How to Dispose Diapers Properly (At Home, In Public, On a Plane)

How to dispose diapers is a topic no new parent thinks of, until you have the full experience of changing stinky, diaper blowouts at home, and worse in public or on a plane.

Experience is the best teacher as they say but you don’t need life to teach you the hard way of disposing of diapers properly

You just need to go through this article and more! 😜

In this guide, we’ll explore various scenarios, from disposing of diapers at home to handling the task in public places and even on a plane. 

You’ll get to know some helpful tips and details as well, that most parents overlook when changing diapers. 

Let’s begin.

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How to Dispose Diapers At Home

Get a separate, hands-free bin for diaper disposal

Invest in a dedicated diaper pail with a hands-free mechanism. It could be a diaper genie or it could just be a simple steel trash can with a lid and foot pedal.

This ensures a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of diapers without having to touch the bin directly.

Make sure the steel trash can has a large plastic bag inside, to keep and to easily throw dirty diapers.

Empty the diaper in the toilet

I can understand if you don’t have the patience, time, and stomach to do this, and most parents don’t do this, especially with disposable diapers. 

But it can greatly help in managing waste efficiently and in minimizing the smell in the trash can or diaper genie, so if you can bear it, try to do it often.

Roll up the diaper and place it inside a bag

After emptying the diaper, or after a diaper change, roll it up tightly to prevent any potential mess. 

This helps contain odors and makes the diaper easier to handle.

Place the rolled-up diaper inside a sturdy disposal bag. 

You can also throw in the dirty wet wipes beforehand in the disposal bag.

Then make sure to seal or tie the bag tightly, for an extra layer of protection against odors and leaks.

Throw in the trash can or diaper genie carefully 

Carefully place the bagged diaper inside the trash can.

Don’t even try to throw it the freestyle, basketball way.

Don’t forget to wash your hands BEFORE and afterward

Always wash your hands before and after changing diapers.

This helps maintain personal hygiene and prevents the spread of germs.

Empty the insides of your diaper trash can regularly

To maintain a fresh and odor-free environment, make it a habit to empty the contents of the diaper pail regularly. 

Depending on the frequency of diaper changes, aim to empty the bin at least once a day or as needed.

If it’s challenging to throw the trash out every day, get a diaper genie as it can help to contain the smell, until at least your next trash disposal day.

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Which hopefully wouldn’t be once a week.

Sanitize the inside of the bin at least once a month

Dedicated diaper trash cans can harbor bacteria and odors over time. 

To ensure a clean and sanitary environment, take the time to sanitize the inside of the diaper bin at least once a month. 

You can go out in your backyard and just spray the trash can with water, soak it in soap, and put in some disinfectant to thoroughly clean the surfaces, including the lid and any crevices.

How To Dispose of Diapers Properly In Public

Public diaper disposal requires a bit of finesse as you don’t want to gross out everyone.

If you’re in a baby-friendly public bathroom, then you only need to throw in the rolled-up dirty diaper in a disposable bag, seal or wrap it tightly, then throw out that bag in the nearest trash can.

If there are no designated diaper changing stations, change your baby in the car. Then again, throw the rolled up diaper in the bag, seal the bag tightly, and look for the nearest public garbage can.

If you can’t find any public garbage can look for a public bathroom and throw it in the trash can there.

If you really can’t find any public or bathroom trash cans, double bag the dirty diapers, and place it either inside a grocery plastic bag or wet bag. Keep it in the car, until you get home then dispose of it in your outside trash can.

How To Dispose Diapers On a Plane

Handling diapers during air travel can be tricky, but it’s crucial to be considerate of fellow passengers. 

Prep Your Toddler

If your kid is old enough, explain to him or her how you’re going to change their diapers in the airplane’s tiny bathroom.

Do this before you get on your flight – you can practice at home or in a handicapped bathroom.

You can show them a picture or video of a plane’s bathroom if you can find one.

Tell them it might be loud, especially the flushing, the space might be tight, that you need to be quick because other people also need to use the bathroom, etc.

Before you get on the plane, remember to make your toddler go to the bathroom first to pee or poop, then change their diapers.

Then once you’re in the plane, you can quickly bring them in the bathroom so they can see how it looks so expectations can be set beforehand.

Prep Everything Before Going In the Plane Bathroom

You don’t want to forget something and need it in the middle of a diaper change, especially if you’re flying solo with your baby.

So always prep your diaper bag with the essentials.

Aside from diapers, tons of wet wipes, and diaper cream, bring an odor-controlling disposal bag, changing pad, antibacterial wipes, and extra clothes (for you and your kid because you’ll never know if there’s turbulence and shit hits the fan literally speaking), and a toy for your baby.

If you have a toddler or a baby that can stand up, bring pull-ups, instead of disposable diapers, so changing them will be much easier.

Ask a Flight Attendant for Advice

Before going in for a diaper change, ask your flight attendant if there’s a bigger bathroom (for the handicapped), if there’s a diaper changing table, and where you can throw the dirty diapers.

Take note that you can’t ask the flight attendant to throw the dirty diaper for you, as they handle food for other passengers. Plus it’s not their responsibility to dispose dirty diapers.

Roll Up the Dirty Diaper and Seal in a Disposable Bag

After changing, roll up the used diaper tightly then put it in your sealed disposable bag before throwing it in the bathroom trash can. 

Ensure the bag is tightly closed to prevent any odors from escaping.

Wash Hands Thoroughly With Soap and Water

Don’t forget to always do this, before and after changing your baby’s diaper! 

Types of Bags to Use for Disposing of Diapers

Here are some disposable bags you can bring with you to effectively dispose of diapers and secure odors:

Places You Can Dispose of Dirty Diapers

These are the acceptable places you can throw in your baby’s dirty diapers:

  • A friend’s outdoor garbage can
  • A public bathroom trash can
  • A park trash can
  • Airplane trash can
  • Your home

Don’t Dispose Diapers In These Places

  • A friend’s bathroom or kitchen trash can. Throw it in their outside trash can.
  • A doctor’s office. Find a trash can outside the office, preferably in a public bathroom or outside a trash can.
  • Any small, enclosed spaces. Even if there’s a trash can there, don’t throw the dirty diaper there.
  • In an airplane by giving it to the flight attendant
  • Under the bus seat/ movie theatre seat/ plane seat – anywhere in public! And yes, some people have done that.

Bottomline – find a public trash can and throw the dirty, rolled up diaper that’s wrapped inside a disposable bag.

Proper Diaper Disposal: Why It’s Important

Keeping things clean and healthy is crucial, especially when it comes to diaper disposal. Here’s why it matters:

  • Preventing Odor and Bacteria: Proper disposal helps stop bad smells and reduces the growth of germs, keeping your surroundings fresh and hygienic.
  • Preventing Contamination: Dispose of diapers correctly to avoid environmental risks and contamination. Using designated bins or facilities helps keep public spaces clean.
  • Maintaining Hygiene: Timely and proper disposal prevents the spread of germs, ensuring a healthier environment for your family and others.

In a nutshell, by disposing of diapers the right way, you contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant living space for everyone.

FAQ on Disposing Diapers

What is the best way to dispose of baby diapers?

The best way to dispose of baby diapers is to flush the waste first, then roll it up, put it in a disposable bag then throw it in a designated diaper pail with a secure lid.

How do you dispose of adult diapers?

You dispose of adult diapers the same way you dispose of baby diapers.

What do you do with disposable diapers?

Dispose of disposable diapers in designated bins or diaper pails. Seal them in secure disposal bags for added cleanliness.

Is it illegal to throw away diapers?

It is not illegal to throw away diapers but it is essential to follow local guidelines for waste disposal.

Tips on Disposing Diapers

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water BEFORE and after changing your baby’s diapers.
  • Always carry a small supply of disposal bags in your diaper bag. 
  • Double bag if necessary, for extra odor control.
  • Consider using eco-friendly disposal options for a greener approach.
  • Dispose of diapers discreetly, especially in public spaces.
  • Look for designated diaper-changing stations, and if none are available, head to the restroom and use a private trash bin.
  • If there’s a lingering stench in the diaper pail or trash can, sprinkle some baking soda or old coffee grounds in the bottom to mitigate stubborn smells.
  • Regularly empty the diaper pail or your dedicated trash every day, if possible.

Bottomline on How To Dispose Diapers

You just need to remember to roll up the diaper and seal it in a disposable bag and that’s basically, in a nutshell, how to dispose diapers properly! 🙂

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