Baby HATES Snoo (12 Ways To Get Them Used to the SNOO)

Do you feel like your baby hates Snoo? 

Do you feel like the motion and sounds of the SNOO agitate them, instead of calming them? 

Do you feel like you can’t make them sleep longer than 30 minutes in the SNOO?

Are you at your wit’s end and at loss on what to do and are you thinking, Is the Snoo even worth it?

Before giving up on this holy grail of bassinets, try out the methods and ways below on how to get your baby to get used to the SNOO.

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What To Do If My Baby Hates SNOO

Let’s go through the steps to make your baby hate the Snoo LESS.

Check if you’ve met their basic needs

Maybe they’re hungry, hot, cold, need a diaper change, are gassy, or just want a cuddle.

Take care of their basic needs first before putting them back in the SNOO.

Wait until they’re a bit older

Some parents noticed that after a few weeks, between the 1st and 2nd month, their babies who used to hate the SNOO now sleep soundly in it!

So your little one might just need some time adjusting to their new sleeping environment. 

You just need to be more patient.

Raise it up

Some babies tend to sleep better when their head is elevated. Especially if they’re suffering from reflux.

Some parents shared using textbooks and tuna cans to slightly raise the back legs of the Snoo, putting their baby in an incline position.

Just take note of the risks it brings but some parents swear it worked for them.

Be consistent

Let them get used to sleeping in the SNOO by always putting them in there for naps and bedtime sleep.

Stay consistent with your routines and continue to lay your baby down in the SNOO. Even if they hate it.

Some parents mentioned it took them 7 to 8 weeks before their baby slept peacefully in the SNOO!

Put your baby down, asleep

Ideally, it’s best to put your baby down when they’re drowsy, not completely asleep.

But if you’re at your wit’s end and it’s affecting your physical, mental and emotional health already, then, by all means, make your baby sleep before putting them in the SNOO!

Rock to sleep in your arms, use a pacifier, feed them before making them sleep, etc., doesn’t matter. 

As long as they’re asleep before they’re in the SNOO, any technique will do.

Use a bag of rice

Some parents shared that the only way their babies slept on the SNOO was by having a bag of rice placed on their chest.

Basically, the idea is that the baby thinks it’s their parent’s hand on them, instead of the bag of rice. 

That added weight brings a sense of calm and comfort to them, enough that it can soothe them to sleep.

You can get some cup of rice, put it in a small Ziploc bag then wrap it with a towel to contain the noise. 

Then you secure and velcro that bag of rice on top of your baby, in the SNOO sack.

Put a towel under their legs

Some moms shared that their babies can only sleep when they roll and tuck a small towel under their legs. 

It apparently gives their baby that feeling of extra support.

So just roll up a small towel into a pillow and keep it at the bottom of the SNOO snack, under your baby’s legs. 

Hopefully, that will do the trick.

Turn ON the Snoo before putting in baby

Most parents would have tried putting their baby first in the SNOO, swaddling them then turning on the SNOO.

But for some, what worked for them was turning on the SNOO first at the lowest level, then putting in their baby and swaddling them!

Change up the levels

You might have to experiment with increasing or decreasing SNOO’s sound and motion, to see what settings work best for your baby.

Some babies like it at the lowest level. 

Some babies don’t and can be soothed better using the highest level.

Use a pacifier

Babies are reminded of the womb sensations when they’re sucking on pacifiers, which can trigger their innate calming reflex.

So try it and see if it’ll work.

Double swaddle

Make your baby wear another swaddle then place him in the SNOO sack!

A lot of parents swear on this trick and it was the only thing that worked on their baby.

Some had their babies in a light onesie, with the AC turned cooler.

While some just had their babies in a diaper.

Swaddle with the arms down

Make sure your baby’s arms are down before snugly wrapping them in the SNOO sack.

If they can wiggle their arm loose inside the SNOO sack, that’s your sign to tighten, albeit comfortably, the inner band.

FAQ: Baby Hates SNOO

Is SNOO Level 4 safe for newborns?

Yes, the SNOO level 4 is safe for newborns.
It actually imitates the motion of being bounced, danced with or driven in a car on a bumpy road.
So you don’t need to worry about the SNOO being too rough on your newborn.

Is the SNOO supposed to be on all night?

You can choose to turn on the SNOO all night if you want. 
But if your baby is getting older, try out the Weaning mode to prepare them to transition from the SNOO to the crib.

Is it hard to transition from SNOO to crib?

It’s hard for some parents to transition from SNOO to the crib. But then again, some parents had it easy transitioning their little ones.

So there’s no definite answer to this. 
It all depends on your baby and how ready they are. 

You can try out some methods here to help transition your baby from the SNOO to the crib.

More Helpful Tips for Helping Babies Get Used to the SNOO

  • Learn basics in helping your baby sleep longer

There are some ways to help your baby better in general, that are not connected to the Snoo.

You can check out some of the ways to help your newborn sleep longer at night here, before trying specific SNOO tips and tricks.

You can also check out ways here on how to get your newborn to sleep in a bassinet.

  • Ignore occasional noises

Babies are noisy sleepers.

They can snore, toot, hiccup, grunt, lip-smack and kick around, etc., so it’s perfectly normal if you see them do that.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby hates the SNOO when they make a noise in it.

As long as they’re not crying and are mostly staying asleep, they’re fine in the SNOO.

  • Don’t worry about sleeping habits

What’s more important is your baby getting some sleep and you still have some of your sanity.

Physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion can do a toll on you, which can lead to dangerous situations like sleeping while on the wheel, accidentally dropping your baby, or worse.

So don’t worry about creating bad habits, especially if you desperately need some rest and your baby has been miserable in the SNOO.

You can do sleep training when they’re a few months older anyway.

Or your baby might change their sleeping habits when they have their sleep regression!

So it really doesn’t matter if you do something that might turn into a “bad sleeping habit.” 

Nothing will stay permanent so don’t stress about it too much.

  • Maybe it’s not the SNOO

There can be a number of reasons why your baby won’t sleep through the night. And sometimes, it’s not because of the SNOO.

So try to learn more about those reasons so you’ll have a better understanding and expectations about your baby’s sleep.

  • Manage your expectations

Don’t compare your baby to other seemingly well-behaved, easy-to-soothe angels who can sleep in the SNOO with no issue.

You can do everything right and by the book, and your baby might still have a difficult time in the SNOO.

It’s not a magical tool guaranteed to make your baby fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

Some babies just have a bit more difficult time sleeping in general.

So learn to manage your expectations so you’ll feel less stressed, less frustrated, and less overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts on Baby Hates SNOO

By 4 months, most babies will go through a sleep regression and are probably ready to transition to a crib.

Some babies might prefer to sleep facing down. 

Which is okay, IF AND ONLY IF, they can roll to their backs independently and vice versa.

If by the 3rd or 4th month, you’re still struggling to get your baby to like the SNOO, then maybe it’s time to wave the white flag and say adios to it.

It happens, and it can be frustrating and disappointing. 

But at least, you can get some money back as the SNOO is always in demand in the second-hand market.

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