Hello Bello vs Honest: A Super Detailed Comparison Review

Are you a new mom and are you curious about how the Hello Bello vs Honest diaper compares to one another? How do they fare when it comes to subscription, reliability, and other factors?

If you’re tired of searching and getting confused looking for answers, then this article is for you. 

I’ve carefully reviewed and compared Hello Bello vs Honest diaper, wet wipes quality, and their subscription.

I’ve done thorough research on the two by combing over parent’s reviews from various platforms, checking each of their websites and any other info written about them, and also referring to other parenting experts.

Let’s start with a quick comparison table between Hello Bello vs Honest.

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Hello Bello Subscription

  • Includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wet wipes
  • 15% off on 5 additional selected items
  • Free gift on 1st shipment

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Honest Diaper Subscription

  • Includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wet wipes
  • 15% off on 8 additional selected items
  • Free gift on 3rd shipment

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Hello Bello vs Honest: Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide between the Hello Bello vs Honest brand.

FeaturesHello Bello SubscriptionHonest Subscription
Details• Includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wet wipes
• Can pick up to 2 sizes
• Can pick diaper designs
• Includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wet wipes
• Can pick up to 7 sizes
• Can pick diaper and baby wipes designs
Managing SubscriptionEasy to cancel, a little troublesome to editEasy to edit and cancel
Add-Ons15% for up to 5 items15% off for up to 8 items
PriceCheaperMore expensive than Hello Bello
FreebieAvailable on 1st shipmentAvailable on 3rd shipment
PackagingComes in fun themed boxes for kids to play withComes in regular boxes
Trial PackAvailableNot Available

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FeaturesHello Bello DiapersHonest Diapers
SizesNewborn up to size 6 (35lbs)Newborn up to size 6 (35lbs)
IngredientsBaby safe and eco-friendly Baby safe and eco-friendly
Wetness IndicatorAvailable in Newborn up to Size 3Available in all diaper sizes
DesignVarious cute prints and designsVarious cute prints and designs
FitTends to run smallTends to run small
BackgroundFounded on 2019, with co-founder Kristen Bell and Dax ShepardFounded on 2011, with co-founder Jessica Alba
Diaper Types• Daytime diapers
• Nighttimes
• Training Pants
• Swim diapers
• Daytime diapers
• Overnights
Training Pants
ComfortHypoallergenic, soft inside and outHypoallergenic, tends to feel rough outside
AbsorbencyMixed reviewsMixed reviews
ExtraNot available• Newborn size – umbilical cord cutout
• Size 1 and 2 – Poo Pocket for double backup leakage protection
• Size 3 to 6 – Stretchy, flexible sides for active babies

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FeaturesHello Bello Baby WipesHonest Baby Wipes
Gentle• Hypoallergenic
• With aloe and chamomile extract
• Hypoallergenic
• Suitable for people with eczema
IngredientsBaby-safe, plant-based with 99% waterBaby-safe, plant-based with 99% water
PackagingTends to clump together, hard to get 1 wipeTends to clump together, hard to get 1 wipe
PriceCheaper than HonestMore expensive

Below is a more detailed info on subscription, diapers and baby wipes, between Hello Bello vs Honest.

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Honest Company vs Hello Bello: Subscription


If you subscribe for the first time to a diaper bundle on Hello Bello’s website, you’ll get 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of baby wipes, and 1 freebie.

Depending on the size, this is how many Hello Bello diaper pieces you’ll get for every pack.

honest vs hello bello

You can choose 2 sizes of diapers (useful when your kid is in-between sizes) and you can also choose up to 7 designs.

For Honest diaper subscriptions, you will be saving 17% per order and you’ll also be getting 7 packs of diapers and 4 packs of baby wipes and a freebie (available on 3rd shipment).

This is how much diapers per pack you’ll get with Honest:

They also have available promo codes at times, so keep a lookout for those!

You can choose multiple sizes for an Honest subscription, so that means you can get up to 7 different diaper sizes if you want.

That might not be helpful for a 1 child household but I can imagine this being used for multiple kids.

Or it can be helpful for a group of moms who wants to try out Honest diapers and subscribe just for one time, just to test out a pack of diapers!

Just remember to unsubscribe after. Or else you’re getting and paying for the next diaper bundle.

You can also choose up to 7 prints for Honest diapers and even choose the baby wipes packaging design.

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Managing Subscription

You can easily change the bundle details, shipment date, frequency or even cancel your subscription with both brands.

Hello Bello default shipment is every 5 weeks while Honest’s is every 4 weeks.

I find it weird though that it’s not easy to change your diaper bundle details with Hello Bello, compared to Honest.

You have to start the whole process of choosing a diaper size, print, etc with Hello Bello if you want to change anything in your order. It’s not that big of a deal really but it’s just a little bit troublesome.

With Honest, it was much easier to change individual details. 


If you add more products to your Hello Bello diaper bundle like a diaper bag, body wash, etc., you can get 15% OFF on each individual added item for the first shipment. 

You can add up to 5 more products.

Honest also offers 15% for up to 8 additional items for the first shipment.

To get that 15% discount for additional orders on selected products, you have to visit the page item and click the “Add this to my order on” button.


I like the fact that I don’t even need to sign up and register an account to see how much a Hello Bello diaper subscription is.

Which is different from Honest. I have to do the basic registration process before I can see its price.

Below is a comparison of how much a Size 1 diaper subscription costs from Hello Bello and Honest. 

Hello Bello Price is $65.99 (as of Dec 7, 2021)
Honest is $79.95 (as of Dec 7, 2021)

As you can see, Honest is more expensive than Hello Bello.

Honest also doesn’t have a First Responder nor a Military discount (both 20%) that Hello Bello offers.

Free gifts

Hello Bellow offers 1 free gift that you can choose with the subscription. Freebies though only apply to first bundle subscriptions. 

(FYI, first bundle subscriptions also get a 15% OFF when you sign up here.)

Honest gives freebies too, but only with the 3rd shipment.


Hello Bello diaper boxes have colorful and fun themes that your kid can even play with it! Check out some themes here.

Honest subscriptions just come in regular boxes but your kids can also get creative with it by painting it, turning it into a fort, etc.

Trial Pack

Honest has a diaper + wipes trial kit, so you can test out their products before going for a subscription.

Hello Bello doesn’t have an online trial pack but you can get individual packages from Walmart.

Hello Bello Subscription

  • Includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wet wipes
  • 15% off on 5 additional selected items
  • Free gift on 1st shipment

Pre-Black Friday Sale! Use code SAVE30 for 30% off Diaper Bundles! *Offer ends November 19th.

Honest Diaper Subscription

  • Includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wet wipes
  • 15% off on 8 additional selected items
  • Free gift on 3rd shipment

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Hello Bello vs Honest: Diapers



Honest and Hello Bello offers the same diaper sizes, starting at Newborn up to size 6 (35lbs).


Both brands have the same baby safe and eco-friendly ingredients for their diapers.

Hello Bello diapers are made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp, totally chlorine free (TCF) ingredients, with a plant-derived core liner.

It doesn’t have any Phthalates, Parabens, Lotions, Latex, TBT, DBT, MBT, Chlorine Processing or Artificial Fragrance.

Honest Clean Conscious diapers are practically the same.

They are also made with sustainably harvested fluff pump from sustainably managed forest in Europe, using TCF or totally chlorine-free processing, with a 100% plant-based backsheet.

Their diapers are cruelty-free, free from latex, fragrance, parabens. 

Wetness Indicator

Honest has now a wetness indicator for all its sizes. 

Which makes diaper changing easier and more convenient. No more trying to look, feel or smell your baby’s diaper!

Hello Bello has also a wetness indicator, but only for size Newborn up to Size 3.


Both brands have wonderful ranges of cute designs and patterns. 

Parents love choosing adorable prints and they sometimes, let their older babies pick what diaper design they want to wear!


Parents are liking Hello Bello’s fit on their baby’s, with its high back feature and comfortable design.

Most parents have noticed though that it tends to run small so most had to buy one size up to better fit their little ones.

Honest diapers have been updated to a thinner, less bulky feature.

Some parents also noted that the diapers also run a bit small compared to other brands and that it fits slimmer babies better.



Hello Bello is a relatively new company, founded in 2019 with 5 key members, including celebrities Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

They have partnered exclusively with Walmart, with the purpose of making affordable premium baby products, available for the masses.

There’s been some controversy about this exlusive partnership but it hasn’t deterred them from expanding their line of products.

The Honest brand on the other hand, has been in the business since 2011. It also has a celebrity co-founder – Jessica Alba, a strong advocate of clean and natural baby products.

They had to deal with a lot of issues though but the company is still going strong. It’s now valued at $1 billion and has been ever-expanding since then.

Diaper Types

Honest has 3 types of diapers: regular Daytime diapers, Overnights, and Training Pants. 

While Hello Bello has the Daytime diapers, Nighttimes, Training Pants, and Swim diapers.


Both are hypoallergenic and are supposed to feel gentle and soft on the most sensitive skin.

Hello Bello has a cloth-like feel inside and out, that parents love. Especially on their kid’s super sensitive skin.

Honest diapers are also supposed to feel soft and fluffy, designed to never irritate or chafe even a newborn’s skin.

But some parents feel that the Honest diaper’s outer part feels a bit stiff and rough. 

A few have complained of causing rashes to their babies and that it had a slight chemical smell when it gets wet.


Honest diapers have a Quilted Bubble Liner and Quick Absorb Channel features, which absorb wetness, to prevent diaper rashes and leakages.

It also has a Double Poo pocket feature for its Size 1 and 2, sort of like Huggies Little Snugglers’ back poop catchers, to keep the mess.

It also has True Absorb technology, which can hold more than 17x its own weight in fluid. This also provides more leak protection and prevents diaper blowouts.

Even with all those features, there are still some mixed reviews regarding its absorbency. 

Some parents said they love Honest diapers. It’s been reliable in keeping their babies dry, even at night, with little to no leakages and blowouts.

While some said they experienced so many diaper leakages and poonamis after switching to Honest diapers. 

Hello Bello has also a lot of mixed feedback when it comes to its absorbency features.

Some parents say it’s the only diaper that works on their baby’s sensitive skin that’s dependable enough to keep their little ones dry overnight for at least 5 hours.

Its Overnight diapers have a unique protection layer, designed for advanced absorbency and leak prevention.

While some said it’s the worse diaper they’ve ever had, that they had consistent diaper leakages and blowouts.

Other parents would advise to use Hello Bellow only for daytime use and not for overnight or long trips.


Honest diapers have something extra in them that accommodates the age of their wearers.

For its newborn diaper size, it has a belly button cutout to make sure not to irritate your baby’s healing umbilical cord.

For sizes 1 and 2, it has a Poo Pocket, a double backup feature for heavy leakages and blowouts.

For sizes 3 to 6, it has a super stretchy and flexible side, for active and mobile babies.

Hello Bello might not have the umbilical cord cutout (yet) but they have something that Honest doesn’t have (yet!) – swim diapers!

They’re also super snug, comfy and gentle for your baby’s skin.

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Honest vs Hello Bello: Baby Wipes



Both Honest and Hello baby wipes are hypoallergenic, minimizing the possibility of an allergic response.

Honest baby wipes actually have the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance™. Which is awarded to products that are deemed suitable for people with eczema or sensitive skin.

So you can be assured that they are super safe for your baby. You can even use them to clean your little one’s entire body (except the eye area).

Hello Bello’s baby wipes on the other hand have a touch of aloe and chamomile extract, to quickly soothe and clean your baby’s sensitive skin.


Both brands are plant-based wipes made with 99% water.

Hello Bello’s baby wipes have zero alcohol, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde donors and are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Honest is also free from lanolin, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde donors, fragrances, alcohol, and phenoxyethanol.


Parents have only a consistent complaint about Honest wet wipes and that is, the way it’s packaged.

You tend to pull out a big clump of wipes when you only want to get one at a time.

Which I think is a common problem though with any baby wipes packaging, even with Hello Bello.

Which makes it very inconvenient, especially when you’re holding on to your baby with one hand and trying to get one wet wipe with another.



Honest baby wipes can go from wiping the most sensitive of skins to wiping hard-to-clean, sticky counters and toys. 

It might be made of 99% water but it’s thick, durable, and big enough to wipe away all kinds of messes. 

Hello Bello on the other hand, has a lot of mixed reviews on its durability, with most leaning to negative reviews.

A lot of parents have been saying that the quality has changed, it’s now small and thin and it even has a slight smell to it.

Some have even commented that they tear easily and are not reliable for wiping away blowouts.


Honest baby wet wipes can be a bit pricey, what with their premium quality.

It’s more expensive than Hello Bello wet wipes.

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Pros and Cons: Hello Bello vs Honest


hello bello vs honest

Hello Bello Subscription Pros

  • Cheaper than Honest
  • Offers first responder and military discount

Hello Bello Subscription Cons

  • Can only mix 2 diaper sizes
  • A tad troublesome to change subscription details

honest vs hello bello

Honest Subscription Pros

  • Offers diaper trial kit
  • Can mix up to 7 diaper sizes

Honest Subscription Cons

  • More expensive than Hello Bello
  • No fun themes for its diaper box packaging


Hello Bello Diaper Pros

  • Gentle and comfortable
  • Colorful prints

Hello Bello Diaper Cons

  • Has complains of poor absoption
  • Size tends to run small

Honest Diaper Pros

  • Baby-safe ingredients
  • Colorful prints

Honest Diaper Cons

  • Has complains of causing rashes
  • Size tends to run small

Wet Wipes

Hello Bello BabyWipes Pros

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Has chamomile extract to soothe baby’s skin

Hello Bello Baby Wipes Cons

  • Has complains of being thin and small
  • Has complains of tearing 

Honest Baby Wipes Pros

  • Hypoallergenic, suitable even for eczema prone skin
  • Thick and durable

Honest Baby Wipes Cons

  • Expensive
  • Packaging issues

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Tips and Tricks: Honest vs Hello Bello

• Try it out first

Don’t go for a subscription yet. Try out a couple of diapers first or buy only 1 pack.

You can always get individual Hello Bello diaper packs from Walmart or get an Honest diaper trial kit online.

If you want, you can gather other parents and get a one-time subscription from Honest. You can have up to 7 different sizes from Honest.

Just remember to cancel your subscription right after.

• Always size up

If your kid is in-between sizes, always size up. Your little one will grow fast and will fit into their diapers eventually. 

Plus it’ll be more comfortable wear for them.

• Spit up sizes

If you’re sold in either brands and want to do a subscription, get 2 different sizes – one current size and one size bigger.

It’s to prepare for the eventual growth spurt of your baby.

• Use a cloth diaper cover

If you still want either of the 2 brands for their baby-safe ingredients but you’re getting tired of diaper leakages, try using a cloth diaper cover!

Put it over the disposable diaper, especially for nighttime use or long travels. 

They’re effective in containing messes and can save you tons of money on disposable diapers.

• Pull out the ruffles

Disposable diapers will usually have some little ruffles on the leg holes.

Make sure that they’re pulled out, not tucked in. 

They should be visible outside, as they can prevent messes from leaking down your baby’s legs and keep them inside the diapers.

For more diaper hacks and tips, click here.

Hello Bello vs Honest: FAQ

Do Hello Bellow diapers run small?

Yes, compared to popular brands like Pampers or Huggies. They’re good for smaller babies so better size up when getting Hello Bello diapers.

Where are Hello Bello or Honest diapers sold?

Hello Bello diapers are available in Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, Meijer, CVS, Kohl’s, Albertsons, Hyvee and more.

Honest diapers are have more retail partners and are available in Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Costco, Meijer, Costco, CVS, Kohl’s, Albertsons, Hyvee and more.

Are Hello Bello products good?

They have the gentlest diapers for the most sensitive newborn skin. So if your babies have allergies or have sensitive skin, Hello Bello might work for them.

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Alternatives to Honest vs Hello Bello

Cloth Diapers

Bambo Nature Diapers

Earth Eden Diapers

Babyganics Diapers

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Honest vs Hello Bello: Which One Is Better?

We recommend the following:

For Tight Budgets: Hello Bello for its cheaper subscription price and option to buy individual packaging in Walmart

For Overnight Use: Honest for its multiple features on keeping the messes in the diaper.

For The Most Sensitive Skin: Hello Bello for its super soft and gentle ingredients, with less to zero complaints (so far!) from parents.

Wet Wipes: Honest, for its hypoallergenic wipes that can be gentle for your kid’s bum but tough for other uses.

My Takeaway On Hello Bello vs Honest

I would advise trying out both brands first, as they work differently on different babies. 

Some parents even use different diapers for their multiple kids so you can’t really say what would be suitable for your child unless you’ve tried it.

If your budget is tight but your kid has sensitive skin and you really want either one of these 2 brands to work out, I suggest using Hello Bello for daytime and Honest for nighttime use. 

Some parents have suggested that and it worked well for them.

I hope this comparison review between Hello Bello vs Honest has been helpful in your decision between the 2 diaper subscriptions.

Hello Bello Subscription

  • Includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wet wipes
  • 15% off on 5 additional selected items
  • Free gift on 1st shipment

Honest Diaper Subscription

  • Includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wet wipes
  • 15% off on 8 additional selected items
  • Free gift on 3rd shipment

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