How To Travel with SNOO (Packing, Car Space, and More Tips)

Looking for the best tips and hacks on how to travel with SNOO?

Then you’re in the right place.

Here you’ll get to know how hard (or NOT) is it to pack and travel with the SNOO, possible Wi-Fi or motor issues, and the pros and cons and such of bringing the SNOO on vacations and travels.

Let’s start with the most common question a lot of parents have.

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Is the SNOO travel-friendly?

The SNOO is not travel-friendly. 

It weighs a ton, you need 2 people to carry it in the car, you can’t fold it to make it smaller, and SNOO is not advertised as a portable bassinet.

But it is possible to travel with the SNOO, as a lot of parents have done it!

Is it worth traveling with the SNOO?

Yes, it’s worth traveling with the SNOO if your baby sleeps longer at night with it.

Imagine going on vacation and being sleep-deprived, haggard, and tired all the time, just because your baby won’t sleep without the SNOO.

It can be a little bit of a hassle to pack it up and fit it in the car.

But other than that, if your baby is sleeping soundly in it with minimum to zero disruptions and you’re getting enough sleep because of it, then it’s definitely worth traveling with the SNOO! Especially if you’re trying to sleep train your baby while traveling.

Can SNOO connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi?

Yes, the SNOO can connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. 

You just need to set it as a new wireless connection, like how you set it up at your home for the first time.

You can’t just connect it instantly to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.

To set up a new wireless connection, just go to the Main Menu > Settings > My SNOO > Set Up > Change Network and follow the App instructions.

Many parents shared that they had trouble connecting the SNOO app to the hotel’s WiFi.

A few shared some tips to connect it to the hotel’s wifi, such as:

Hold your phone next to the ON button when pairing to a new Wi-Fi network.

Set up next to the Wi-Fi router

If that doesn’t work, then just use the buttons manually on the SNOO bassinet.

Easy peasy.

Click here on how to manually use the SNOO bassinet, without the app.

Can the SNOO fit in the car?

Yes, the SNOO can fit in a car. Even small rental cars!

The SNOO’s specs are 35.83″L x 18.9″W x 32.28″H and when packed inside its original box, can take about 8 cubic feet in the trunk.

I’ve seen a lot of comments from parents about how the SNOO can fit in their car’s trunk with no hassle.

Most mentioned that it can fit in their SUVs without any issues and some specifically shared the kind of car they have, where the SNOO can fit in the trunk:

  • Mazda CX-5
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Civic
  • Hatchback Civic

It can be super packed and you might need to fold some seats in smaller cars, but fitting the SNOO with its box inside the car’s trunk is not an issue.

As long as you remove its legs, of course!

How to fly with the SNOO?

The SNOO can be checked in as oversized luggage on a plane BUT it’s not recommended to fly with it.

You need to bubble wrap it or wrap it in sheets and towels in the packaging box.

It can be handled roughly or when placed in the airplane’s baggage compartment. Which can lead to the SNOO’s motor breaking or having some issues.

Then there are the fees for oversized luggage!

One parent said she was able to swing it at the check-in counter by telling the airline it was a stroller.

You can try that but still, it will definitely get tossed around.

You can just rent a SNOO instead if you’re traveling by plane.

Just research and call in advance and check out the logistics of picking it up and dropping it off.

I’ve seen a lot of parents highly recommending for renting out a SNOO.

FYI, you can also rent out other baby stuff on such as cribs, strollers, car seats, carriers, and even toys!

How do you pack a SNOO for travel?

Packing your SNOO for travel requires using the original box that it came in. 

So hopefully, you were able to keep yours and it’s still in decent condition!

If not and your box is damaged, you can always order a new one here.

Anyway, you start with cleaning the SNOO first.

Especially if it’s a tad dirty from your baby’s spit, vomit, and the occasional diaper blowouts.

Just spot-clean its mesh with a damp cloth, water, and a baby-safe gentle cleanser. Spot clean as well as its foam mattress.

Then air-dry them completely.

Check out a step-by-step guide on how to pack your SNOO using its original box here, with pictures!

So you basically just do the following:

Unplug the SNOO, flip it over, and remove the legs.

Put the SNOO in the dust bag, then the box.

For extra protection, wrap the SNOO in a bedsheet or just add any padding inside the box.

And that’s it!

Some parents used the available space inside the SNOO by placing soft and light things in it, like pillows, blankets, etc.

You can choose to do that, just don’t pack any heavy stuff inside the SNOO as it can mess up its motor.

Also, make sure to avoid shaking up the SNOO as you might have motor issues with it.

So as much as possible, try avoiding large potholes, whizzing over big bumps, and the likes that can shake up your SNOO inside the car.

Is SNOO easily transportable?

No, the SNOO is not easily transportable. 

It weighs 38 lbs or 17kg so it’s not exactly a lightweight bassinet.

Its motor can also have some issues or can get damaged when the ride gets too bumpy or when it gets jostled during your travel.

However, a lot of parents have traveled with it by car so it’s not impossible to transport it. 

It just takes some time to pack it properly, fit it in the car’s trunk, then take it out and carry it to your destination.

Can I ship SNOO to our vacation spot?

Yes, you can ship your SNOO to your vacation spot, if you have the financial means. 

But it’s just not worth the hassle.

You can just rent a SNOO instead if you’re traveling by plane.

Or fit it in the trunk, if you’re traveling by car.

Pros and Cons of Traveling with SNOO

Pros of Traveling with SNOO

  • Consistent sleeping habits and routine for your baby
  • Longer rest and sleep for parents

Cons of Traveling with SNOO

  • Takes time to pack, unpack, assemble, etc.
  • Takes up space in the trunk
  • Need 2 people to carry it
  • Possible SNOO motor issues if jostled around
  • Not recommended for plane travel
  • Extra fees for renting SNOO

More Tips on How To Travel with SNOO

  • Research in advance

Check Happiest Baby or if the SNOO is available to rent near your vacation house or travel destination.

Or ask around in Facebook groups and see if they have local SNOO rentals in the place you’re visiting.

  • Call the hotel

Check with them if you can bring the SNOO with you.

See if you can book a room near the elevator, to easily transport and move the SNOO.

If the hotel has stairs, make sure to request a room on the lower floor.

Check if your room has enough space for the SNOO, and ask if they have trolleys to move the SNOO from car to room and vice-versa.

  • Do a packing test

Remember to test and see if the SNOO in a box can fit in your car’s trunk with no issues.

Move or fold the car seats, and check if your other luggage can still fit in the car and if everyone is still comfortable.

  • Bring an extension cable

The SNOO’s cord may not be long enough so always bring an extension cable to plug in the SNOO anywhere in the hotel room.

  • Bring a sound machine

Just in case there’s an issue with the SNOO’s motor, you at least have something to soothe and calm your baby – a sound machine.

Take note that you can also play SNOO sounds from Spotify on Bluetooth!

  • Pack extras

Bring additional swaddles and a sheet, especially if you’re going on a long vacation. 

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Travel with SNOO: Takeaway

Ultimately, you just need to think of your priorities if you’re undecided about traveling with the SNOO.

Sure it’s a hassle to pack it and bring it on trips.

You also need to pay extra for rent if you don’t want to bring it on the plane.

But if it can provide your baby a sound, LOOOONNNG sleep, which means you also get to have enough rest and sleep, ESPECIALLY ON A FREAKING VACATION, then it’s worth traveling with it!

I hope this SNOO travel guide has given a lot of tips and hacks when traveling with the said smart bassinet.

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