Is A Diaper Genie Worth It? (Or Can a Regular Trash Can Work?)

Are you starting your baby registry, checking your newborn essentials, and wondering – is a diaper genie worth it?

Let’s answer that right now.

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Is A Diaper Genie Worth It?

No, a diaper genie is not worth it.

And a bit of a disclaimer – I have never used one nor intended to buy one. Because price-wise, it doesn’t seem practical for us.

I used a cheap small regular trash can and it worked perfectly fine like the diaper genie.

It’s right inside the nursery room, right beside the crib changing table and it has never smelled even for a bit.

That’s because I put my daughter’s dirty diapers inside a smaller plastic bag, and tied that up before throwing it in the trash bin.

A small, steel trash can with a lid, which I take out and regularly throw out the trash. Every day.

Another disclaimer – when my daughter started getting stinkier poop because of eating solid food, I transferred the trash can to our service balcony, right outside the kitchen, next to the cat’s litter box.

So the smell didn’t bother us.

So no, with a few hacks, I don’t think you need a diaper genie.

With that said, I can think of a few reasons why it can be useful.

Reasons Why You Might Need A Diaper Genie

Inconvenience of throwing trash every day

The diaper genie can be useful if throwing trash for you every day can be a hassle.

Especially if you have to go all the way out of the house, you have to wear winter clothes, go through flights of stairs, face horrible weather, etc.

I never had that problem since the rubbish chute in our building is only a few meters away from our door. 

And every floor in our building has one.

You have a very poopy baby

All babies are different and I was lucky enough that my baby didn’t go through a lot of diaper blowouts.

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But if you have a little one that regularly does a diaper poonami, all that dirty diaper can pile up. 

And next thing you know, the room is stinking and you need to throw the trash again!

So for those instances, a diaper genie can be extremely useful.

You have multiple younger children

If you’re taking care of multiple young kids who are all still wearing diapers, I can imagine the number of times you have to change them, and all that will pile up and can stink up any room.

And you don’t always have the time and energy to keep cleaning and throwing out the trash, so a diaper genie can help contain the smell, long enough for you to throw the trash.

Pros of Diaper Genies

  • Contains smells and odors
  • Less frequent liner changes with the bag liner system
  • Slim, sleek look

Cons of Diaper Genies

  • Pricier than a regular trash can
  • Most requires specific refill bags 
  • Needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly

Best Diaper Genies

There seem to be the most mentioned and most recommended diaper pails from parents online:

Diaper Genie Alternative

You can use any small steel trash can with a lid and a plastic bag inside as a diaper genie alternative

Then every dirty diaper should be placed and wrapped tightly inside a smaller plastic bag before throwing it in that steel trash can.

That was my system before and I empty the trash daily.

I don’t even use scented bags nor did I place any scented stuff in my baby’s room and it has never smelled, not even for a bit even when I open it.

Of course, if I placed my face close to it, I would have probably caught some awful smell but:

  • a.) I have never done that lol and 
  • b.) I was quick to open and close the trash so I never had to deal with any stink.

Remember to also buy a small steel trash can, so it doesn’t accumulate a lot of dirty diapers and you’ll be forced to throw it out regularly. If you do opt for this cheaper diaper genie alternative.

FAQ on Diaper Genies

Do I really need a Diaper Genie?

No, you don’t need a diaper genie. But there can be instances where it can become more convenient to have one, which you can find here.

What is so special about a Diaper Genie?

The thing that’s special about a diaper genie is its promise of containing the smell and 

Do diaper Genies work?

Yes, Diaper Genies work but it’s not a perfect system as it can still break and there are still some complaints from parents who’ve used it.

Is A Diaper Genie Worth It: The Bottom Line

Budget-wise, the diaper genie isn’t worth it as it can just be replaced by any steel can with a lid and a plastic bag system.

And when you change it, it still smells like an ordinary trash can!

But it does have its use when you can’t throw the trash regularly and you go through a lot of diaper blowouts.

Just consider the pros and cons before getting one.

I hope this “Is A Diaper Genie Worth It” has been helpful.

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