Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Review (Yay or Nay?)

Looking for a helpful, no-BS Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet review?

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Here you’ll read the features of the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions bassinet, its extra attributes, what parents are saying about it, and other alternatives you might not think of.

Let’s start with an overview of its features.

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Features Table: Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick feature guide on the Fisher Price Soothing Motions bassinet:

FeaturesFisher Price Soothing Motions bassinet
Easy to AssembleYes
Soothing FeaturesVibration, manual rocking/ swaying motions, white noise, crib mobile
JPMA certified Yes

Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Review

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the features of the Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet


  • Dimensions: 22.8″L x 5.9″W x 40″H
  • Max Carrying Weight: 25 Pounds/ 11.3kg

The Fisher Price Soothing Motions bassinet doesn’t take up much space, so if you have a small bedroom or nursery room, this will be ideal for your family.

It sits low on the ground though, so do take note of that.

As this might not be a suitable bassinet if you’ve had your C-section or you have back issues.

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Age & Weight Limit

Your baby can sleep in this bassinet until they’re 4 to 6 months old, or depending on if they’ve become more mobile. 

Especially when they’re starting to pull themselves up in a sitting position independently.


All Fisher Price products meet ASTM standards and are also JPMA certified, making them safe for babies.

It’s very sturdy, it has a breathable mesh wall to easily check on your baby, and a firm, flat mattress for safe sleeping.


Most, if not all parents, find it super easy to assemble the Fisher Price Soothing Motion bassinet. 

I’ve even seen grandparents putting it together with ease!

Soothing Features

The Fisher Price Soothing Motions can calm your baby to sleep through its rocking and swaying mechanisms, its vibration, soothing sounds, and starry projection.

Which sounds awesome, given its price.

You can manually sway or rock your baby and/ or you can turn on its vibration and sounds to lull them to sleep.

However, there are 2 downsides to the soothing features of this bassinet.

The first is, all its soothing features – the motions and sounds, even the night light – will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

Which most parents find annoying. 

And I can perfectly understand. 

Imagine, you’ve already managed to put your baby to sleep, after a long day of work, chores, and errands. 

And you’re hoping your baby will sleep longer at night.

Then after 30 minutes, boom, they’re up and wailing again. 

Just because the freaking bassinet stopped vibrating and playing music!

So you need to keep turning it on again, waking you up over and over again, and finally giving you newborn sleep deprivation.

Second is, it’s battery-operated. You need to regularly check and replace it, especially when the bassinet doesn’t seem to vibrate or play some sounds.

Some parents had the brilliant solution of having another white noise machine playing in the background. 

So it’s not too jarring for their baby to not hear anything when the Fisher-Price bassinet stops playing its white noise.

Some parents are actually happy with this bassinet, as it works on their baby. It’s the only thing that can make their little ones sleep!

Just an FYI, you can actually detach its starry projector and attach it to a crib, which can help in transitioning your baby from the bassinet to a crib.


Just to be clear, this bassinet is not collapsible, not foldable. 

It’s not recommended as a portable crib.

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But some parents have actually managed to bring this to their travels!

It’s not super easy to assemble and disassemble it, but some don’t really mind, as it’s quite easy to put together…

It’s also very light, making it convenient to move around the house, even if you’re on the 2nd floor! 

Mattress + Sheets

Not a lot of parents are fans of Fisher Price’s mattresses.

Most are saying that the mattress is too thin and that it feels too uncomfortable for their baby.

The thing is, an adult’s and a baby’s comfort level are different. 

What’s comfortable for us, might not be comfortable for our little ones and might even pose a threat.

Soft, thick mattresses can become suffocation hazards for babies and newborns. So your little ones are perfectly fine sleeping on a thin and firm mattress.

Heck in some countries, babies sleep inside boxes, boxes with very thin padding and everyone’s fine with it!

So don’t worry about it too much.

I would highly recommend getting 1 or 2 extra mattress covers or fitted sheets for the Fisher-Price

Because you’ll really need extra sheets for vomits, spit-ups, diaper blowouts, etc.

Check out also other bassinet sheets below that can fit Fisher Price Soothing Motions.


You cannot remove its mesh wall and mattress and then throw them in the washing machine.

You have to spot-clean the Fisher Price Soothing Motions bassinet.

Check out the many ways how to clean a bassinet right here.

Their mattress covers/ sheets are, of course, machine-washable.


This Fisher Price bassinet also comes with a night light which is great for middle-of-the-night feedings or diaper changes.

It also has an overhead mobile, for entertaining your baby.

It doesn’t rotate automatically though but doesn’t worry, newborns will be fine with it. They can easily get entertained by it.

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And there is also some storage area underneath for small newborn essentials.


The Fisher Price is not extremely cheap but it’s not expensive either. 

It just hits the right spot, and can maybe be considered a “steal” given all its features. 

Pros and Cons: Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

Here’s a quick overview of the advantages and drawbacks of Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet:

Pros of Fisher Price Soothing Motions

  • Has soothing features – swaying, vibration, sounds
  • Extra features include a nightlight, overhead mobile, and storage

Cons of Fisher Price Soothing Motions

  • Auto stops soothing feature after only 30 minutes
  • Sits too low on the ground

Alternatives to Fisher Price Soothing Motions

Here are other alternatives to look at if Fisher Price Soothing Motions doesn’t seem to fit your needs:

FAQ: Fisher Price Soothing Motions

What age can you use Fisher Price Soothing Motions bassinet?

You can use the Fisher Price Soothing Motions bassinet for ages newborn up to 4 or 6 months old, depending on how mobile your baby is. 
Just take note that if your baby is starting to roll over and or is pushing themselves in a sitting position, better use a crib for them instead. For safety purposes.

Is Fisher Price Soothing Motions bassinet JPMA certified?

Yes, the Fisher Price Soothing Motions bassinet is JPMA certified. 
All Fisher-Price products are JPMA certified. You can check proof of their certification on the JPMA website.

Takeaway: Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Review

The Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet is an awesome bassinet for its price.

I mean sure, it’s not perfect, it has its flaws, but it can work for your baby, you never know!

I hope this Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Review article has helped in your bassinet decision-making process.

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