26 Magnetic Tile Activities (For Toddlers and Young Kids)

Want to see various magnetic tile play ideas, activities and games?

I’ve listed here several magnetic tile activities for toddlers and young children that you can prepare in varying degrees.

There’s some low prep, simple activities – those that only requires a few minutes of setting up.

Then are some that needs more preparation but are still relatively easy to do.

Then there are more elaborate magnetic tile games and activities that needs more explaining, practice and setup, where you need to put in some more time and effort.

So if you want to make the most of your magnetic tiles, then check out tons of creative and educational magnetic tile activities and even games here for younger kids!

FYI, I added pics so it’ll be easy for you to check them out! (Credits given to owners of course).

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Magnetic Tile Activities For Toddlers and Young Kids (Low Prep)

If you just want a simple yet fun magnetic tile activity, one that’s low prep and doesn’t require that much time and effort (cause we need some time for self-care activities too!) then check out below some creative magnetic tile activities for toddlers and young kids:

Magnetic Tile Dominos – from Raising Dragons

Magnetic Tile Dominos

Magnetic Tiles on the Fridge – from Artful Parent

Magnetic Tiles on the Fridge

Color Sorting Magnetic Tiles Activity – from The Baby Drama

Color Sorting Magnetic Tiles Activity

Car Port and Cars Color Matching – from The Creative Kids Corner

Car Port and Cars Color Matching

Rainbow Tower Color Sorting Magnetic Tiles Activity – from A Life So Precious

Rainbow Tower Color Sorting Magnetic Tiles Activity

3D Shape Magnetic Tiles Activity – from And Next Comes L

3D Shape Magnetic Tiles Activity

Sunlight Play with Magnetic Tiles – from I.Glasson

Play on Garage Door – from Teaching Toddlers with Love

Magna-Tile Cap Drop Activity – from Happy Toddler Playtime

Build Anything You Want! – from Mimmo and Me

Color Pompom Drop Magnetic Tile Activity – from Learn and Grow toys

Color Pompom Drop Magnetic Tile Activity

Visual Stimulation Magnetic Tile Baby Activity – from Montessori Mammy

Visual Stimulation Magnetic Tile Baby Activity

Magnetic Tile Activities (With More Prep)

These creative magnetic tile ideas and activities require more planning and preparation. 

They are more than the basic, low-prep “invitation to play” magnetic tiles activities.

You would need to put in a little bit of time and effort but they are totally worth it!

Color Math Magnetic Tile Activity – from Days with Grey

Color Math Magnetic Tile Activity

Tape Puzzle Magnetic Tiles – from Happily Ever Mom

Tape Puzzle Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic Tile Shape Match – from Learning and Exploring Through Play

Magnetic Tile Shape Match

Rubber Duck Race Magnetic Tiles – from Happy Toddler Playtime

Rubber Duck Race Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic Measurement Activity – from Days with Greys

Magnetic Measurement Activity

Color Sorting Plate Magnetic Tile Activity – from Missie and The Boys (repost by Easy Peasy Play Prompts)

Color Sorting Plate Magnetic Tile Activity

Flower Collecting & Pressing with Magnetic Tiles – from Playing with T and B

flower collecting and pressing with magnetic tiles

Number Matching/ Number Recognition – from Magnetic Tiles Ireland

Number Matching/Number REcognition Magnetic Tile Activity

Magnetic Tile Games & Activities (Elaborate)

If you want to go all out with the magnetic tiles and let’s be honest – play with them (with your kid) – then have blast at these amazingly fun play ideas for magnetic tiles:

Cereal Box Magnetic Tile Puzzles – from Happy Toddler Playtime

Cereal Box Magnetic Tile Puzzles

Magnetic Tiles Board Game – from Play Teach Repeat

Magnetic Tiles Board Game

Marble Run Magnetic Tile activity – from The Curious Birds

marble run magnetic tile activity

Marble Run Track from Mimmo and Me

marble run track magnetic tile activity

Role Playing with Peg Dolls – from Anastasia_Metaxa

role playing with peg dolls magnetic tile activity

Magnetic Tile Robot – from Connetix

magnetic tile robot

Tips for Playing With Magnetic Tiles

  • Supervise toddlers

Especially if you know they’re going to keep throwing and destroying the magnets. 

Or worse.

No matter how durable a magnetic tile is (like the Connetix), it there’s a determined toddler who intends to break it no matter what, there’s still the possibility that it will break.

Plus you want to be there to guide them on how to play, especially if they don’t have the skills yet to grasp, stack and build.

  • Get a magnetic tile container

It’s so important to have a dedicated space for magnetic tiles for them to last longer and for your kids to learn how to be responsible and clean up their toys.

So check out tons of ideas here on how to store magnetic tiles

  • Play with your kid

Bond with your kid while showing them how to play with the magnetic tiles.

Let them lead the play though it’s okay to occasionally help them out a bit on how to sort, stack and build using magnetic tiles.

Playing with your kid is also a great opportunity to teach them how to handle magnetic tiles with care!

FAQ on Magnetic Tiles Ideas

Can 2 year-olds play with magnetic tiles?

Magnetic tiles are usually recommended for kids 3 years and above. 
But personally, it depends on your child. They might get interested in it. I’ve personally let my 2-year-old play with it!

What do children learn from magnetic tiles?

Children can learn tons from playing with magnetic tiles:
• how to be more creative
• how to concentrate and focus more
• improve critical thinking skills
• develop geometry and patterning skills
and many more!

Are magnetic tiles safe for toddlers?

Yes, magnetic tiles are safe for toddlers under adult supervision.
At what age do kids play with magnetic tiles?
3 years old and above is the recommended age for playing with magnetic tiles. 
But I personally let my child play with it when she was 2 years old (fully supervised of course!).
And I know a few parents who’ve let their 1-year-old and even younger play with it!

Magnetic Tile Activities For Toddlers: Final Thoughts

Not a lot of kids would want to play with magnetic tiles and that’s okay.

I know it can be quite disappointing when you bought this expensive magnetic tiles set and your child has barely looked at it.

The last thing you want to do is force your child to play with their magnetic tiles.

Maybe your kid is not developmentally ready for it.

Maybe the “invitation to play” is not that interesting for them. 

Maybe they’re busy focusing on another toy or activity or learning a new skill!

So don’t count it as a failure when your kids are ignoring their magnetic tiles.

Just keep the tiles, wait a few months or maybe a year, take it out again, and create a more inviting, creative magnetic tile activity or game for them.

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