Diaper Bag Checklist for Newborns

Here are the 13 items for your newborn’s diaper bag checklist.

I remember the first few times I prepared a diaper bag checklist for my newborn. It was so heavy and so full! It had a lot of extra items – extra diapers, extra bottles, extra clothes and so on.

I eventually wisened up, got the hang of it and found some ways to pack easily and lightly. Pack lightly with this diaper bag checklist.

Newborn’s Diaper Bag Checklist

Milk bottles with milk formula inside OR milk bottles and formula milk in milk powder dispensers

  • If you’re a breastfeeding mom then you’re just one lucky bitch (kidding), cause you don’t need to pack anything milk-related so skip this.
  • You can separate the milk formula and place them in those traveling milk powder dispensers but I find it easier to just place the milk formula inside, especially when you’re out alone with your baby. Read here my tips on going out with your newborn for the first time.
  • Keep in mind how many times and how much milk your baby usually drinks and consider the number of hours you’re going to be out with your baby. 
  • When I was out with my baby, I’d usually just carry 2 bottles with 90ml of formula milk inside. I knew already that my baby doesn’t really drink more than that and usually, we’d only be out for 2-3 hours so bringing 2 bottles was enough. 
  • If you think you’d forget how much milk powder is inside the milk bottles, then just place them in the milk powder dispensers then mark them.
  • When I visit my in-laws, I’d usually bring 4-5 bottles as we usually stay there from lunchtime until 8pm. I put the formula milk in milk powder dispensers then label them accordingly.
  • When I’d be out alone with my newborn then, I usually just carry 2 bottles with 90ml of formula milk inside, I knew already that she didn’t want to drink more than that, based on her feeding history plus, we will only be out for 2-3 hours so bringing 2 bottles was enough. But when we visit my in-laws, I’d usually bring 4, sometimes 5 bottles, then separate the formula milk in a milk container, marking the milk powder dispensers with how much powder it has inside.

Hot water container

Just a regular small thermos will do. Sometimes, some diaper changing stations will have a hot water dispenser so you might not really need this, especially if you already know in advance if the place has a hot water dispenser. 

Mineral bottle

You can opt not to bring one, especially if you know you can easily buy it anywhere but if you don’t want to look around for clean water to make your baby’s milk then just bring one.


I only brought this out a couple of times as I didn’t really made my daughter get used to this, but if your baby needs one, then bring at least 2. Put them in a small container or use a ziplock bag.


Consider the number of times you had to change your baby’s diaper inside the house and bring that many diapers plus an extra one, just in case they do a diaper blowout.

I’d usually just bring 3 diapers for 3 hours. Then if I knew I’d be out for half a day, I’d bring 6-8 diapers. Check out also some tips and tricks here on changing diapers here, especially for boys!

Diaper cream

A must of course.

Wet wipes

Bring a whole new pack because you never know when you will need so much, to either clean a surface or to clean your baby’s poonami. 

Extra clothes

Just one pair will do.

Wet bag

Organize and put all the diapers, diaper cream, wet wipes and extra clothes right here. 

Diaper changing pad

A must, especially if you don’t know if there will be an available diaper changing station in the place you’re going to. 

2 Small plastic bags

For throwing your baby’s diaper, especially those that are filled with poop. 

2 Small towels or burp cloth

For cleaning your baby, when they puke or vomit. Just use the antibacterial wipes for cleaning yourself and well, some puke-filled areas.

1 medium sized, lightweight towel or muslin wrap

Just bring one, in case there’s no available diaper changing station and you need to change diapers out in public. You can use the towel or muslin wrap under the diaper changing pad or as a makeshift cover, when changing diapers in a semi-crowded area. 

For You

You can have a separate pouch and place some of these inside your newborn’s diaper bag.

  1. Umbrella
  2. Tissues
  3. Antibacterial wipes
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Extra face mask in a ziploc bag (pandemic-related)
  6. Small pouch for items 15 to 18 – so they’re all organized and quick to find in your bag
  7. Nursing cover, nursing pads, nursing cover – for breastfeeding
  8. Small purse – put all your important items here like wallet, keys, eazylink card so you don’t need to rummage through the diaper bag to find any of it.

Diaper Bag Checklist Conclusion

Now, this is just for a newborn’s diaper bag. When your baby starts eating solid food around 6 months, you’d need to pack more. For now, this is all that you need for your diaper bag checklist for your newborn.

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