About Adaptable Mama

Adaptable Mama aims to help overwhelmed moms adapt positively to the earlier phases of motherhood – the newborn, baby, and toddler phases.

We strive to enlighten moms about the realities of motherhood – that it’s life-changing, joyful, and memorable but it can also be challenging, frustrating, and most of the time maddening!

We also want to equip new parents with knowledge about certain products that can make parenting easier – updating you about the best cribs, baby carriers, diapers, or any baby-related products that can help you care for your little ones and make your load lighter.

Our goal is to lessen the overwhelm and stress new parents, especially new moms, are going through, by giving you various tips on motherhood and on parenting your babies or toddlers.

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We Believe in Providing:


We work hard on doing thorough research – fact-checking and sourcing information from research articles, scientific journals, and much more. 

When seeking additional medical insights, we turn to reliable sources penned by expert pediatricians and esteemed medical advisors.

Some of our go-to sources include the American Academy of Pediatrics, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the American Pregnancy Association, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, the CDC, and other authoritative and medical sites. 


We believe in providing high-quality, unbiased reviews in all our content, most especially when it concerns child-related products. We will let you know the good and bad that comes with every baby item we write about.

We do a thorough research on the products we review, testing physically some of them and for the other items that are challenging to procure for our nimble team, we extensively scour through user reviews, looking at both the positive and negative feedbacks.

We also look at independent testers who has published their review videos online, carefully considering theirs and the overwhelming general online opinion of parents and baby experts who’ve actually used the product.


We work hard to carefully choose and curate the best ideas, products, advice, and hacks on our site.

We want our readers to get all the necessary information they need in one place and we aim to provide it in a neat, nifty package. 

We don’t want you wasting your time shifting through countless online resources.

So if you have a topic in mind and we have written about that subject, we aim to provide you with every thing that you need to know about it – whether it be newborn care, handling diaper blowouts, how to make your baby sleep longer, which bassinet is the best for newborns, what’s the best travel crib, and so on.


We believe in keeping an open mind and being flexible when needed, especially when it concerns information for raising kids and using baby products.

Even evidence-based research or practice can change when presented with new proof, studies, or reviews.

We will also consider the overwhelming feedback and reviews of the community of parents online if applicable, especially when it concerns baby gear and product-related reviews.


We aim to provide the best motherhood tips and advice on caring for babies and parenting toddlers and that may include modern, unconventional methods.

Our goal is to lay out every best possible solution that is proven to work for some families and can hopefully work for yours.

Based on our thorough research, we will let you know the benefits and risks, the pros and cons of certain subjects, methods and products. 

And we will provide our best recommendation but at the end of the day, you still have the power to choose which method or product will work best for your baby and your family.

About The Founder

Julie is a proud mom of one human and two fur-kids. Currently living in Singapore where she met her husband, she now works for My Gym and Abrakadoodle – two leading kids’ enrichment programs, with offices worldwide.

While researching baby items to prepare for the arrival of her daughter, Julie became so disappointed that most bloggers and websites would endorse terrible baby products just because of the commissions that they’ll receive. 

She wished there was someone, a website or a resource that could provide trustworthy, reliable reviews, regardless of commissions or sponsorships.

Fast forward a few years later, when the pandemic started, Julie had this urge to finally make that into a reality, and more.

She wanted a place where new moms would know what to REALLY expect about taking care of babies and toddlers, where new moms would get to know the reality of motherhood and how it’s perfectly okay to feel bored, depressed, burnout, frustrated, lonely, resentful, and more as a mother.

She also wanted a website that does honest, trustworthy product reviews on various baby items such as cribs and bassinets, diapers, baby carriers, baby and toddler toys, breast pumps, and more, and won’t be influenced by high commissions or sponsorships.

And most especially, she wanted an online resource that would hopefully, stand the test of time and would still be around to provide advice, tips, and hacks for her daughter, when she decides to become a mother.

And that’s when Adaptable Mama was finally born.


Extra tidbit: Julie loves nature trips, karaoke, coffee flavoured snacks (ice cream, cake, cookies, etc.), watching anime (highly recommends 86), playing SIMS, listening to 90’s music (who doesn’t?!), and enjoys business podcasts.

For questions or collaborations don’t hesitate to contact her at contact@adaptablemama or visit our Contact Page.