How To Clean Magnetic Tiles (Without Damaging Them!)

Looking for the best possible way on how to clean magnetic tiles?

There’s usually a bunch – a set – of them to clean and you might be wishing for the easiest and quickest way to clean them.

I, for one, don’t like cleaning them. 

As I said, there’s a lot to clean and I already have tons of chores and work to do!

But before you put them in the washing machine or somewhere crazy, keep scrolling below for the best way to clean your kids’ magnetic tiles.

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How To Clean Magnetic Tiles

The best way to clean magnetic tiles is by using a damp cloth (with water only) and just wiping them.

You can also use a non-abrasive, gentle cleaner (like dish soap).

But a damp cloth – no chemicals – is your very best bet in cleaning and maintaining the quality of the magnetic tiles.

Some parents though have used antibacterial or baby wet wipes so that’s fine too.

I certainly did that!

But if you want to keep the quality of the magnetic tiles in tip-top shape, just use a damp cloth and wipe each magnetic tile.

You can also lay down a batch of them flatly on a clean surface with a dry towel and wipe them. 

Laying them down on a clean surface makes the cleaning process much quicker.

After wiping, just dry them with a soft towel or let them stand on a clean surface for air drying.

How to Remove Permanent Marker From a Magnetic Tile

One is to go back in time and make sure to hide all permanent markets and keep them out of reach from your children.

Kidding aside, get the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, wet them a bit then gently scrub the magnetic tiles for a few seconds. 

That should do the trick!

Can I Dry Magnetic Tiles in the Sun?

No, it’s not recommended to dry your magnetic tiles under direct sunlight or in places with high humidity, as this can damage the tiles.

You can dry them indoors instead. 

Make them stand parallel to a wall and let the water drip out of the tiny gaps on the sides.

Can Magnetic Tiles Go in the Washing Machine?

No, magnetic tiles can’t go in the washing machine.

Even if you put them inside a lingerie bag with other clothes, it’s still a bad idea.

The movement inside the washing machine can damage your magnetic tiles.

Plus, water will get inside it and you have to air dry them properly. 

Which can take a while, especially if you have a lot of magnetic tiles to clean.

What If Water Gets Inside a Magnetic Tile?

Magnetic tiles won’t get damaged when it gets wet.

So don’t panic if your little one plays with them in the bathroom. 

I certainly did that!

The only issue is when you leave them for too long submerged under water or when you don’t dry them properly. As rust, mold, and mildew can form inside the magnetic tiles.

So after your kids play with them, make the tiles stand on a clean dry area (parallel to a wall) with some kitchen towels.

This position will make the water leak and come out of the small gap on the side of each magnetic tile.

Turn each side to make sure that it dries properly.

What Should I Do If A Magnetic Tile Breaks?

Never let your child play with damaged, cracked, or even slightly broken magnetic tiles.

Your child can get hurt touching the cracked parts or worse, they might get curious about the magnets inside the tiles and swallow them.

The magnets inside your child’s body can create holes and set an infection in their intestine.

Look out for symptoms of abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever, if you suspect your child has swallowed some magnets from the tiles.

They can seriously cause life-threatening damage to your kid’s digestive system – it can kill them.

So don’t try to fix or patch broken magnetic tiles together – just throw them out.

Tips on Caring for Magnetic Tiles

Don’t submerge in water

There were times when I’m just so exhausted so I just said yes to practically anything my kid is requesting (anything safe for her, that is).

And one of her requests was to play with the magnetic tiles in the bathroom. 

So I allowed her to let her magnetic tiles get wet. 

But I did clean and dry them properly.

There’s no safety risk if water gets into the magnetic tiles.

However, if you don’t dry them properly, you risk getting mold, mildew, or even rust in the magnetic tiles. 

So if possible, try not to let your kid make their magnetic tiles wet or submerge them under water.

Don’t use harsh cleaners

Using some will damage the magnetic tiles over time.

The best thing you can use is just a damp cloth with water – no chemicals.

Get a container

Having a dedicated storage container keeps your magnetic tiles clean and safe.

Here are some ideas on how to store magnetic tiles.

Supervise younger kids

Toddlers and younger kids in general might not get it straightaway how to play with magnetic tiles.

They might stomp on it, throw it and do anything in their power to break them.

So always stay close when they’re doing some magnetic tile activities and games.

So you can readily and gently tell them how to play with the tiles when they’re getting a bit rough with them.

Use only on flat surfaces

If you want to prolong the life of your magnetic tiles (you’d want to – they’re expensive and they have a lot of educational benefits), don’t let your kids play with them outside.

Don’t use them on concrete, dirt, sand – anywhere outdoors!

Just let your kids play with their magnetic tiles indoors – on a table, carpet, magnet boards, refrigerator, metal baking sheets, etc.

Rotate and clean for large groups

If you have a lot of kids or you’re using magnetic tiles for daycare or school, remember to always clean them every few days.

Don’t also give the entire set for the kids to play with – leave some in another container and batch out the magnetic tiles.

That way, you can simply rotate the magnetic tiles and let the children play with the “new ones” while you wipe those that need cleaning.

FAQ on Cleaning Magnetic Tiles

Can magnet tiles get wet?

Yes, magnet tiles can get wet. They are not waterproof so if you don’t dry them properly, your magnetic tiles can get mold, rust, or mildew on the inside.

How do you remove water from Magna Tiles?

Just let them stand against a wall and wait for the water to drain and leak out of each magnetic tile.

Are magnetic tiles waterproof?

No, magnetic tiles are not waterproof. 
Water can get inside them so it’s better to not let your kids play with them in the bathroom or submerged them in a bucket or basin of water.

Can Connetix tiles get wet?

Yes, Connetix tiles can get wet. Every brand of magnetic tiles can get wet. 
So far, as of this article’s publishing, there are still no waterproof magnetic tiles in the market.

Can you put magnetic tiles in the dishwasher?

No, you can’t put magnetic tiles in the dishwasher. You can’t also put them inside a washing machine. 
Doing either so will mess up your magnetic tiles. 
It can crack and scratch them, magnets can come out, etc.

How To Clean Magnetic Tiles: Wrapping Up

Do a tile rotation so you don’t need to clean your child’s entire magnetic tile set every time.

This means, keep half of the magnetic tiles then let your child play with the rest.

Then just swap out the dirty magnetic tiles with the clean ones!

I hope this article on how to clean magnetic tiles has helped make housekeeping and toy cleaning easier for you.

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