Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso (Detailed Review)

Are you brainstorming some awesome first birthday gifts or just some open-ended toys for your toddler?

Consider getting them some magnetic tiles.

It can give your kid a lot of opportunities to practice their cognitive skills, problem-solving, creativity, hand-eye coordination, symmetry, and many more. (Check out here dozens of educational benefits of magnetic tiles.)

It’s on my topmost list of educational toys for toddlers and even older kids – it’s just that enriching and engaging! 

There are a lot of brands to choose from but if you’re deciding between the Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso magnetic tiles, then this article is for you.

I’ve researched and compared here their different features, to give you an idea of how they fare against each other.

I’ve also included some real feedback from parents and toy experts, so you can better gauge which brand would work for you better, since they more or less, function the same.

So without further adieu, let’s start with a quick feature comparison table of the Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso

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The best magnetic tiles amongst the three are the Connetix, for its durable, safe, and strong material and its fair price.

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If your budget is tight, Picasso tiles then will do.

Connetix 100 piece set

Picasso 100 piece set

Feature Comparison Table: Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Magna Tiles vs Connetix vs Picasso.

FeaturesConnetixMagna TilesPicasso
Stronger MagnetsYesMixed ReviewsMixed Reviews
More Scratch ResistantYesNoYes
Beveled designYesNoYes
Compatible with lots of brandsYesYesYes
Expansion SetAvailableAvailableAvailable
PriceSlightly expensiveExpensiveCheap

Connetix 100 piece set

Magna Tiles 100 piece set

Picasso 100 piece set

Below is a more detailed info on the Picasso vs Connetix vs Magna Tiles.

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Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso: Detailed Info

Safety and Durability


Connetix tiles are made of non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA, Lead, and Phthalate free, making it safe even for babies.

Each of its tiles is sealed using ultrasonic welding and is riveted, for extra safety. 

This ensures that the tiles don’t easily break which can release the magnets, which can be picked up by your toddlers and placed inside their mouths.

There’s also tons of feedback from parents about how strong and durable the Connetix is, more so than the Magna Tiles and Picasso.

Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles, on the other hand, are also made of non-MABS plastic that is also free from BPA, phthalates, latex, and other toxic materials.

It’s also compliant with all CPSIA regulations, as well as other international safety regulations

Like the Connetix, the Magna Tiles are also sealed using ultrasonic welding with rivets, providing strength and resistance to temperature changes and corrosion

One parent said they have used it for 9 years and counting and get played with it daily!


Picasso tiles, like the Connetix and Magna Tiles, are also made from BPA-free plastic. 

However, its parts are glued together, instead of using ultrasonic welding and rivets, unlike the Connetix and Magna Tiles. 

This, in turn, can make the production of Picasso Tiles cheaper but could result in the material easily breaking over time. 

The magnets can fall out which can be picked by your toddlers or a crawling baby, making it a safety hazard.

Some parents have complained of the Picasso tiles breaking after only a couple of months of playing. 

One parent even shared that her kid managed to pry open a Picasso tile, which is not even broken!

Other parents though are happy with their Picasso and have never experienced it breaking, even if they accidentally step on it.

Magnetic Strength


Connetix seems to have the stronger magnet amongst the three brands.

One mom even shared that her 3-year-old needs help sometimes taking apart big Connetix tiles that are lying down together!

So the magnet is really that strong. 

The Connetix brand is also confident in claiming that, saying that their “tiles contain stronger magnets than most other tiles!”

Connetix magnet size is also bigger and thicker than the Magna Tiles.

Magna Tiles

Most parents are happy with the OG of magnetic tiles, saying that the magnets are powerful enough to create various structures.

For a number of parents, the Magna tiles were a great purchase and were worth the price.

But a few said, its magnets are not as strong as they used to be.

One grandparent said he bought it for his grandkids and everything just seems to fall apart at the slightest movement.

One mom said its magnets don’t even line up and it’s very frustrating to construct and play with it.

Magna Tiles magnets are also slightly smaller and thinner than the Connetix magnets.

Some said though that the Magna Tiles are noticeably stronger than the Picasso Tiles.


Picasso has strong magnets but there are a significant number of complaints from parents about it having weaker magnets. 

Some said it’s weaker than the Magna Tiles and the pieces tend to collapse and don’t hold very well, frustrating their kids.

While some parents are happy with the Picasso and are actually saying its magnets are stronger than Magna Tiles. 

Connetix 100 piece set

Magna Tiles 100 piece set

Picasso 100 piece set

Look and Feel


Connetix tiles have a beveled design, which creates beautiful clear refractions while keeping the material strong and more scratch-resistant.

Its middle is much clearer, compared to the Magna Tiles and Picasso. 

This translucent quality of Connetix allows more light to go through it, making it more fun to explore lights and shadows with your little one.

Magna Tiles

The Magna Tiles, on the other hand, has a flat design, which makes it useful for creating ramps and roads for your kids.

It’s not as scratch-resistant though as Connetix or Picasso. 

But its criss-cross lattice design makes it strong enough to withstand being dropped or being accidentally stepped on without it easily breaking.

The internal lattice or bracing, that offers support, is quite obvious in Magna Tiles so its middle is not as clear, compared to the Connetix.


The Picasso has the same lattice-style design, as the Magna Tiles, which can make it’s plastic durable. So it doesn’t have the translucent or clear quality to make shadow or light exploration more fun.

It has a slightly beveled design though, like the Connetix. 

Tile Compatibility

All 3 brands – Connetix, Magna Tiles, Picasso, are all compatible with each other, as well as with other brands, such as: 

Connetix – Playmags, Magtelier, Learn and Grow, Earth Tiles

Magna Tiles – Playmags, Magtelier, Shapemags, Learn and Grow, Earth Tiles

Picasso – Playmags, Magtelier, Shapemags, Learn and Grow, Earth Tiles

Tiles Expansion Set

Each brand also has its own expansion set so your kids can build more elaborate structures. 

Check out some of them below by clicking or tapping on the image:


Magna Tiles


Tiles Sets and Price

All 3 brands offer various sets and pieces. 

Overall, Picasso is the cheapest while the Magna Tiles is the priciest amongst the 3 magnetic tile brands.

Their price varies and it can sometimes be cheaper when you get it from Amazon or other retailers.

Connetix 100 piece set

Magna Tiles 100 piece set

Picasso 100 piece set

Magna Tiles vs Connetix vs Picasso: FAQ

What age are magnetic tiles recommended for?

Magnetic tiles are recommended for 3 years old and up.

Which magnetic tiles have car bases?

All 3 brands – the Piccaso, Connetix, and Magna Tiles – have car bases, which are sold separately.

Which magnetic tiles have base plates?

Connetix and Picasso have base plates which are also sold separately.

Is PicassoTiles Compatible With Other Brands?

Yes, Picasso tiles are compatible with Connetix, Magna Tiles, as well as Playmags, Magtelier, Shapemags, Learn and Grow, and Earth Tiles.

Are Connetix tiles worth the money?

Yes, they are! You can be assured that their material is safe for kids, as it doesn’t easily break plus, it’s free from non-toxic ingredients.
Plus magnetic tiles in general are great open-ended toys that your kid will just play with for extended periods of time. It can last for years, making it worth the money!

Which brand has stronger magnets?

Connetix has stronger and slightly bigger magnets, compared to Magna Tiles and Picasso.

Are Picasso Tiles as good as Magna tiles?

Yes and No. 
Picasso Tiles are equally engaging and colorful as Magna tiles.
But when it comes to magnet strength and durability, Magna Tiles are much more superior.

Connetix 100 piece set

Magna Tiles 100 piece set

Picasso 100 piece set

Pros and Cons: Picasso vs Connetix vs Magna Tiles

Here’s a quick info on the advantages and drawbacks of the Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso magnetic tiles

Connetix 100 piece set

Connetix Pros

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Strong magnets

Connetix Cons

  • Slightly expensive
  • Doesn’t have a flat surface

Magna Tiles 100 piece set

Magna Tiles Pros

  • Trusted brand
  • Sturdy and durable

Magna Tiles Cons

  • Expensive
  • Surface scratches easily

Picasso 100 piece set

Picasso Pros

  • Cheaper 
  • Has various expansion sets

Picasso Cons

  • Tends to easily break
  • Weak magnets

Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso: Helpful Tips

Get 100 pcs for starters

The best way to play with magnetic tiles is to have more magnetic tiles. That way, your kid won’t feel too stifled with the limited tiles they have to work with. And a 100 piece set is just the right amount to start with.


Mix it up

If you find the other brand more expensive, you can just easily get a cheaper, compatible brand! Especially if you know your kid is not too rough with it, then it’s perfectly fine to get a lesser-known, cheaper brand than what is popular in the market.

Get a storage container

It’s better to have a dedicated storage for the magnetic tiles. So you can keep it away when you need the space or you can bring it with you on trips or when you’re moving houses.

A sturdy container ought to do the trick. You can also get a basket for a more aesthetically pleasing look for your kid’s playroom or bedroom.

Magna Tiles actually has their own storage bin, which is pretty cool and convenient.

Play with your kid

If it’s their first time to use a magnetic tile, show them how to use it by playing with them. Check out some play ideas of magnetic tiles for kids here. 

Let them know the different ways they can build, how to make their structures stronger, how to make a ramp, and so on.

Some younger kids might also need some help in detaching and separating the tiles so play with them initially until they get the hang of it.

  • Clean properly

You can’t submerge them in water with a bleach. You can’t also clean them in the dishwasher.

There’s one best way to clean magnetic tiles, and that’s just by wiping them with a damp cloth and letting them dry. Find out more ways on how to care for and clean magnetic tiles here.

Make it inviting

For kids to become more curious and engaged with the toy, make it more inviting by setting it up in a really fun and playful way. They usually call this “invitation to play.”

The idea is to encourage kids to play on their own, by providing them with the materials or toys in a creative, non-directive way.

And for them to play with it, it has to be presented in a really interesting way. 

For eg., before your kid wakes up from their naptime, create a tower of magnetic tiles and add some other toys to it.

That way, they’ll discover that there are other ways to play with it and they can just add any toy in the mix whenever they want to.

Alternatives to Magna Tiles vs Connetix vs Picasso

Playmates 100 piece set

Shapemags 100 piece set

Magformers 100 piece set

Takeaway on Connetix vs Magna Tiles vs Picasso

Magnetic tiles can go a long way in keeping your kids entertained and learning at the same time.

It’s simple yet engaging enough to keep your little ones occupied, enough for you to work or clean your house or do some chores.

It can also grow with them as these kinds of toys are timeless and can last long. 

Just remember to supervise your toddler especially if they’re still mouthing and smashing their toys.

Most brands, like the Connetix can withstand some rough play but it’s not indestructible. So remember to teach your kids to handle it properly so they can still play with it for years to come.

Connetix 100 piece set

Magna Tiles 100 piece set

Picasso 100 piece set