Hello Bello vs Honest Diaper (With A Weird Test Results!)

In this Hello Bello vs Honest comparison review, you’ll get:

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Let’s start with a quick comparison table between Hello Bello vs Honest.

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Keypoints on Hello Bello vs Honest Diaper Review:

  • You can choose various diaper sizes when you subscribe to Honest, which is useful if you have multiple kids with different ages and sizes.
  • Both subcriptions are pricey but you get more diapers from Honest than Hello Bello.
  • Hello Bello is bigger and much more softer and comfortable than Honest diapers.
  • Honest diapers are usually more absorbent based on a lot of parent’s feedback, but based on my absorbency test, Hello Bello absorbs better!

Subscription Comparison

Compare and check out at a glance the diaper features of Honest vs Hello Bello diapers.


• 2 packs of diaper & 4 packs of wet wipes
• Can add up to 2 sizes
• Can pick diaper designs

• 7 packs of diapers & 4 packs of wet wipes
• Can add up to 7 sizes
• Can pick both diaper and baby wipes designs


15% for up to 5 items

15% off for up to 8 items





Available on 1st shipment

Available on 3rd shipment

Trial Pack



Diaper Features Comparison

Compare and check out at a glance the diaper features of Hello Bello vs Honest diapers.


Cottony soft



Somewhat Expensive

Somewhat Expensive


Mixed reviews

Mixed reviews


Runs small

Runs small

Wetness Indicator

On limited sizes only

Available on all sizes

Below is a more detailed information on Hello Bello vs Honest diapers.

Subscription: Hello Bello vs Honest Diapers

What’s Included

I like that you can choose more diaper sizes with Honest, compared to Hello Bello.

With Honest, you can choose up to 7 diaper sizes.

While with Hello Bello, you can only choose 2 diaper sizes.

That means, if you have multiple kids with varying ages and sizes, it’s much more convenient to buy from Honest, than from Hello Bello, as you can choose different sizes for all your kids.

A group of 7 parents can also try out Honest diapers and pick whatever size they want to test out the diapers!

Just remember to unsubscribe after. Or else you’re getting and paying for the next diaper bundle.

Honest also lets you pick its diaper wipe print, which you can’t do in Hello Bello.

Managing Subscription

Both brands have manageable subscription features.

Although I find it weird that it’s not easy to change your diaper bundle details with Hello Bello, compared to Honest.

You have to start the whole process of choosing a diaper size, print, etc with Hello Bello if you want to change anything in your order.

It’s not that big of a deal really but it’s just a little bit troublesome.

With Honest, it was much easier to change individual details. 

Also, Hello Bello default shipment is every 5 weeks while Honest’s is every 4 weeks.


Both offers 15% OFF for every added item for the first shipment.

But with Hello Bello, you can only add-on 5 products, while with Honest, you can add up to 8 products.


I like the fact that both Hello Bello and Honest shows its diaper subscription fee upfront.

There’s no need to sign up and register an account to see their price.

Check it out below:

hello bello vs honest

Below is Honest’s.

honest vs hello bello diapers

As you can see, Honest seems more expensive than Hello Bello but it has way more diaper packs in it, which I think is so much more worth it, compared to Hello Bello.

Both Honest and Hello Bellow also offers a Teacher + Military discount.

Free gifts

Both offers free gifts.

Hello Bello offers 1 free gift that you can choose with the subscription.

Freebies though only apply to first bundle subscriptions. 

Honest gives freebies too, but only with the 3rd shipment.


Hello Bello diaper boxes have colorful and fun themes that your kid can even play with it! Check out some themes here.

Honest subscriptions just come in regular boxes but your kids can also get creative with it by painting it, turning it into a fort, etc.

Trial Pack

Both Honest and Hello has a trial pack, so you can test out their products before going for a subscription.

Hello Bello vs Honest Diaper: Differences


Honest is a more reliable company than Hello Bello.

Hello Bello is a relatively new company, founded in 2019 with 5 key members, including celebrities Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

They have partnered exclusively with Walmart, with the purpose of making affordable premium baby products, available for the masses.

Update: Hello Bello filed for bankruptcy

The Honest brand on the other hand, has been in the business since 2011.

It also has a celebrity co-founder – Jessica Alba, a strong advocate of clean and natural baby products.

They had to deal with a lot of issues though but the company is still going strong. It’s now valued at $1 billion and has been ever-expanding since then.

Diaper Types

Hello Bello has more diaper types than Honest.

Honest has 3 types of diapers – regular Daytime diapers, Overnights, and Training Pants. 

While Hello Bello has 4 types – the Daytime diapers, Nighttimes, Training Pants, and Swim diapers.


Honest has more diaper sizes than Hello Bellow.

Hello Bello offers diaper sizes starting at Newborn up to size 6 (35 lb).

While Honest has sizes for Newborn (<10 lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb).

Comfort and Fit

Hello Bello is bigger and waaaaay softer than Honest diapers.

Hello Bello is cottony soft, the softest diaper I’ve ever tested so far (and I’ve tested a lot!). I actually find it more padded and comfier than even Huggies or Pampers!

You can check my comparison video below to see which one looks cozier, bigger and more:

Honest diapers feel so rough. And the way they look like reminds me of a sanitary napking.

I’ve also seen some complaints about Honest diapers feeling a bit stiff and rough, and even causing diaper rashes.

I’ve also seen very few complaints about Hello Bello’s chemical smell, especially when the diapers get wet.

See the ridge, the thin empty space in Honest diapers? That reminds me of sanitary napking.

Hello Bello is just so soft and feels so comfortable, way more than Honest diapers.


Based on my absorbency test, Hello Bello absorbs faster and better than Honest!

Which is so surprising, given that I see a lot of comments about Hello Bello sucks at absorbing and how Honest is so much better and reliable at absorbing wetness.

Just check out my absorbency test video below:

Based on my tests, Honest is faster at absorbing small amount of liquids but when you add more, Hello Bello seems to be better at absorbing more liquid!

I could have gotten some fluke Hello Bello diapers as let’s face it, majority of parents prefer Honest over Hello Bello when it comes to absorbency but check my video again.

Also, I did more absorbency test off camera and Hello Bello always absorbs better than Honest.

Surprising right?

Wetness Indicator

Honest has a wetness indicator for all its diaper sizes, compared to Hello Bello which has only for Newborn, Size 1 and Size 2.


Honest has a lot more extra features in its diapers, compared to Hello Bello.

Honest diapers Newborn diaper size has a belly button cutout to make sure not to irritate your baby’s healing umbilical cord.

For their sizes 1 and 2, it has a Poo Pocket, a double backup feature for heavy leakages and blowouts.

For sizes 3 to 6, it has a super stretchy and flexible side, for active and mobile babies.

Hello Bello might not have the umbilical cord cutout (yet) but they have something that Honest doesn’t have (yet!) – swim diapers!

They’re also super snug, comfy and gentle for your baby’s skin.

Similarities: Honest Diapers vs Hello Bello Diapers


Both brands have the same baby safe and eco-friendly ingredients for their diapers.

Hello Bello diapers are made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp, totally chlorine free (TCF) ingredients, with a plant-derived core liner.

It doesn’t have any Phthalates, Parabens, Lotions, Latex, TBT, DBT, MBT, Chlorine Processing or Artificial Fragrance.

Honest Clean Conscious diapers are practically the same.

They are also made with sustainably harvested fluff pump from sustainably managed forest in Europe, using TCF or totally chlorine-free processing, with a 100% plant-based backsheet.

Their diapers are cruelty-free, free from latex, fragrance, parabens. 


Both brands have wonderful ranges of cute designs and patterns. 

Parents love choosing adorable prints and they sometimes, let their older babies pick what diaper design they want to wear!


Both diapers tend to run a bit small compared to other brands and fits slimmer babies better.

Pros and Cons: Honest vs Hello Bello

Pros: Hello Bello

Pro #1 – Softer and more gentle on newborn’s skin

Pro #2 – Has fun diaper box packaging themes

Cons: Hello Bello

Con #1 – Includes only 2 packs and 2 sizes

Con #2 – Has complains of poor absorption

Pros: Honest Subscription

Pro #1 – Offers diaper trial kit

Pro #2 – Can mix up to 7 diaper sizes

Cons: Honest Subscription

Con #1 – Has complaints about causing diaper rash

Con #2 – No fun themes for its diaper box packaging

Tips and Tricks on Hello Bello and Honest Diapers

• Try it out first

Don’t go for a subscription yet. Try out a couple of diapers first or buy only 1 pack.

You can always get individual Hello Bello diaper packs from Walmart or get an Honest diaper trial kit online.

If you want, you can gather other parents and get a one-time subscription from Honest. You can have up to 7 different sizes from Honest.

Just remember to cancel your subscription right after.

• Always size up

If your kid is in-between sizes, always size up. Your little one will grow fast and will fit into their diapers eventually. 

Plus it’ll be more comfortable wear for them.

• Spit up sizes

If you’re sold in either brands and want to do a subscription, get 2 different sizes – one current size and one size bigger.

It’s to prepare for the eventual growth spurt of your baby.

• Use a cloth diaper cover

If you still want either of the 2 brands for their baby-safe ingredients but you’re getting tired of diaper leakages, try using a cloth diaper cover!

Put it over the disposable diaper, especially for nighttime use or long travels. 

They’re effective in containing messes and can save you tons of money on disposable diapers.

• Pull out the ruffles

Disposable diapers will usually have some little ruffles on the leg holes.

Make sure that they’re pulled out, not tucked in. 

They should be visible outside, as they can prevent messes from leaking down your baby’s legs and keep them inside the diapers.

For more diaper hacks and tips, click here.

FAQ: Hello Bello vs Honest Diapers

Do Hello Bello diapers run small?

Yes, compared to popular brands like Pampers or Huggies. They’re good for smaller babies so better size up when getting Hello Bello diapers.

Where are Hello Bello or Honest diapers sold?

Hello Bello diapers are available in Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, Meijer, CVS, Kohl’s, Albertsons, Hyvee and more.

Honest diapers are have more retail partners and are available in Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Costco, Meijer, Costco, CVS, Kohl’s, Albertsons, Hyvee and more.

Are Hello Bello products good?

They have the gentlest diapers for the most sensitive newborn skin. So if your babies have allergies or have sensitive skin, Hello Bello might work for them.

Alternatives to Honest Company or Hello Bello Diapers

Check out here other non-toxic diaper alternatives, if you’re still on the fence about Hello Bello or Honest diapers.

These are the top serious contenders when it comes to eco-friendly diapers that are super gentle on your baby’s skin. They’re more expensive than Hello Bello or Honest but they can be worth it!

Healthy Baby Diapers

Diapering Tips and Hacks

  • Make diaper changing time easier with these tips and tricks:
  • Allow your little one some diaper free time. Give them more freedom and let their diaper area breathe.
  • Use diaper rash cream on your baby every day, regardless if they have a diaper rash or not. It’s one of the most effective ways to prevent diaper rash.
  • It’s possible to turn any bag into a diaper bag. As long as it’s big enough to carry your baby’s essentials.
  • Diaper caddies can help to easily store and organize diaper essentials and keep things more convenient during diaper changing times.

Hello Bello vs Honest Diapers: So Which One Is Better?

For Tight Budgets: Hello Bello for the option to buy individual packaging in Walmart

For Multiple Kids: Honest diaper subscription, as you can choose 7 different diaper sizes.

For Overnight Use: I would say test both diapers first, as results can differ for different babies. Most parents would go for Honest but personally, based on my absorbency tests video, I’d go fo Hello Bello.

For The Most Sensitive Skin: Hello Bello for its super soft material, softer than Honest, or even Huggies Little Snugglers or Pampers Swaddlers!

I would advise trying out both brands first, as they work differently on different babies. 

You can’t really say what would be suitable for your child unless you’ve tried it.

If you like Honest but you want to save more, I suggest using Hello Bello for daytime and Honest for nighttime.

I hope this comparison review between Hello Bello vs Honest has been helpful in your decision between the 2 diaper subscriptions.

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