Welcome! I’m Julie, mom of one super “assertive” and “opinionated” toddler 😅. I’m also happily married (most of the time 😜), living here in Singapore with our cutie pie felines – Scott (Siamese/ Scottish fold) our super smart, now jealous, firstborn, and Opie our clueless yet adorable Scottish fold.

my daughter's brothers, lol
My daughter’s older brothers 🙂

My aim in creating this site is to help new and overwhelmed moms on how to handle the challenges of parenting in an optimistic way.

I also want to share my stories about the reality of becoming a mother and to show to other moms, who probably feel a little bit crazy, sad, frustrated, lonely, etc. that it’s okay and it’s normal to feel that way.

I also intend to find out, research and share the best resources and gears that can make parenting life a little bit easier.

In short, I aim to make this into a real, practical, non-nonsense site that would have been useful to me, when I was a new mom.

Me and my world ❤️

I’m also going to share all the crazy shit that nobody tells new moms about!

I hope to succeed in this mission and I hope you’ll find my tips, reviews, advice, and stories, helpful as well.

So stick around and happy reading! 😄

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