Snoo vs Mamaroo [Detailed Comparison Review]

The SNOO has been considered the holy grail of bassinets. But some parents think it’s an overpriced, overhyped product.

Many are turning to cheaper SNOO alternatives and if you’re one of them and want to compare the SNOO vs Mamaroo sleep bassinet, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Their differences and similarities
  • Honest feedback from real parents
  • A highlight of each pro and cons
  • Tips and tricks on using these smart bassinets

Hopefully, at the end of this article, you’ll be able to make up your mind between the 4moms Mamaroo vs the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet.

Let’s start with a comparison of their features below.

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In a hurry? We recommend…

No contest. The SNOO for its “worth-it” features and sellable quality.

How Does the SNOO Smart Sleeper Work?

You basically secure and strap in your baby, on their backs, in the SNOO sleep sack swaddle then once they start fussing, the SNOO smart bassinet will begin to sway automatically.

It has auto-respond feature so you don’t need to push a button for it to manually sway. It can detect your baby’s crying and it will just try to settle down your little one by swaying them or playing some white noise.

It will pick up its pace and will run through the white noise programs, if your baby is still crying. Then it will notify you via phone if your baby needs you for further calming.

You can control the SNOO’s settings and even check your baby’s sleeping patterns via the mobile app.

How Does the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Work?

The Mamaroo bassinet basically works like the SNOO, except that it doesn’t automatically sway and play white noises, to soothe your baby.

You have to control and turn on the the swaying and white noise via their mobile app. You can also adjust the bassinet settings via the mobile app.

Check out a more detailed review of the 4moms Mamaroo bassinet here.

Snoo vs Mamaroo: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Snoo vs Mamaroo.

FeaturesSNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet
Specs• Dimensions: 35.75” L × 19” W × 31” H (with legs)
Max Weight Limit: 38 lbs/ 17kg
• Dimentions: 34″ L x 24″ W x 39″ H (with legs)
• Max Weight Limit: 30 lbs/ 14 kg
Safety featuresMesh wall, firm and flat mattress, sleeping sack swaddlesMesh wall, firm and flat mattress
Auto Responds to CriesYesNo
Soothing Features1 motion with 2 levels, 3 sounds with 4 levels5 motions with 5 levels plus 4 sounds with 4 levels
Vibration AvailableNot available
TimeNot available4-hours
Weaning ModeAvailableNot available
Mobile AppAvailableAvailable
RentalAvailableNot available
PriceSuper Expensive AFWay Cheaper than SNOO
Easy to AssembleYesYes
Age Limit6 months or until baby is more mobile6 months or until baby is more mobile
Mattress and CoverAvailableAvailable
Sleep sack3 sizes available (S, M, L) Not available
MaintenanceMesh wall – spot clean onlyMesh wall – spot clean only
30 day money back trial periodAvailableAvailable
Warranty1-year limited warranty1-year limited warranty

Below is a more detailed info on the differences between the Mamaroo vs Snoo.

Mamaroo vs Snoo: Differences

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the differences between MamaRoo Sleep vs Snoo Bassinet


Snoo Bassinet

  • Dimensions: 35.75” L × 19” W × 31” H (with legs)
  • Weight: 38 lbs/ 17kg

4Moms Mamaroo Bassinet

  • Dimensions: 34″ L x 24″ W x 39″ H (with legs)
  • Weight: 30 lbs/ 14 kg


The Snoo includes:

  • 3 sleeping sacks (size S, M, L)
  • Mattress and water-resistant cover
  • 24/7 access to sleep consultants

While the 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet includes:

  • Mattress and water-resistant gray sheet
  • Free Newborn Sleep Class (only available if bassinet is purchased from the 4moms website)


Both have mesh walls, making them breathable and making it easy for you to check on your baby.

Both have a firm flat mattress, a need for baby safety sleeping.

Snoo was invented by a pediatrician. While the 4moms Bassinet was created with the help of a baby sleep expert.

Snoo though has one more safety arsenal in its bassinet – the sleeping sack swaddles.

They’ve included 3 swaddles available in 3 sizes (S, M, L).

These sleep sacks are used to prevent your baby from rolling or putting themselves in a risky position. Especially when the bassinet is moving.

You can clip them on the sides inside the Snoo and the bassinet won’t work unless the clips are placed properly. 

This guarantees that your baby will stay on their back the whole time.

Plus it’s made from organic cotton, making it comfy and safe for your baby.

Some parents find its velcro annoying though, as it sometimes gets stuck on the baby’s clothes during diaper changes.

Auto Responds to Cries

The Mamaroo bassinet doesn’t have this feature. 

While SNOO has it, making it a holy grail of bassinets, according to some parents.

It can detect when your baby is crying and the bassinet automatically rocks and plays white noise to calm your baby.

It’s like having a personal night nurse – a big, expensive but beautiful night nurse, cradling your baby every day and night.

It will automatically increase the level of rocking and white sound noise to continue comforting your baby.

Then it will automatically stop after a few minutes if your baby hasn’t calmed down yet. That’s a signal for you to get up and see if your baby needs a feeding or a diaper change.

Of course, it will take some time for some babies to get used to it. It’s not a magic tool that can automatically hush your baby. 

And some parents have gotten frustrated with it, saying it doesn’t work on their little one.

But for most, it’s considered a lifesaver. Especially if you’re the sole caregiver most of the time or you’re a single parent.

Soothing Motions and Sounds

The 4moms might not have the autoresponder but it does have 5 different swinging motions that can help your baby fall and stay asleep.

It has the car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing, and rock-a-bye motion, with 5 different speed levels.

It also has 4 different sounds – ocean, FAN, shh, & rain. You can also increase the volume if needed.

Some parents like that it has all these features to calm and make their baby go to sleep. 

While some shared that their 4moms bassinet makes this loud squeaking noise when they turn it on, which startles their baby.

Other parents also complained that it makes a very loud noise when in motion, which wakes up their little one.

The SNOO only has 1 motion, a soft swiveling kind – and can be adjusted up to 4 levels.

If you don’t want it to go to a faster, more jiggly motion level, you can set it up via the Snoo app by using the Motion Limiter.

This is mostly used for preemies or babies under a month old.

Its white noise can also be increased by 4 levels and is not louder than a vacuum noise.


The SNOO doesn’t have a timer. 

You can turn it on to any level you want and once your baby is calm, its rocking motion will automatically slow down at the base level.

It won’t stop rocking and will continue, along with the white noise.

Unless you turn it off.

The 4moms bassinet though is a different story.

It has a 4-hour motion timer which some parents hate with a passion. 

But what makes it more annoying, according to some parents, is it just stops abruptly after 4 hours.

It doesn’t make a slow, gentle motion then eventually turns off.

No, it just stops immediately. Which can wake up your baby!

Some parents have resorted to waking themselves before the 4-hour timer stops, so they can adjust it.

One mom shared that she reached out to 4moms about this feature and the latter said that they had that 4-hour timer, so as not to make the baby dependent on the soothing sounds and motions.

Weaning Feature

Here’s another cool feature that the SNOO has, which the 4moms doesn’t – a weaning mode feature.

How it works is – when your baby is calm, the Snoo will continue to rock for several minutes then the motion will automatically stop.

But the sound will still play at the base level, all night long. Which is great so it doesn’t startle your baby, waking them up in the process!

Mobile App

Both have a mobile app available, with some slight differences.

Snoo’s smart app lets you adjust the bassinet’s motion and sound level. 

It also lets you record sleep and napping data and gives you an overview of your baby’s sleeping patterns.

Snoo app also notifies you when your baby needs more than a Snoo soothing and has the preemie mode and weaning feature.

You can easily download and sync with your wifi.

4moms app also works to control the motion type, level, and sound type plus the volume of the bassinet.

And it’s not only for the bassinet – you can also use it for the 4moms car seat and stroller!

You can also directly contact 4moms customer service via the app.

It’s Bluetooth-enabled, and parents have mixed reviews about it. 

With some parents saying it worked perfectly well. 

While others said the app kept closing, they had to keep reinstalling the app and it just doesn’t work sometimes.


4moms Mamaroo doesn’t offer rental service for their bassinets.

But SNOO does.

If you think the rental is cheap though, think again!

It’s way less expensive than paying for a brand new Snoo, but the rental includes a security deposit, cleaning fee plus return shipping fee.

You’ll be paying less in the 5th and 6 months, according to some parents.

But you might consider looking for other sources to rent the Snoo. 


Snoo is just way much more expensive than the Mamaroo.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet costs 3x more than the 4moms Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet.

3x more. As of this publishing. 

That is one heck of an expensive bassinet!

I can already think of all the baby items I can buy at that price!

Both the Snoo and 4moms Mamaroo bassinet offers a military discount.

Similarities of Mamaroo Bassinet vs Snoo

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the similar features of the Snoo vs. 4moms Mamaroo


Both the Mamaroo and Snoo Bassinet are easy to assemble, you can do it on your own!

They’re both quite heavy though, especially the Snoo. 

I wouldn’t recommend assembling it on your own if you’re pregnant or on the thin, petite side.

One thing that’s different between these 2 bassinets is that the 4moms Mamaroo bassinet’s height can be adjusted by 4.5″, to make it more comfortable for you to reach your baby.

The Snoo doesn’t come with an adjustable height level.

Age Limit

Both the Snoo and Mamaroo Bassinet can be used until 6 months old or until your baby is more mobile.

Mattress and Cover

Both come with a flat, thin mattress with a water-resistant cover.

You don’t really need to buy another one or replace it as it’s perfectly safe, even for a newborn to sleep on either mattress.


Both are not exactly travel-friendly but they can be taken apart and carried in a car, as mentioned by some parents.

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You can’t remove the mesh walls for machine-washing for both the 4moms and Snoo bassinet, for safety purposes. Other parents though have been successful in removing it but it’s not as easy nor as straightforward.

But you can do a spot cleaning using a damp cloth, warm water, and a baby-safe gentle cleanser.

Do a test cleaning first in a small area, to ensure that there’s no discoloration or damage. And don’t use bleach!

Both mattresses can only be spot cleaned, but both covers are machine-washable.

Trial Period

Both the SNOO and Mamaroo bassinet has a 30-day trial – money-back guarantee period.

Which may not be adequate as it really takes some time for some babies to get used to sleeping on a bassinet or crib.

Some parents have advised not to buy it in advance and just purchase it when the baby is around.


Both the Mamaroo sleep bassinet and Snoo bassinet offer a 1 year limited warranty period.

Customer Service

It’s been a mixed review for both the 4moms and Snoo when it comes to their customer service.

Some parents said both offer amazing service, while others say, they suck and weren’t helpful at all.


Both have very simple yet minimal styles and can suit any room’s interiors. 

FAQ: 4moms Bassinet vs Snoo

Is mamaRoo as good as SNOO?

The mamaRoo has its advantages but when it comes to automatically soothing and comforting your baby, it doesn’t come close to what SNOO can do.
It’s a good SNOO alternative though, especially if you’re on a budget.

Do pediatricians recommend the SNOO?

SNOO is created by a pediatrician but as to being recommended by other doctors, that’s another story. Some are not against it but would mention doing more tummy time as placing your baby all the time in the bassinet can contribute to a flat head syndrome.

Is there anything comparable to SNOO?

Aside from the 4moms Mamaroo, other SNOO alternatives you can consider are:
• Halo bassinet with the swivel
Graco Sense2Snooze

Is the SNOO worth the hype?

Yes, SNOO is definitely worth the hype. It’s been mentioned as the holy grail of smart bassinets by parents and a lot just couldn’t get enough of how useful it was during their first few months with their baby.

Pros and Cons of the Snoo vs Mamaroo Bassinet

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of both the Mamaroo vs Snoo Smart Bassinet.

mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

Pros of mamaRoo sleep® bassinet

  • Way cheaper than the SNOO
  • Has 5 swinging motions with 5-speed levels plus 4 white sounds

Cons of mamaRoo sleep® bassinet

  • Has a timer that abruptly stops the rocking and white noise
  • Has complains of making a loud noise that can wake up baby

Pros of SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

  • Automatically rocks and plays white noise to soothe baby
  • Has weaning mode feature

Cons of SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

  • Expensive
  • Rental is not cheap

4moms Mamaroo and Snoo Alternatives

Graco Sense2Snooze

Delta Children Bassinet

Tips and Tricks For Using mamaRoo Sleep and Snoo Bassinet

  • Join private groups

There are some SNOO Facebook private groups that you should join. A lot of parents are saying they’re quite helpful in giving tips and advice on using the SNOO for your baby. You can get there tips on transitioning, what to do if the SNOO malfunctions, and even baby monitor recommendations for SNOO.

  • Ask if anyone can rent you a bassinet

There’s this one parent who shared that they know a guy who buys used bassinets and rents them out.

They had to clean the bassinet themselves but it was cheaper than renting the SNOO from the official website. 

So ask around in your local groups or on online groups, if anyone nearby can rent you their unused bassinet.

  • Buy second hand

There’s Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Goodbuy Gear, and sometimes even online forums, to help you get a cheaper bassinet.

  • Wait for promotions

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas promos, etc., everything will go on sale by those periods. So wait around, if you can to see a better deal.

Check out some Newborn Baby Deals and Crib Deals right here.

  • Check out alternatives

If the SNOO’s price is too much for you, consider a list of SNOO alternatives here that are cheaper but can still do the work of soothing your baby.

  • Use another white noise

Play a white noise before turning on the Mamaroo sleep bassinet.

It will drown out the loud clicking noise it makes, preventing your baby from waking up.

  • Put it near your bed, but not beside it.

The SNOO and Mamaroo bassinets don’t have wheels nor can easily be moved away from the bed when needed.

So just put it in a place that’s a few steps away from you. 

Make sure that you still have enough space to stand up and move around.

If you want a bassinet that’s more suitable for breastfeeding, check this guide.

  • Do a lot of tummy time

Putting your baby in a bassinet for long hours may lead to them developing the flat head syndrome.

So remember to give them ample tummy time. 

Let them do other age-appropriate activities AWAY from the bassinet, that can be beneficial to their development and can help them reach their milestone.

  • Transition in phases

If you’re planning to transition your baby from the SNOO to a crib soon, do it in phases. Do the first step for a few days, then the next, and so on. Let your baby get used to one step first before moving to the next step.

  • Be wary of your cats

Curious and clingy felines can jump inside the bassinet, which can endanger your baby. So if you’re worried, find ways on how to keep your cats out of the bassinet.

Snoo vs Mamaroo – What’s the Verdict?

There’s no guarantee that the SNOO might work for your little one as everyone’s baby is different. So good thing they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But when it works, my god, it works. I wished I had this with my newborn!

It’s worth the price IF: 

  • Budget is not an issue
  • Have plans to have more kids
  • You’re comfortable using resale websites

You can easily recuperate most of the money you spend on your purchase by reselling your used SNOO.

The Mamaroo might be cheaper but the SNOO is just way more convenient and works better to soothe your baby.

I hope this guide has helped make your final decision between the SNOO vs Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet.

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