Honest Company vs Babyganics Diaper [Detailed Comparison Review]

Are you a new parent who’s looking to compare Honest Company vs Babyganics Diaper?

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In this article, you’ll get to know:

  • their features and how they compare with one another
  • their pros and cons
  • what parents are saying about them
  • other diaper alternatives, and more.

Let’s start with a quick comparison feature table between Honest Diapers vs Babyganics Diapers.

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Honest Company vs Babyganics Diaper: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Honest Diapers vs Babyganics Diapers.

FeaturesHonest DiapersBabyganics Diapers
SizesSize 1 (8 to 14 lbs) to
Size 6 (35+ lbs)
Newborn (<10 lbs) to
Size 7 (41+ lbs)
AbsorbencyMixed FeedbackNot Very Absorbent
Wetness IndicatorAvailableAvailable
PricePricier than BabyganicsAffordable

Honest vs Babyganics Diaper: Differences

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the differences between Babyganics vs Honest Diapers.


Honest is a popular brand worldwide, thanks to one of its celebrity co-founders Jessica Alba.

The brand has been around since 2011 and now offers a wide range of products, from bathing products, wellness, and even makeup items.

Babyganics on the other hand was founded by regular folks – 2 dads who, like Jessica Alba and every other parent out there – wanted the best non-toxic products for their children.

They also offer a variety of items, such as lotions, bathing products, insect repellants, and many more.


Both offer a subscription service on their site.

Although Honest is more flexible and provides a lot of goodies, such as discounts and some free gifts.


Babyganics diapers are available in the following sizes:

  • Size 1 – 8 to 14 lbs
  • Size 2 – 12 t0 18 lbs
  • Size 3 – 16 to 28 lbs
  • Size 4 – 22 to 37 lbs
  • Size 5 – 27+ lbs
  • Size 6 – 35+ lbs

While Honest has the following sizes:

  • Newborn – <10 lbs
  • Size 1 – 8 to 14 lbs
  • Size 2 – 12 t0 18 lbs
  • Size 3 – 16 to 28 lbs
  • Size 4 – 22 to 37 lbs
  • Size 5 – 27+ lbs
  • Size 6 – 35+ lbs
  • Size 7 – 41+ lbs

Honest not only has a newborn diaper (which Babyganics doesn’t have), but its newborn diaper has a belly button cutout to prevent the umbilical cord from getting irritated!


Honest diapers are popular for their non-toxic, safe ingredients.

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They are made using sustainably harvested fluff pulp from sustainably managed forests in Europe.

They also use TCF or totally chlorine-free processing, with a 100% plant-based backsheet.

Here’s a list of their diaper ingredients:

  • Absorbent Bio-Core [Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Wood Pulp From Sustainably Managed Forests
  • Sodium Polyacrylate Containing Renewable Materials & Odor Inhibitors Including Citrus Extract & Liquid Chlorophyll]
  • Outer Layer(Plant-Based PLA)
  • Inner Layer (Polyethylene & Polypropylene)
  • Leg/Waist System (Polymer Spandex & Polypropylene)
  • Polyolefin Adhesives in the Seams & Joints
  • Super-Cute Design on Backsheet (Inks)

It’s free from Chlorine Processing, Phthalates, Parabens, Lotions, Latex, TBT, DBT, MBT, or Artificial Fragrance.

Babyganics also has the same offer of non-toxic diapers.

They make theirs from plant-derived ingredients, using totally chlorine-free (TCF) fluff pulp without parabens, sulfates, latex, petroleum-based lotions, or fragrance. 

They have mentioned some diaper materials in their FAQ but I don’t find it as detailed as Honest.

While they mentioned some materials that they use on their diapers, I don’t find it as detailed as Honest.

They did mention using “a touch of NeoNourish®” on the diaper touchsheet which protects your baby’s skin.


Honest seems to put a lot of thought into making their diaper as absorbent as possible.

They have a lot of features, such as a Quilted Bubble Liner, Quick Absorb Channel, Double Poo pocket, and True Absorb Technology.

All clever ways to say that they can absorb wetness effectively, stop diaper leaks, avoid diaper blowouts, and prevent diaper rashes.

Unfortunately though, even with all these features, parents still have mixed feedback about its absorbency.

Some say Honest diapers are quite reliable in stopping leakages and blowouts, even at night.

While some say they have been experiencing a lot of diaper leaks and poonamis when they switched to Honest diapers.

Babyganics doesn’t really have a lot going on with its absorbency features.

As far as I can tell, they’re not as descriptive about it nor as generous as Honest with the details.

And it kinda shows, as there are not a lot of recent positive reviews about its absorbency quality.

It’s not completely bad, as I still see some parents raving about Babyganics and how absorbent it is.

While most have a lot to complain about how its absorption is horrible, how droopy it looks when it’s wet and that gel even leaks out when the diaper is full!


Both brands have cute prints and patterns, although I would say that Honest trumps Babyganics when it comes to diaper designs.

Honest just offers more adorable colors and prints, which you can choose from especially if you do a subscription. 

Unlike Babyganics.


Honest is considered a premium diaper so it’s definitely pricier than Babyganics.

Similarities of Honest Company vs Babyganics Diaper

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the similar features of the Babyganics Diaper vs Honest Diapers.


Both Honest and Babyganics diapers are hypoallergenic and are not supposed to cause any irritation or diaper rash on your baby.

Ideally, both diapers should feel gentle and soft, even on the most sensitive skin like newborns.

But that’s not exactly the case.

There are still some complaints about Honest diapers causing some redness and irritation, even diaper rashes on babies.

Some parents are also complaining about Honest diapers having a weird, chemical smell.

While Babyganics also has a few complaints about causing infrequent rashes on their babies.

Security and Fit 

Both diapers have some feedback about running small and thin, which can be an ideal diaper for a skinny baby.

Wetness Indicator

Both Babyganics and Honest diapers have a wetness indicator, which makes it easy to tell if your baby needs a diaper change.

FAQ on Babyganics Diapers vs Honest Diapers

Is Honest a safe brand for babies?

Yes, Honest is a relatively safe brand for babies as its products are considered non-toxic and don’t contain any harmful ingredients.

Where are Babyganics made?

Babyganics are made in Mexico.

How long do babies wear newborn diapers?

It depends, as some babies can wear newborn diapers for a month or two.
While others skip it completely, as they’re bigger and heavier, and go straight to Size 1.


Pros and Cons: Honest Diapers vs Babyganics Diapers

Here’s a quick overview of the advantages and drawbacks of both Babyganics vs Honest Nappies

Pros: Honest Diapers

  • More absorbent than Babyganics
  • Offers more diaper sizes

Cons: Honest Diapers

  • More expensive than Babyganics
  • Has some complaints of causing irritation and rashes

Pros: Babyganics Diapers

  • Cheaper than Honest
  • Gentle and soft

Cons: Babyganics Diapers

  • Not very absorbent
  • Not as detailed and transparent with their ingredients

Alternatives to Babyganics or Honest Diapers

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Final Thoughts: Honest Company vs Babyganics Diaper

Honest takes the cake in this diaper comparison review.

They have better absorption, have better subscription services, have more available sizes, and are more transparent with their diaper ingredients.

But they do have some complaints about causing some redness and irritation.

So as always, don’t buy your diapers in bulk yet and get a test pack.

Test out both brands for a few days and see which one is better – Honest Company or Babyganics Diaper.

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