How To Keep Your Cat Out of Bassinet (15 Effective Ways!)

It’s quite worrying to think of your cats jumping inside the bassinet, and accidentally suffocating your baby by sitting down on them or covering their faces.

That’s the worst nightmare that can happen to any new parent/ cat lover!

So how to keep your cat out of bassinet?

How do you deter them from jumping and staying inside your baby’s sleeping place?

What should you do to prepare your cat for your baby and avoid any negative behaviors from happening?

This article will answer that and more.

First, let’s list down the reasons why it’s a good idea to keep your cat away from the bassinet.

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Why You Should Keep Your Cat Away From Bassinet

Although there are certain benefits in growing up with pets, it’s important not to let your baby sleep beside your cat unsupervised because of the following:

  • Your cat might sit on your newborn or cover their faces, which is very dangerous.
  • Your cat might have just pooped and wants to continue cleaning itself beside your newborn. 
  • Your cat might shed some fur in the bassinet and that might also get into your baby’s hands or face.
  • Some cats are unpredictable and they might just scratch or turn violent out of the blue.
  • You don’t want the bassinet tipping over, especially if your cat is heavy and when your baby is inside the bassinet!

It’s better to be safe than sorry so scroll down below to find ways to cat-proof your bassinet.

Why Do Cats Love the Bassinet?

Cats have their own unique reasons for gravitating toward bassinets – it’s all in their social nature!

Just like us, they yearn to forge meaningful bonds with those in their vicinity. That’s why hopping onto the bassinet becomes their charming way of engaging with the newest addition to the family.

Beyond their sociable tendencies, cats are renowned for their inquisitiveness. They’re the ones you’ll catch nosing, tasting, listening, and attentively watching everything in their environment.

So, when you spot your feline friend sneaking into your baby’s bassinet, rest assured they’re simply on a mission to uncover the mysteries hidden within. It’s their playful and curious nature shining through!

How To Keep Your Cat Out of Bassinet (and Crib!)

Here are some ideas to prevent your cats from jumping and staying in the bassinet or crib:

Aluminum Foil

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your feline out of the bassinet.

Most cats don’t like the sound and feel of aluminum foil.

Some paw parents also use these to protect their Christmas trees or to deter the cats from jumping and walking all around the kitchen counter.

Double-Sided Tape

Get a piece of cardboard and cover it with double-sided tape and place it inside the bassinet.

Your cats will find it an unpleasant experience and would be discouraged from jumping in it again.

Do this a few weeks before your baby arrives.

Putting some lint roller sheets in the bassinet could also work!

Just take note that it won’t hurt your cats, especially if they’re long-haired.

Baking Pan with Water

Place a water barrier inside the bassinet so its mattress doesn’t get wet and put the pan filled with water inside it.

Your cars will immediately learn their lesson and will quickly jump out of the bassinet.

Just remember to keep doing this a few weeks before your baby comes.

Squirt Bottle with Water

Another low-key way of driving away your cat from the bassinet is by using a squirt bottle on them.

Every time you see them near the bassinet, just keep spraying them with water. Until they’ve learned not to go near it if they don’t want to get an impromptu shower.

Keep the spray bottle close to and as soon as you see them coming near the bassinet, spray them!

Unless of course, they actually like being sprayed, then maybe it’s time to try another pet deterrent.

Orange or Lemon Peels

Most cats don’t like the smell of citrus fruits or lemon peels.

So try placing them near or inside the bassinet. 

Just take note that oranges are toxic to cats when ingested.

So make sure to place the orange peelings inside a container where they can’t get to it.

Cooking Ingredients

Certain herbs and spices such as rosemary, dried mustard, cayenne pepper, and lavender are detested by cats.

You can place some in a disposable tea filter bag and hang it near or inside the bassinet to keep the cats away.

Motion Spray Pet Deterrent

Some parents shared using these motion sensor air can that puffs air and scares the cats but in a safe way.

Use it for a few weeks before your baby arrives. 

Just place it near the bedroom door or strap it inside the bassinet and hopefully, it will teach your cat to stay away from it!


Fill up the bassinet or crib with balloons and landing on this would scare the bejesus out of your cats. Make them stay as far away as possible from the bassinet or even from your baby’s room!

Plastic Bags

My cats hate the sound of crinkling plastic so this is another convenient way to deter them from closing or jumping inside the bassinet.

Just crinkle a few and place them inside or around the bassinet a few weeks before your baby arrives.

Shock Mat

This is a little tricky to use, especially if you have unruly kittens, stubborn old and/or sick cats or if you have other little ones running around the house.

But a few parents had to resort to using it and it’s been an effective pet deterrent for them.

Just make sure to consider the age and health condition of your cats and to carefully read the instructions before using them.

Bassinet Cover

Mosquito net, bassinet canopy, cat net – as long as it’s durable, it fits and it’s safely installed, that should deter your cat from jumping inside the bassinet or crib.

Lots of Hang Out Spots

Give your cat lots of options and places for napping, climbing, and even scratching. 

Buy them a scratching post, a cat tree, some toys, and a few beds so they’ll be distracted enough to hang out in these spots. 

Put it outside or inside your baby’s bedroom.

So instead of trying to jump in and sleep inside your baby’s bassinet, your cats will hopefully go for these fun hang-out spots.

Scare Them

If pet deterrents and distractions don’t seem to work, try scaring them.

Yell, stomp your feet, just do something alarming, without physically hurting them of course.

It’s not the most ideal solution but it can definitely be effective in keeping your cats away from the bassinet.

Bassinet with Cover

If you have some money to spare, it might be worthwhile to get a bassinet that comes with a cover. 

Like the Dream on Me Karley Bassinet. (Check out more info about the Dream on Karley bassinet here)

This has some great reviews from cat owners. Some even had their cats hanging out in the hammock underneath it!

Plus it’s not too expensive and you can use it outdoors when you want to hang out with your baby in the garden, park, etc.

Just take note of the bassinet’s weight limit for your baby’s safety.

Take a look also at other bassinets with a canopy such as the following:

Keep Them Out of the Bedroom

This might be harder to do, especially if you have a super clingy cat that’s gotten used to sleeping near you or even beside you.

They will probably cry, wail and scratch at the bedroom door and keep you up for hours.

But this setup can give you better peace of mind, knowing that they won’t have any chance of getting inside the bassinet. Even if you’re sleeping.

Do it a few weeks before your baby comes so they would have gotten used to this setup. You don’t want them wailing when you just put your baby to sleep!

How to Prepare Your Cat for Baby

You don’t want your cat getting territorial and hissing and peeing near your baby so to avoid any jealousy or conflict from happening, do the following:

Introduce a New Routine

A few weeks before the baby’s arrival, give less and less attention to your cats. Don’t ignore them completely but don’t give them too much attention either.

This is so they’ll be used to getting less attention from you when the baby comes and they won’t associate your baby with them being ignored.

Get Them Used to Baby’s Smell

Let them get used to your baby’s scent by letting them smell your baby’s mitten or socks or clothes. 

Once your pet gets used to it, you can get them near your baby and let them sniff your little one under close supervision.

Baby = Good

When your baby is near, make it a point to give them some attention, so your cats will learn to associate the baby with something good happening to them.

Make a fuss as well and praise them and give them some treats, when they’re being gentle and nice to your baby.

FAQ on How To Keep Cats Out of Bassinet and Crib

How do I keep my cat away from my sleeping baby?

You can keep your cat away from your sleeping baby by trying a number of infant-safe pet deterrents. 
Or distract them with some new scratchers, bed, toys, etc. You can also get a cover for the bassinet or crib. 

Will cats suffocate babies?

Cats can accidentally suffocate babies if they snuggle too close.
Your newborn won’t be able to turn their heads away if this happens so it’s best not to let your cat sleep beside your baby unsupervised.

Why does my cat sleep in my baby’s crib?

Cats like sleeping in a baby’s crib or beside their owners in general because they like the warmth and snuggles.

Tips and Tricks in Cat Proofing Your Bassinet

A fur parent shared using the owlet, especially with their very clingy cat who loves to cuddle in the middle of the night.

Using the Owlet made her worry less, as it tracks her baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts them if there’s a drop. Just in case the cat accidentally sits on the baby or covers the latter’s face.

Keep in mind that this won’t work on the Snoo or Mamaroo. Or any smart bassinets with rocking features.

It’s a newborn essential and it’s also helpful in checking if your cat is attempting or is already inside the bassinet, even if you’re in another room.

Take note of where to place your baby monitor, so it won’t be a safety hazard for your baby.

Best Bassinets With Covers To Keep Cats Out

For added peace of mind, consider using cat-proof bassinets, specially designed to keep your feline friend away from your baby’s sleeping space. Here are a few options:

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

besrey Bassinet

Dream On Me Lacy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet & Cradle

Maydolly Baby Bassinets Bedside Sleeper

Final Thoughts on How To Keep Your Cat Out of Bassinet

Personally, I just kept the cats away from the bedroom. I have 2 – a muscular siamese and a lightweight Scottish fold.

It was easier to keep them away once my baby was here. The sound of a wailing newborn was enough of a deterrent for them!

Most parents from online popular parenting groups also had the same experience. 

But of course, that depends on the personality of your cat. 

So if you have a very clingy, stubborn feline, I hope these ways and methods on how to keep a cat out of a bassinet would be effective for them. Check out similar ways on how to keep a cat out of the crib or nusery here.