Welcome! I’m Julie, mom to a super “assertive” and “opinionated” preschooler 😅. I’m also happily married (most of the time 😜) and we have 2 very sweet cats – Scott (Siamese/ Scottish fold), our super smart, now jealous, firstborn, and Opie, our clueless but adorable Scottish fold.

my daughter's brothers, lol
My daughter’s older brothers 🙂

My goal in creating this site is to help new and overwhelmed moms navigate the challenges of parenthood in a positive way.

I know how overwhelming the newborn phase can be so I created this article – The Ultimate List of Newborn Baby Care Tips For New Moms. This is what I wished I had before my baby came!

The toddler phase is just as challenging too especially when they are not listening, going through bedtime battles, weaning them off the bottle, thinking of low-key activities and more.

I also want to share my stories about the reality of motherhood and how it’s perfectly okay to feel bored, depressed, burnout, frustrated, lonely, resentful, and more as a mother.

I also want to research and share the best resources and tools that can make life as a mom or as a parent in general, a little easier. So I have some product reviews on baby carriers, diapers, breast pumps, strollers, cribs and loungers, activity and entertainment and more that you’ll find super useful and highly informative in making the best purchasing decision.

My goal is to make this a real, practical, no-nonsense site that would have been useful to me when I was a new mom.

I’ll also share all the crazy shit no one tells new moms about!

I hope I succeed in this mission and that you find my tips, reviews, advice, and stories helpful as well. So stay tuned and happy reading! 😄