Best Automatic Rocking Bassinets (That Can REALLY Rock On Their Own!)

There’s surprisingly a limited number of the best automatic rocking bassinets in the market, as of this publishing.

You’d think there’d be a lot! As most would be advertising that their bassinet rocks (literally), it’s a self-rocking bassinet, it can rock, yadda yadda – but don’t be fooled. 

Most have to be MANUALLY rocked. 

You have to push them, move them, your baby has to kick or move for it to rock. They don’t automatically rock.

Which is effin’ tiring. Especially if you have a baby that can’t sleep without being rocked!

So if you want the real deal in auto-rocking bassinets, you’re in the right place.

I have a list here of smart bassinets that can TRULY, REALLY rock on their own, without you having to manually move them.

I’ve researched their pros, and cons and added some feedback from parents online, to help you choose which auto-rocking bassinet will suit you best.

But before that let’s first clarify what exactly is an automatic rocking bassinet.

I hope you’ll love the products we recommend! Just a quick note: if you click on a product link below and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

In a hurry? We recommend…

For an automatic rocking bassinet, we recommend the SNOO for its calming features.

For a cheaper bassinet that can’t be rocked BUT at least has a vibration mode, to soothe your baby, we recommend the Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet for its price, features, and high ratings.

What is an Automatic Rocking Bassinet?

Just as the name suggests, it’s a bassinet that can rock on its own. 

It’s usually a smart bassinet that can automatically respond to your baby and rock and sway immediately, without the need to press any buttons or switches. 

There’s also another type of auto-rocking bassinet that’s battery-operated or where you need to push a button for it to move on its own. 

But that’s all you need to do, you don’t need to keep pushing it to rock.

Most of these battery-operated auto-rocking bassinets will only rock for a limited time only though. 

But they will still rock on their own, without you having to push or move them.

Do You Need an Auto-Rocking Bassinet?

No, you don’t. 

It’s not a necessity for newborns and a lot of parents have used regular bassinets and cribs and are doing fine with it.

However, if you and your spouse are severely sleep-deprived because your baby just can’t settle down without being swayed and rocked, then yes, you need an automatic rocking bassinet.

Do what you can do to help yourself and your baby.

Best Automatic Rocking Bassinet: Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the best self-rocking bassinets.

FeaturesSNOOGraco Sense2Snooze4moms mamaRoo
Can rock on it’s ownYesYesYes
Auto-responds to babyYesYesNo
Control settings viaMobile app or bassinetBassinetMobile app or bassinet
Feature highlights• With safety sleep sacks• With wheels, canopy and storage• With 4-hour timer
• Available storage basket (sold separately)

Below is a more detailed info on said bassinets that rock themselves.

The Best Automatic Rocking Bassinets 

SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Coined as the holy grail of smart bassinets, the SNOO is a popular bassinet amongst desperate, sleep-deprived parents who want to help their baby sleep longer at night. 

When your baby starts getting fussy, the SNOO can automatically respond to them by swiveling and rocking them. 

It will also auto-play some sounds to soothe your baby.

The other winning feature of the SNOO is its sleeping sacks.

It’s included in the SNOO bassinet package, to prevent your baby from rolling over and putting themselves in a risky position.

No other bassinets have this feature. 

Well except for the Halo bassinet which has the newborn bassinet insert, which also prevents babies from rolling over.

Snoo also comes with a mobile app that helps you control its settings, notifies you when your baby needs you, tracks your baby’s sleep, and where you can also turn on the weaning and preemie mode.

You can also rent a SNOO if you find it too pricey. 

But most parents would actually advise that you buy it brand new since it has a high resale value in the second-hand marketplace. 

Some parents that bought a 2nd hand SNOO even mentioned that they’ve resold it at a high price, even higher than the original price they paid for!

(Click here to find out if the SNOO is worth it and more.)


  • Has a proven baby sleep and safety track record 
  • Has sack swaddles to ensure baby stays on their back
  • Can rent instead of buy
  • Auto-soothes baby 
  • Includes mobile app for controlling settings 
  • Can customize soothing motions and sounds
  • Includes sleep tracking and notification features
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expensive
  • Can only be used for a few months
  • Limits your baby’s ability to move and roll naturally
  • Transitioning to a crib can be difficult for some babies
  • Can be a little bit of hassle to travel with

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Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet

This smart bassinet can respond to your baby’s cries by automatically rocking and playing sounds to soothe your little one.

You also don’t need to always manually adjust its settings, as the bassinet can do that itself!

It will automatically adjust its settings to find the right motion, speed, vibration, and even sounds that can calm your baby.

You can save those settings that can best soothe your child.

If your baby has settled down, it will gradually stop moving after 10 minutes but will still play some sounds for at least 8 hours.

It doesn’t have a mobile app or remote control which can be a bummer.

So you need to physically push buttons on the bassinet, to control its settings.

Some parents have also complained that its motions are too strong, and can sometimes jostle their baby too much, waking them up in the process.

Others are also disappointed with how difficult it is to assemble. They also said the wheels don’t lock nor roll smoothly.

But it’s quite a sturdy and durable bassinet. 

It also comes with a reversible canopy and a small storage organizer, which some parents find adequate for their needs.


  • Automatically soothes baby with motion and white noise
  • With 3 different speeds, 2-speed vibration, white noise, 10 sleepy songs, and 10 soothing sounds
  • Soothing motions and sounds will stop automatically after 8 hours
  • Can save setting that best soothes your baby
  • Suitable for rooms with limited space
  • Has a reversible canopy, built-in wheels, and a small storage organizer


  • No mobile app or separate control
  • Mixed review on soothing motions
  • Wheels don’t roll that well
  • Mixed review on assembly

4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

The 4moms is also a popular auto-rocking bassinet amongst parents.

It has a mobile app, so you can control its settings and adjust its swinging motions, and speed level, play different sounds, and also adjust the sound volume of the bassinet.

It’s also easy to assemble, according to most parents.

You can also purchase a separate storage basket for it, to put in small baby essentials like diapers, wet wipes, and whatnot under the bassinet.

It’s not a perfect bassinet though as it can’t respond to your baby’s cries and automatically rock on its own.

You need to press a button so it will rock.

It also has a 4-hour motion timer, which parents find annoying as it doesn’t gradually stop rocking. It just stops moving, quite abruptly, which can wake up their baby.

But for some parents, it does a decent job in calming and soothing their baby to sleep. 

Plus it’s cheaper than the SNOO.

You can check out my in-depth comparison between the 4moms and SNOO here. If you want more a more comprehensive info on the former, check out my detailed 4moms Mamaroo bassinet review here.


  • Comes with a mobile app to control its settings
  • With 5 swinging motions with speed level adjustment
  • Has 4 different sounds with volume adjustment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available storage baskets sold separately


  • Need to push a button so it will rock on its own
  • Has a 4-hour timer that abruptly stops, which can wake up the baby
  • Can make a loud noise while in motion, which can wake up baby

Buying Guide on Self-Rocking Bassinets

Here’s what you need to look for in an auto-rocking bassinet

  • Safety

Check for its safety certifications (such as JPMA, CPSC, and ASTM), to make sure that they have been tested and proven to be safe for babies.

Make sure that it includes a flat, firm mattress and that it has a stable and durable frame.

A bassinet with an all-mesh wall is also necessary, for safety and also so you can also easily check on your baby.

Having a non-toxic, Greenguard Gold certified auto-rocking bassinet is also ideal to have.

  • Size/ Portability/ Assembly

Take note of your available space and the size of the bassinet.

Can it fit and do you still have enough space in the room to go around comfortably?

Would you also prefer a bassinet that you can bring with you anywhere in the house or even outside?

If you opt for that, will it be easy to assemble and disassemble, especially when you bring it on travels or vacations?

Or are you okay with a bassinet that can just stay in one room?

  • Automatically Rocks 

An automatic rocking bassinet should rock on its own with a special technology or by a touch of a button.

So do proper research to check if the bassinet can really automatically rock.

OR you need to manually move it, your baby needs to kick and move inside it – for it to rock.

  • Soothing Features 

Some bassinets come with a single rocking or swaying motion and with a few white noises or sounds.

Others come with more. 

You can also customize your baby’s music, and adjust the soothing motions and volume with most self-rocking bassinets.

Some have a vibration mode. While others don’t have it.

Most can rock your baby gently while a few can rock your baby awake!

Other bassinets have a self-timer so they will only rock and play sounds for a limited time. 

While a few, such as the SNOO, can sway and play white noise the entire night.

  • Extra Features

Some bassinets come with awesome features such as a night light, canopy, storage area, starry projector, even its own baby monitor, and more!

Alternatives for Smart Rocking Bassinets 

If you’d like to find other options, check out the items here below.

Take note that this list includes a mix of:

  • bassinets that need to be rocked manually
  • bassinets that rock, when your baby kicks or, moves
  • bassinets that can’t rock but have a vibration mode 
  • baby swings for supervised naps

So nothing in this list rocks automatically.

Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet

  • Lots of positive ratings from parents online
  • Cannot be rocked manually
  • Can automatically vibrate and play sounds to soothe your baby

(Check out this detailed Fisher-Price Luminate bassinet review)

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

  • Popular, affordable bassinet
  • Can only be rocked manually
  • Can rock on its own if baby kicks or moves
  • Includes vibration and soothing sounds

Delta Children SleepCool Rocking Bassinet

  • Can only be rocked manually
  • Can rock on its own if baby kicks or moves
  • Includes vibration and soothing sounds

MiClassic All mesh 2in1 Stationary&Rock Bassinet

  • Can only be rocked manually
  • Can rock on its own if baby kicks or moves

Graco DuoGlider

  • Baby swing
  • Not for overnight sleeping
  • Suitable only for supervised naps
  • Can rock automatically with a push of a button
  • Includes vibration mode

Simmons Kids Gliding Bedside Bassinet

  • Can only be rocked manually
  • Includes soothing sounds

Graco® DreamMore™ Bedside Bassinet

  • Can only be rocked manually
  • Includes vibration mode (according to most parents)

FAQ on Auto-Rocking Bassinets

Is there a bassinet that rocks automatically?

Yes, there are a few bassinets that can rock automatically, without pressing a button, such as the SNOO, and the Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet.

Are self-rocking bassinets worth it?

Yes, self-rocking bassinets can be worth it if you’re desperate to help your baby sleep longer, without having to hold and rock them all night. It can be a last resort for sleep-deprived parents who’ve tried everything to get their baby to sleep.

Are self-rocking bassinets safe?

Yes, self-rocking bassinets are generally safe, especially those that have been tested and certified by the JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC.

Tips on Using Bassinets That Rocks Itself

  • Test it out first

The last thing you want is your baby rolling over and putting themselves in a risky position when the bassinet starts rocking. 

So take note of the bassinet’s return policy and test it out first, before committing to it.

See what your baby is like in the bassinet. 

Are they moving and getting squished on the side, is it moving them too much, waking them up in the process? 

Is the bassinet’s sound too noisy or is it gentle enough for your baby?

Test out also the durability of the bassinet. 

Give it a little shake, see how firm and stable its frame is, and make sure nothing is poking or sticking in it that can hurt your baby.

  • Help your baby sleep in the bassinet

If your little one has a little bit of trouble settling down to sleep, maybe they need to be swaddled. Or the bassinet feels too cold. 

Maybe they want to know that you’re close by, so try wrapping the bassinet’s mattress with your shirt so they can smell you.

Or maybe, they need a diaper change or a feeding!

Check out other tips here to get your newborn to sleep in their bassinet.

  • Expect the mattress to be thin and hard

Our comfort level is different from a newborn’s. 

We might not be okay with a thin and hard mattress, but for them, it’s perfectly fine.

And most importantly, it’s safer for a baby to sleep on a firm, flat mattress.

The Bottom Line on the Best Automatic Rocking Bassinet

Remember to always consider your finances before deciding on the best automatic rocking bassinet.

We all want the very best for our babies but not at the expense of their other needs and the rest of your family’s needs.

So always consider your budget first then look for one that would suit your baby.

So far, the SNOO is the best smart auto-rocking bassinet out there, that will give you more bang for your buck.

But if you want a simpler bassinet and you don’t mind rocking it manually, there’s the Fisher-Price Luminate Bassinet-Priceoothing Motions Bassinet for you.