought them during sale periods like on a Black Friday promo, Labor Day, etc.

Proven safety track record

SNOO’s built-in features and safety track record can give you the peace of mind you need. 

It’s been developed by a pediatrician, it has won countless awards, it’s being considered by the FDA as a life-saving device, and it’s the only bassinet that meets AAP’s advice on “Babies Should Only Sleep on Back, First 6 Months.”

Cons of Using SNOO


This is the biggest deterrent that’s keeping some parents away from the SNOO – its price.

You can buy a lot of baby essentials from the money you’re going to spend on the SNOO.

And it’s not exactly a miracle worker or guarantee of unbroken overnight sleep. 

You can’t even be certain that your baby will like being swaddled and rocked in it!

The good thing about it is, even if it’s expensive, that there’s a huge demand for it in the second-hand market.

Desperate, sleep-deprived parents are willing to fork out huge sums, for the chance to get at least an hour or two of extra sleep every night.

And if you bought the SNOO during a Black Friday promo or something similar, you’re guaranteed to make a killing and sell it at almost full price. 

If your plan is to resell them, make sure that there’s a demand for them in your area. Check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, Goodbuy Gear, etc.

Not travel-friendly

Some parents have managed to bring the SNOO on travels and vacations. 

But it’s not exactly advertised as the most portable bassinet there ever is.

Sure you can carry it around the house and even assemble it on your own easily. But it’s not convenient for traveling as it’s not exactly light and you need to assemble and disassemble it. Which can take some time.

No built-in camera/ monitor

For something that costs this much, you’d think it could come with its baby monitor.

But alas, that’s not the case.

BTW, check out some baby monitors here for the SNOO, that are highly recommended even by SNOO parents.

Hard to clean

You can only spot-clean the SNOO. 

You can’t totally disassemble it for washing, as it will damage its motor and you’ll void its warranty.

So if you have diaper explosions, frequent vomits, and spit-ups, you have to find another way of cleaning it thoroughly. 

Luckily, I have this bassinet cleaning guide, which includes different cleaning ways and methods for various bassinets, including the SNOO.

Too low

It’s not the best bassinet if you’re still reeling from your C-sect experience or if you have back pains. 

Or if you have your in-laws helping to take care of your baby and they also suffer from backaches.

I doubt if you can use its leg lifters, to make the SNOO taller, as it’s only advertised to slightly tilt the bassinet to help babies with mild coughs and stuffy noses.


Do pediatricians recommend SNOO?

Yes, some parents in online parenting groups shared that their pediatricians highly recommend the SNOO for everyone to get a better sleep.

Do babies get addicted to SNOO?

No, babies don’t get addicted to SNOO. 
Parents on the other hand, possibly, for its highly touted benefits of getting more rest and sleep for the latter.
But kidding aside, your baby will naturally outgrow their need for the SNOO, as with everything else in their life.

Does SNOO increase SIDS?

No, SNOO doesn’t increase the chances of SIDS. If anything, it prevents it.
Its swaddles ensure that your baby stays on its back all night long. Plus, SNOO has an unbeatable and proven safety track record. Hence its countless awards and even getting accepted to the FDA’s Breakthrough Device Program.

Tips and Tricks on Using the SNOO 

  • Renting vs Buying

Some parents on popular parenting forums have advised that buying the SNOO actually saves you more money than renting it.

They said that if you can wait for a sale, if you don’t have any issue with its price and you’re comfortable with reselling it later, then it’s better to just buy instead of renting a SNOO.

SNOO has a huge second-hand market and you can potentially resell it for a loss of only a couple hundred bucks.

  • Careful buying a used SNOO

The warranty doesn’t transfer hands so if something is wrong with it, you’re not going to get much help.

The safest option is to either buy a new SNOO straight from their website. Or rent it. 

  • The TV can set it off

The cries or screams from a nearby TV can set off the SNOO and will rock and shush your baby. Just an FYI.

  • Buy a bigger swaddle

You might need one, especially if your baby is on the bigger, heavier side.

  • Mixed feedback on reflux babies

A lot of parents online have said that SNOO doesn’t exactly aggravate their baby’s reflux. But it doesn’t help it either. Even with the leg lifters.

Some parents though shared that their reflux baby has been sleeping well in the SNOO. They even said they only used tuna cans instead of the SNOO’s leg lifters.

It’s a mixed bag of feedback so just take note of this and maybe check out other bassinets for reflux or see other ways to help your reflux baby.

  • Baby hates bassinet

Some just won’t settle in any bassinet, even the SNOO.

I do have an article here on how to make your baby sleep in the bassinet.

And what to do if your baby hates the SNOO here – might help!

So before you give up on the SNOO, try out some of the tricks and methods mentioned there first and see what happens.

  • Get more sleep sacks

The available sleep sacks that come with the SNOO won’t be enough. So get more sleeping sacks but don’t buy too much.

Is Snoo Worth It?

Hell yes! SNOO is worth it IF you don’t have any budget issues or with paying NOW, you’re planning to have more kids, or if you have twins.

Not to mention that it has a great resale value.

So if you’re comfortable with the effort it takes to resell it, then you’ve basically only paid a hundred bucks (or more) for it.

It does have its cons though and it’s not a perfect sleeping tool. And there are a lot of SNOO alternatives out there that are more affordable.

But for the most part, SNOO can keep your baby safe on their backs, a feature that other bassinets don’t have. It can also give you more resting time and sleep as it can automatically shush and rock your baby to sleep!

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