How Many SNOO Sacks Do I Need?

SNOO ain’t cheap and neither are its sleep sacks.

So if you’re wondering if the 3 sleep sacks that come with the SNOO bassinet are enough for your baby, then you’re in the right place.

You do need to buy more but not that much.

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So How Many Snoo Sacks Do I Need?

You will need 2 for each size. 

The other one is for backup, especially when your baby accidentally spits, vomits, or has a diaper blowout.

If you have a little more budget, 3 is best to have.

As there can be an instance where your little one vomits or does another diaper explosion on their spare sleep sack. 

So 3 pieces for each size is way better.

Is it really necessary to have many sleep sacks?

It’s not necessary but it can be helpful. 

Especially when your baby has a diaper poonami or spit-ups all over their swaddles. And that can happen a lot!

Some parents actually buy 3 SNOO sacks for each size, just to be on the safe side.

On the other hand, some will make do with what comes with the SNOO bassinet.

If one sleep sack needs to be washed, they just use the other sizes on their baby.

Can I use a different sleep sack for SNOO?

No, you can’t use a different sleep sack to replace the SNOO sleep sack.

SNOO won’t work until you slide the wings of the sleep sack and clip them on the side.

Some parents have managed to make it work by putting in folded paper or something, so the machine will think the swaddle is clipped. 

But that’s not recommended and you can put your baby at risk.

What do I do if my baby hates the SNOO sleep sacks?

You can check out some suggestions here from The Happiest Baby team themselves on what to do in these situations.

Some SNOO parents suggested letting one arm or both arms out.

Or you can try positioning their arms differently – pinned on the side, crossed in front, etc.

Others have done the double swaddling. They’ll put their baby in a different swaddle, make them go to sleep first, turn on the SNOO, then put them in it.

Check out other tips here on how to make your baby like the SNOO.

When to stop using sleep sacks?

You should stop using sleep sacks when your baby has managed to wriggle out of them or has learned to unzip or unbutton their sleep sacks.

Loose fabric can be a suffocation hazard and can endanger babies under 1 year old.

How many sleep sacks should I put on a registry?

Ask for 3 pieces for each size, for your baby registry.

One for use, one for spare, and one for those special emergencies.

What to wear under the SNOO sack?

If it gets too hot where you are, just let your baby wear a light onesie or just a diaper under the SNOO sack.

If it’s a bit cold, you can make your baby wear a long-sleeved footed onesie instead.

Final Thoughts on How Many Snoo Sacks Do I Need

Again, it depends on your situation, whether your baby tends to vomit or does a lot of diaper explosions, A LOT.

But your safest bet is to at least have 3 pieces for each size. Or 2 pieces if you want to save a little bit.

I hope this has helped in guiding you about SNOO sleep sacks.

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