20 Newborn Activities For Development (Play Ideas For Infant Babies)

newborn activities for development

Children, in general, learn a lot from playing and babies are no different. That’s why it’s important to know a couple of newborn activities for development. These activities provide opportunities for your babies to learn and explore while playing at the same time. But how to play with your newborn? How can you entertain your … Read more

Eat Play Sleep Baby Routine: What You Really Need To Know

eat play sleep baby routine

When I took an antenatal class, I thought I got the basics down in taking care of my baby. Turns out there is a shit ton I didn’t know, including the Eat Play Sleep baby routine. I didn’t know how beneficial it was in the long run or the possible drawbacks you can encounter by … Read more

6 Reasons Why Your Baby Hates Tummy Time and What To Do About It

Baby hates tummy time

Wondering why your baby hates tummy time? You’re not alone.  There are a lot of frustrated and worried new moms and dads out there who are struggling to make their little ones do even 2 minutes of tummy time. Some have 6-month-old babies that still can’t do tummy time without crying and shrieking the entire … Read more

Tummy Time for Reflux Babies (21 Ways To Help Your Infant)

tummy time for reflux babies

Worried about tummy time for reflux babies? Some new parents are stressed and even scared to try tummy time with their reflux baby.  They find their little ones spitting a lot and even vomiting a couple of times a day. So how do you make a baby with reflux do some tummy time?  When is … Read more

When to Start Tummy Time (Ultimate Tummy Time Guide)

when to start tummy time

I remember asking the nurse about it on my first postpartum checkup.  I was still recovering from my CS and back operation (apparently my back was ripping apart when I was trying for normal delivery), I wasn’t aware that I had postpartum depression and I didn’t notice that tummy time part in my baby’s health … Read more

Baby Sucking Bottom Lip (What It Means & Should You Stop It?)

Baby sucking bottom lip

Babies do the cutest yet weirdest things – sleep in odd positions, laugh then cry all of a sudden, and poop while you’re bathing them. Then there’s a baby sucking their bottom lip. It looks cute, you take a picture then you see it happening frequently.  And as a new parent, you start to get … Read more