How to Make Bassinet More Comfortable So Your Baby Can Sleep!

Are you having a hard time making your baby sleep so you’re looking for ways on how to make bassinet more comfortable?

Honestly, there are a lot of factors that can be affecting your little one’s sleep and it’s not always about the bassinet.

If you want a list of possible reasons why your baby hates sleeping in their bassinet AND what mental tips and physical tricks you can do to help your little one, then click here.

But if you firmly believe that it’s just the bassinet that’s the issue, then read on.

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How to Make Bassinet More Comfortable

Move the bassinet

It might be too cold on that spot, too noisy where the bassinet is (maybe it’s near a window?), maybe there’s a light somewhere that’s too bright, etc. 

Whatever the reason might be, just try moving the bassinet to another place or spot.

Try moving it next to your bed. That might easily do wonders for your baby!

(Check out some of the bassinets for tall beds here.)

Being able to easily put a hand in the bassinet and making your baby feel that they’re not alone, can maybe help.

Warm up the bassinet

Your baby might be used to the heat coming from your body when you hold them.

Transferring them to a bassinet that’s not as warm as your arms might get them unsettled.

So make the bassinet warmer by putting a heating pad or hot water bottle or a hot water bag on it for a few minutes. 

Then remove it, check that it’s not too hot then put down your baby.

Hopefully that would do the trick!

Feet touching the bassinet

Some babies feel more secure when they can touch the edge of the bassinet. 

It makes them feel less alone in a big open space.

So try to adjust your baby where they’d be able to touch their feet on the lower end of the bassinet.

Use a vibrating mattress pad

Some parents have sworn that their babies become less fussy when they use a vibrating mattress pad.

It’s essentially a small vibrating object that you can place inside the bassinet or under the mattress, which can help calm a cranky baby.

So instead of buying a manual or automatic rocking bassinet, you can just use one! Hopefully it will make the bassinet more comfortable, thereby making your baby sleep better in it!

Some can come with a light projector and even soothing sounds, like the Fisher Price below.

Replace the mattress

Check if the mattress is lumpy, or has a fold in the middle (or worse!) which can make your baby feel extremely uncomfortable.

See also if it’s too soft as bassinet mattresses are supposed to be thin and firm, for your newborn’s safety.

Your bassinet mattress might have some defects so try contacting the manufacturer or the store and see if you can get a replacement mattress.

More Tips on How to Make Your Baby Comfortable

Check the room temperature

Maybe it’s not the bassinet that’s uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s the fact that your baby feels too hot or too cold in their room.

So adjust the AC, or use a fan or open up the windows a bit. 

Keep finding the right temperature that would make your baby feel comfier and less fussy in their room.

Use a swaddle or sleep sack

Being swaddled or using a sleep sack helps your baby get better sleep as it protects them from their natural startle reflex.

So always use one when you’re trying to make your baby sleep in the bassinet.

I won’t recommend using a muslin blanket for swaddling as one, it’s hard to tightly yet comfortably wrap it around your LO without it unraveling in a few minutes. 

Especially if you’re a first-time parent.

And two, it can cover your baby’s face and suffocate them when it unravels.

That was a lesson learned for me. But I digress.

You can also warm up the swaddle or sleep sack to make it cozier by putting it in the dryer for one minute.

Some parents also mentioned they had to try 4 different swaddle brands before settling on something that was A-OK for their baby.

Get a large unwashed shirt

Your baby might sleep better if they can smell you. 

So get a large shirt, wear it for a few days then don’t wash it.

Fit that over the mattress, like a sheet or cover. 

Make sure it doesn’t come off the mattress as it can be a sleeping hazard.

Make an arm

One parent shared in an online popular parenting forum about how their nurse advised them to get a receiving blanket.

Then roll it into a tight tube, and place it on their baby’s side and over their waist or belly.

It apparently comforts them and makes them feel like they were being held by “the arm.”

Just take note to always check on your baby as the blanket can move when they move, and can endanger them.

Elevate it

Your baby might be suffering from colic or reflux and an elevated bassinet might help them sleep better.

Check out some of the best bassinets for reflux here that might suit your baby. 

Try a sleeping technique

You can try some gentle methods to help your little one sleep like the Shush Pat Method, the Chair Method, Pick Up Put Down Method or the Bedtime-Routine Fading Technique.

Change the bassinet

Worse comes to worst, you might need a new bassinet.

There’s the SNOO which is considered the holy grail of bassinets according to most parents. 

Sure, it’s expensive but it’s like having a night nurse attend to your baby, making sure they sleep well and longer.

You can always sell it and only lose $100 or more, as it has a high demand in the second-hand marketplace.

But if you don’t have the budget for it now and you don’t want to rent it either, check out other bedside bassinets below:

I also have some reviews on the best bassinets for small spaces over here and the top non-toxic bassinets here.

Transition to a crib

Some parents said when they finally made the switch to a crib, their babies were able to sleep better! 

So some babies might just want more space and would rather sleep in a crib than a bassinet.

FAQ on Making a Bassinet More Comfortable

How do I make my baby more comfortable in bassinet?

You can make your baby more comfortable in the bassinet by warming it first, letting their feet touch the end of the bassinet, moving the bassinet near you, or asking for a replacement bassinet mattress from the manufacturer or store.

Can you add padding to a bassinet?

In fact, it’s highly recommended not to and it’s against baby sleep guidelines to add anything to the bassinet.

What to do if baby keeps crying in bassinet?

If your baby keeps crying in their bassinet, find out first if they’re hungry or need a diaper change. Then move on to the other list of things to check on why your baby is crying.

Wrapping Up: How to Make Bassinet More Comfortable

Some babies don’t just adjust well to a bassinet. And that’s perfectly normal, as they’d prefer to be carried or rocked to sleep.

If you’ve already done everything but your little one is still always crying inside the bassinet, then try a new sleeping arrangement.

Try doing co-sleeping but take note to follow strictly the safe sleep seven method.

Just remember, this phase won’t last. 

Yes, it’s going to be difficult and you have to manage your expectations about your baby’s sleep but try to stay strong, ask for help if you need it, and remember, this is just a phase. Good luck mama!

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