Transitioning From Snoo To Crib: 17 SNOO Weaning Tips

Transitioning from Snoo to crib is a dreaded new level of parenting. Especially when you’re just beginning to get used to the newborn life!

Here’s to another round of sleepless nights, of feeling overwhelmed on how to make it easier to transition your baby from the SNOO to their crib.

If you’re panicking and stressed about it, then this article is for you.

I have here practical, actionable tips from SNOO parents who were able to successfully transition their baby to a crib.

These methods here mostly came from popular parenting groups. While some came from sleeping experts. 

But first, let’s confirm if it’s too early for you to do this dreaded transitioning.

And if you can still delay it (fingers crossed?).

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When Should Baby Transition Out of SNOO?

When baby is getting too mobile

If they’re starting to push themselves in a sitting position or are learning how to roll over, it’s best and safer to transition them into a crib ASAP.

When baby is getting too tall and big

Some parents mentioned transitioning their babies by age 3 months cause their little ones can’t fit in the SNOO anymore!

When you’re about to travel

Some parents brought the SNOO with them on vacations and holidays. 

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But if you find that unappealing and such a hassle, I suggest transitioning your baby soon.

Before the 4th month regression

This can be pure hell for some parents. So if you want your baby to become an independent sleeper before this phase hits, try SNOO weaning them as early as possible.

Things To Do Before Transitioning Baby from SNOO to a Crib

Manage your expectations

I have this certain outlook about managing expectations about life, taking care of my baby, my husband, etc.

When you expect that things are going to be hard or that things might get shitty, when it does happen, it just makes everything so much easier to accept.

You don’t get annoyed or ruffled when something changes or when there’s an even more challenging phase thrown at you – like snoo weaning.

You just accept it cause you’re mentally prepared for it. Then you just do something about it!

So expect transitioning your baby from the SNOO to the crib to be a total shitshow.

Expect no sleep, constant crying and crankiness, and every nightmare story you’ve heard about weaning a baby from the SNOO. 

That way, you’ll stay cool, calm, and collected because you’ve managed your expectations early on.

Even if you’re extremely tired and sleep-deprived.

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Then you’ll say to yourself, hey is that all, is this it, bring it on! Or maybe not but you get the point. :)

Do transition in phases

Some parents did the transition in phases. 

For eg., They did step 1 for a few days or one week. Next step for a few days again and so on.

Others went for the cold turkey route but if you don’t want to do that, then try doing the transitioning steps every few days.

Let them get used to the crib

Put your baby in the crib when they’re awake, so they’ll start getting acclimated to it. 

Do some age-appropriate activities with them, like cause and effect activities, singing, etc. Let them also play with some baby toys.

The idea is for them to get used to this new crib environment. So they’ll know it’s safe and comfy there and it’s not too jarring or scary for them when you put them in for naps and bedtime sleep.

Get a baby monitor

This is an absolute must-have, especially if you’re going to do some form of sleep training. 

You don’t need to rush into their bedroom every time you hear something.

You can just check on your baby via the monitor and see if they’re just stirring while sleeping or they’re trying to self-soothe. 

You’ll also be able to see if your baby is rolling over or whatnot.

You can also use this baby monitor even when they’re older. 

I still use mine whenever I’m working at night in the living room. Mine has a 2-way talk so I can tell my kid to go back to sleep whenever I see her playing inside her bedroom, lol.

Here are some baby monitors that works with snoo, that are recommended by SNOO parents themselves.

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Get a white noise machine

Make the SNOO weaning easier for your baby by still playing some white noise when you transition them to the crib.

So get them a reliable white noise machine.

Get a sleepsuit

Most parents recommend Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. Others also mentioned using Halo Sleepsack.

When your baby is starting to roll over and/or they’re getting taller and bigger, you can also try the Woolino sleep bag or the Zipadee Zip.

Now let’s get into the meat of this article – the tips, tricks and steps in transitioning your baby from the SNOO to the crib.

6 Steps in Transitioning From Snoo To Crib

Here’s a mix of steps you can try in SNOO weaning your baby. You don’t need to follow each step consecutively. 

But the first 2 came from the Happiest Baby website so it’s probably a good idea to not skip those. 

One Arm Out, Then Two

Let your baby get used to the idea of having one arm out FIRST of their SNOO sacks for a few days.

Then try two arms out and see how they react to it.

Turn on Weaning Mode

Open your SNOO app, go to settings, and toggle on the “Weaning” option.

This function allows your baby to slowly get used to NOT being rocked in the SNOO the whole night.

What the Weaning mode does is to respond to your baby ONLY when they’re crying. It rocks for several minutes then it stops when your baby is calm.

The sound, however, will still play at a base level all night.

So turn the Weaning mode on so your baby won’t get used to the feeling of being rocked and swayed all night.

Turn Off SNOO for Naps

Use SNOO like a regular bassinet, one that doesn’t rock automatically! Turn off the music and rocking and get rid of the swaddle.

Turn on a separate white noise machine and use another sleep suit or sleep sack – one that you’re going to use when you transition your baby to the crib. 

Do Naps in the Crib

Let your baby get used to the idea of sleeping in the crib by letting them nap in it.

Some popular sleeping programs like Taking Cara Babies, recommend doing nap training AFTER doing nighttime sleep training for a few weeks.

But for most parents, doing nap times in the crib first, worked well for them.

You can still use the SNOO swaddle and play some alternative white noise. 

Or try Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. Or the Zipadee Zip if they’re starting to roll over. 

These two are highly recommended by parents in popular online forums. 

Someone also mentioned the Halo Sleepsack and Woolino for SNOO weaning. 

Remember also to prep their sleeping environment – make it dark, cool, and comfy. 

You can choose to make it pitch black by adding some blackout curtains in their room.

Shush and Pat Method

If your baby is having a hard time in the crib, try repeatedly yet gently patting their bum.

This mimics the rhythm and sound inside a womb and soothes them.

Here’s a guide on how to do the Shush Pat method right.

You can use a flopping fish cat toy if you get tired of doing this at night. Check out below how one mom used this toy on their baby!

Go Cold Turkey

This is another route that most parents in the SNOO Facebook group choose to go through.

Most parents who did cold turkey used the Merlin sleep suit for naps and read the Precious Little Sleep book for gentle sleep training tips. Some also took the Taking Cara Babies sleep program.

Some parents tried CIO, while some went for Ferber.

A few parents actually said their pediatrician recommended CIO!

It was admittedly hard but only for a few days, according to most parents. After that, their baby was sleeping soundly for hours in the crib!

More Tips to Transition From Snoo to Crib

4th-month Sleep Regression

It’s pure hell for most parents so get ready for it.

Some stopped SNOO weaning when their baby was going through the dreaded 4th-month sleep regression.

While some said “Fuck it, what’s there to lose? Baby’s sleeping like shit anyway, might as well transfer him/ her in the crib!”

Not the exact words but something close to it.

The point is, just expect these sleep regression phases and do the best thing that makes sense for your family.

Skip when baby is sick

What they need most is your utmost care, love, and attention. 

And less sleep training and weaning. 

So skip the SNOO weaning when your baby is sick and just wait until they’re better.

Learn about “Wake Windows”

Good thing the SNOO app lets you track your baby’s wake windows!

Knowing and understanding your baby’s wake window will help you put down your baby for naps and bedtime sleeping easier, with less hassle.

Be consistent

Try to stick to your chosen method. Don’t keep changing it so as not to confuse your little one and make them uncomfortable and stressed out in the process.

If you’re going to do cold turkey with CIO or Ferber, then don’t go back to using the SNOO ever again.

If you want to use the Weaning Mode, do it every day to help your baby in the long run.

Stick also to your usual routine. If you had an Eat Play Sleep routine, then just keep doing that or at least keep TRYING to do it.

Let them sleep on their tummy

Only and ONLY IF, they can roll over on their backs. And back and forth. Easily.

The AAP recommends letting your baby sleep only on their backs until they’re 1 year old. 

But if you have a fussy belly sleeper, it’s okay to let them sleep the way they want BUT ONLY if they can roll over both ways naturally.

FAQ on SNOO Weaning

When should you stop using the SNOO?

You should stop using the SNOO when your baby is starting to roll over and/or is trying to pull themselves up in a sitting position.

SNOO is also designed for babies up to 5 to 6 months old only. So it’s highly recommended to start transitioning your baby into a crib or a crib alternative before those months.

Do babies become dependent on SNOO?

No, babies don’t become dependent on SNOO. If anything, it’s the parents that become dependent on it!

Kidding aside, babies are dependent on the sounds and rocking because they were used to that when they were in the womb.

And as with everything else in life, they can naturally outgrow it.
So don’t worry about your little one becoming dependent on the SNOO for sleeping.

Can babies stay in SNOO longer than 6 months?

No, babies cannot stay longer than the 6-month limit, as the SNOO has age and weight limits.

Also by that time, babies are getting more mobile and active, and they can fall out of the SNOO bassinet trying to roll or pull themselves up.

So it’s highly recommended to transition your baby out of the SNOO before the 6-month limit.

Takeaway on Transitioning From Snoo To Crib

Remember to always be 100% consistent in whatever method you choose to SNOO wean your baby.

You’ll make it harder both on your baby and on yourself if you keep changing your methods.

Just do it! Just rip the band-aid and never look back – never use the SNOO again!

Sell it asap so you can get some of your money back.

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