Playmags vs Magna Tiles Comparison Review (5 Differences and 6 Similarities)

Magnetic tiles are just one of the best educational toys to give to your toddlers and even older kids.

Playing with magnetic tiles has a lot of educational benefits and can help your child enhance their cognitive skills and creativity, improve your child’s fine motor skills, and more.

And if you’re deciding between Playmags vs Magna Tiles but you need more info to see which one is the better option, then this article is for you.

I’ve thoroughly researched and compared their differences and similar features.

I’ve also included here some feedback from real parents and toy experts, so you can better gauge which magnetic tiles would work best for your kids.

Let’s start with a quick feature comparison table between the Playmags vs Magna Tiles.

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Playmags for its cheap yet sturdy variety of pieces.

Feature Comparison Table: Magna Tiles vs Playmags

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Magna Tiles vs Playmags.

FeaturesPlaymagsMagna Tiles
Nontoxic materialsYesYes
Internal lattice flat designAvailableAvailable
Tile CompatabilityMagna Tiles, Connetix, Picasso, Magtelier, Shapemags, Learn and GrowPlaymags, Connetix, Picasso, Magtelier, Shapemags, Learn and Grow
Ideas BookletAvailable, freeAvailable, paid
Variety of TilesAvailable, more so than Magna TilesAvailable
Tiles SetAvailableAvailable
Magnetic StrengthStronger than Magna TilesStrong
StorageAvailable, freeAvailable, paid

Below is a more detailed info on the Playmags vs Magna Tiles.

Similarities: Playmags vs Magna Tiles

Non Toxic material

Both the Magna Tiles and Playmags are made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastic.

The Magna Tiles is compliant with all CPSIA regulations, and with other international safety regulations as well.


Both are sealed using ultrasonic welding with rivets. 

This method provides strength and resistance, ensuring that it won’t break easily.

Both the Magna Tiles and Playmags have an internal lattice or bracing design. Which offers more support so it won’t easily break when it’s dropped or stepped on.

One parent shared that they’ve been using their Magna Tiles for 9 years and counting and are still as strong as ever.

The same is also with Playmags, as some parents shared that their kids have been with it for years, and is still very durable.

Look and Feel 

Both the Playmags and Magna Tiles have the same internal lattice flat design, which doesn’t give a clear look to it.

But it’s still great to play with it, especially for building flat structures or ramps.

Some parents noticed though that the Playmags have a roughness to the edge that the Magna Tiles don’t have. 

Both have very vibrant colors but Playmags are brighter than the Magna Tiles.

Tile Compatibility

They are both compatible with one another and are also compatible with other brands such as:

Connetix, Picasso, Magtelier, Shapemags, Learn and Grow

Ideas Booklet

Both the Playmags vs Magna Tiles offer a sort of inspiration booklet, providing ideas on creating various structures.

Playmags ideas book is readily available on their website. 

While you have to pay for the Magna Tiles Idea book, a collection of magnetic tiles creations and activities to inspire and guide young builders.

Tiles Variety

Both the Playmags and Magna Tiles have their own various sets, to build more creative and elaborate structures.

But Playmags offers a wider variety of shapes and accessories compared to Magna Tiles.

Playmags have some alphabets and window-like structures that snap onto the tiles, enabling your kid to get more creative.

Differences Between Magna Tiles vs Playmags

Magnetic Strength 

Both the Magna Tiles and Playmags in general have pretty strong magnets. 

But Playmags‘ updated magnets are noticeably thicker and longer than Magna Tiles, making them somewhat stronger. 

This is based on some feedback and even video reviews shared by parents online.

This can be a drawback as some parents mentioned that it can be quite hard for younger kids to separate the tiles, which can hurt their little fingers.

A few parents also noticed that some Playmags pieces don’t quite fit right and seem to have some magnet polarity issues.

Meanwhile, most parents are happy with the magnet performance of the Magna Tiles

But those that have been buying it for their multiple kids and/or grandkids say that it’s as strong as it used to be.

Tiles Sets

Magna Tiles are available in the various pieces set, including but not limited to:

  • 84 piece set
  • 32 piece set
  • Metropolis Set
  • Builder Set
  • Rectangles Expansion Set
  • Polygons Expansion Set
  • Cars Expansion Set

While Playmags offer the following below, but are not limited to these sets:

  • 150 piece set
  • 56 piece set with cars
  • 24 piece set
  • 48 piece set
  • 30 piece Dome set
  • Large Magnetic board
  • 32 piece set

A 100 piece-set Playmags includes

  • 2 Large Square Tiles (6” x 6”) 
  • 26 Small Square Tiles (3” x 3”) 
  • 3 Rectangle Tiles (3” x 1.5”) 
  • 10 Right Angled Triangle Tiles (3” x 4”) 
  • 8 Acute Angled Triangle Tiles (3” x 5.5”) 
  • 12 Equilateral Triangle Tiles (3” x 3”) 
  • 2 Windows (3” x 3”) | 5 Clickins Windows | 13 Clickins Alphabet Letters 
  • Bonus – Playmags Bag & Idea Book

While a 100 piece-set Magna Tiles includes 100 translucent, colorful shapes including:

  • Squares (4 large, 50 small)
  • Triangles (20 equilateral, 11 right, 15 Isosceles)


Magna Tiles offer a storage basket that can be purchased separately.

While Playmags comes with a handy carrying bag, that’s also included inside the box.


Playmags is way cheaper than Magna Tiles. 

It’s so much more affordable, you can get two 100 piece Playmags for the price of one 100 piece Magna Tiles set!


The Magna Tiles is considered the OG of magnetic tiles. It’s a family-owned business that has been in existence for over 20 years.

It’s made with ceramic magnets, which guard against corrosion and demagnetization to ensure lasting strength.

The Playmags on the other hand, doesn’t have any background info on their website. 

Nor do they offer some comprehensive details about how their magnetic tiles are made.

Magna Tiles vs Playmags: FAQ

What age are magnetic tiles recommended for?

Magnetic tiles are recommended for 3 years old and up. 
But some parents have offered it to their 18 months old or even as a first birthday gift to their little ones!

Is Playmags as good as Magnatiles?

Yes, especially when it comes to magnet strength and the available variety of pieces and structures.

Which brand of magnetic tiles is the best?

Magna Tiles is considered the OG of magnetic tiles and I’d assume they are the best of the best.
But based on reviews and feedback from online parenting groups, Connetix seems to be a much better magnetic tile.

Are Playmags and Connetix compatible?

Yes, Playmags and Connetix are compatible and can snap well together, and have the same size.

Are Playmags tiles the same as Magna-tiles?

Playmags tiles are the same as Magna-Tiles in terms of purpose – they are both magnetic tiles designed for kids! They have some different differences but ultimately, they serve the same purpose.

Are Playmag tiles worth the money?

Yes, Playmag tiles are worth the money! They have durable, strong magnets, they have great sets and best of all, they are cheaper than Magna Tiles.

Pros and Cons: Playmags vs Magna Tiles

Here’s a quick info on the advantages and drawbacks of the Magna-Tiles vs Playmags magnetic tiles:

Magna Tiles Pros

  • Trusted brand
  • Sturdy and durable

Magna Tiles Cons

  • Expensive
  • Surface scratches easily

Playmags Pros

  • Cheaper 
  • Stronger magnets

Playmags Cons

  • Surface scratches easily
  • Hard to separate the pieces for younger kids, because of strong magnets

Magna-Tiles vs Playmags: Helpful Tips

  • Get 100 pcs starter pack

I would highly recommend getting the 100 pcs for either brand. 

It’s just so much better to have more magnetic tiles to play with, rather than working with limited tiles.

A 100 piece set is just the right amount – it’s not too much nor too minimalist to stifle your little one’s creativity and imagination.

  • Create an “invitation to play”

This is for toddlers who don’t seem interested in playing with the magnetic tiles, initially.

You basically create an “invitation to play”.

Which is to set up the magnetic tiles in an inviting and fun way, that would encourage kids to engage and play with them.

So instead of just putting the magnetic tiles in a container and offering it to them, build a tower or a castle! It’s a great open-ended toy, btw!

Then place a few pieces of magnetic tiles to it so they’d be encouraged to add more to that structure. Eventually getting them interested and excited to play with it.

  • Don’t use harsh cleaners

Just a damp cloth will do to clean magnetic tiles. Check out more tips here on how to care for and how to clean magnetic tiles without messing them up.

  • Get a storage container

Magna Tiles have that all figured out when they decided to sell their storage box containers!

Playmags carrying bag is also a great idea to contain and easily carry magnetic tiles.

But if you want a more aesthetically pleasing container, you can just get those kinds of basket storage or bins to store the magnetic tiles.

  • Play with your kid

Show your kid how to play with the magnetic tiles by playing with them. Check out play magnetic tile ideas for toddlers here.

That way, you can teach them various ways how to build it, what structures to make, as well as teach them not to be too rough with it – to not throw, step, or bite it.

You can show them how to detach or snap it safely, especially for younger kids, so they won’t pinch their fingers.

Alternatives to Magna Tiles vs Playmags

Playmags vs Magna Tiles: Takeaway

I love magnetic tiles as they’re the sort of open-ended toys that can be played by kids of various ages and that can last for years if played with it properly.

And they’re also engaging enough to keep kids occupied for a long time. Enough for parents to work or clean the house!

Playmags seems to be the better option against Magna Tiles but check out other brands too, especially Connetix. A lot of parents seem to prefer Connetix over Magna Tiles.

I have an in-depth review here of Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso if you want to explore other magnetic tile brands.

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