Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet Review (Do Parents Love It Or Hate It?)

Did you know that babies like vibrations or rocking motions, because it makes them feel like they’re back in their mother’s womb?

They feel safe and protected, calming and soothing them down, especially when they’re getting fussy.

That’s why auto-rocking or auto-vibrating bassinets, like the SNOO or the Fisher Price Luminate, are a hit amongst parents.

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If you’re keen on a detailed Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet review, this article is for you.

Here you’ll get to know the helpful features of the said bassinet, its pros, and cons, what parents like or don’t like about it, and more.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet’s features.

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Features Table: Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick overview of the features of the Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet.

FeaturesFisher-Price Luminate Bassinet
Size36″L x 22″W x 32″H
Weight Limit9kg or 20 lbs
Soothing Features3 Level Vibration, Music, and White Noise
Mobile ApppAvailable
Night LightAvailable
Easy to AssembleYes

Keep scrolling for a detailed look into its features.

Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet Review


The Fisher-Price Luminate bassinet measures 36″L x 22″ W x 32″H, making it quite suitable for small spaces.

I’ve seen some comments from parents saying it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s just perfect for their small bedroom!

Weight Limit

It has a weight limit of 9kg or 20 lbs, accommodating bigger, heavier babies.

Although I wouldn’t push it, as babies at that weight are more mobile.

It would be dangerous for an active baby to still stay in a bassinet, especially if they can push themselves up to a sitting position.

I would suggest transitioning your baby to a crib or mini crib when that happens.

Sheet and Mattress

This bassinet comes with a mattress sheet and mattress pad that measures 31.63 inches x 15.75 inches.

The mattress pad is not the softest out there, as usually bassinet mattresses are thin and hard for a reason.

But worry not as babies are built differently than adults, so they’re perfectly fine on the thin and flat mattress.


Its legs might look frail and thin but don’t be fooled – it’s very sturdy and secure. 

One parent said they tried to kick the bassinet and it didn’t even budge!

It also has mesh sides all over, making it easy to check up on your baby and/or to avoid any suffocation against the bassinet’s sides.

This bassinet is also JPMA certified, like all other Fisher Price products.

Soothing Features

The Fisher-Price Luminate bassinet is UNLIKE the SNOO bassinet that can automatically rock and soothe your baby to sleep.

But with its price and features, it’s a pretty sweet SNOO alternative. Most parents would agree!

It has built-in sound detection that automatically plays your preferred soothing settings, to calm and lull your baby to sleep.

Its soothing features include some lullabies, a few white noises, and 3 levels of vibration. You can build a custom playlist of songs!

You can choose to let the bassinet play its music/ white noise or vibrations all night long. 

Or set a timer to shut it off automatically (up to 2 hrs).

You can control the sounds, and motions – all its soothing features via its app.

If your little one falls asleep, it will automatically reset.

But if your baby is still crying, you need to turn off its soothing features manually.

Mobile App

The Fisher Price Lumiate bassinet comes with its app – the Smart Sensing System.

This app alerts you to your baby’s cries. It also lets you choose and customize a setting to help soothe your little one to sleep. So you can play a song, raise the volume, turn on the vibration from low to high, set a timer, and more.

You can also use the control panel on the bassinet to adjust its settings.

Night Light

What’s also pretty cool about this Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet is that it has its built-in motion-sensor footlight. 

PLUS a soft amber crib light that you can turn on whenever you want to!

So that’s 2-night lights – all in one bassinet!

This is one of the top features that most parents like about this bassinet.

So you don’t need to scramble frantically in the dark, looking for the switch to turn on a separate night light.

It’s not too bright, nor too dim – it’s just perfect to look for a missing pacifier or to quickly check up on your baby for changing diapers or nighttime feedings.


It might not be a big or bulky bassinet but it’s not exactly light either.

I’ve seen some parents share that it’s a tad heavy – a little bit burdensome to move around.

It’s not advised to get this if you’re planning to move it up and down the stairs or all over the house as it’s not a lightweight bassinet.

Some parents have surprisingly used it for traveling!

But again, it’s not the lightest bassinet out there so better just get a more appropriate travel bassinet if needed.

It’s also not battery-operated and you need to plug it into a wall for it to work.

Its wires are hidden along one of the legs, so that’s a plus as it gives it a cleaner, less cluttered look.


You can machine-wash its sheets but only wipe its mattress pad.

But it’s one of those bassinets that’s easy to clean, especially with its mesh sides.


Putting together this bassinet is easy, according to most parents.

I even saw one feedback where a mom who’s 9 months pregnant was able to easily assemble the Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet!

Pros and Cons: Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of the Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet

Pros of Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet

  • Auto-soothes baby 
  • Can customize soothing motions and sounds
  • Can soothe the whole night or set an auto shut-off timer (up to 2 hours) 
  • Has motion-sensor floor light and bassinet light 
  • Control settings via bassinet or mobile app
  • Easy to assemble

Cons of Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet

  • Doesn’t rock automatically or manually
  • Not lightweight for moving around

Alternatives to Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet

Here are other alternatives to look at if Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet doesn’t seem to fit your needs:

FAQ on Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet Review

What age can you use a Fisher-Price bassinet?

You can use a Fisher-Price bassinet from birth up to a point where your baby is becoming more mobile, and they’re starting to sit up unassisted or earlier.

How long does the Fisher-Price bassinet vibrate?

The Fisher-Price Luminate bassinet can vibrate the whole night or can be set automatically to stop vibrating after 2 hours.

Takeaway: Fisher Price Luminate Bassinet Review

If you’re on the fence about the SNOO or Graco Sense2Snooze bassinet or similar expensive auto-soothing bassinets, then I highly recommend checking out this Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet.

It doesn’t break the bank, it’s safe and sturdy and it can automatically play sounds and music and vibrate, to calm and hopefully lull your baby to sleep.

I hope this Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet review has helped in choosing the best suitable bassinet for your baby.

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