Best Diaper for Skinny Baby (Recommended by a LOT of Parents!)

Is your tall and lean baby leaking out of their diapers almost every day and night?

And are you tired of looking for the best diaper for your skinny baby?

One that would fit them well, especially around the waist and leg area?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll be sharing the top, most recommended diapers by a lot of parents online.

I will also share some tips and tricks on how to make a diaper fit your skinny baby.

You will also get to know some disposable diaper alternatives for your long, tall, lean little ones!

But first, let’s check out the features you should prioritize when looking for the best diapers for skinny babies.

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In a hurry? We recommend…

Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers has a lot of recommendations from parents with skinny babies.

The Target brand Up & Up Diapers also got a lot of mention as one of the best diapers for long, skinny kids.

Our runners up for the best diapers for skinny babies are Kirkland Diapers and Honest Diapers.

Best Diapers for Skinny Baby

Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers

This Amazon brand diaper has the most recommendations from parents with long, skinny babies.

They said that it fits their tall, skinny girls and boys perfectly and they haven’t had any leakages ever since.

Its leg holes are actually elastic enough to fit both skinny and fat thighs, while still ensuring that diaper messes are kept within.

It’s not perfect though as some parents said it tends to cause some irritation, causing their little ones to have some diaper rash.

There are also some complaints about it being thin and not that absorbent.

But overall, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly diaper that can fit your long, skinny baby, a lot of parents will highly recommend the Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers.


  • Affordable
  • Fits both skinny and chunky babies


  • Mixed review on absorbency
  • Has complains of causing diaper rash

Up & Up Diapers

This Target brand diaper is another popular recommendation amongst parents with long, lean babies.

Most said that the diaper fits their super long, skinny kids well, especially around the leg area.

It’s a hit-and-miss though when it comes to its absorbency as some parents said they’ve been experiencing a lot of leakages and diaper messes.

While some said they hardly had any diaper blowouts when they switched to the Up & Up diapers.

Still, this diaper is highly recommended by parents with skinny babies so you might want to check it out and see for yourself if it’ll work for your little one.


  • Affordable
  • Fits both skinny and chunky babies


  • Mixed review on absorbency
  • Pricier when bought online

Honest Diapers

This is also a brand favorite amongst parents of tall, lean babies.

They might seem to run small but it fits their skinny little ones very well.

A lot of parents are also happy at how absorbent and plant-based Honest diapers are, making them suitable for newborns and babies with the most sensitive of skin.

It does have some complaints about diaper leakages and blowouts.

But for the most part, parents love how comfortable and eco-friendly Honest Diapers are.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Fits skinny babies well


  • Pricey
  • Has some complaints of diaper rash

Kirkland Diapers

This diaper from Costco was also recommended by a significant number of parents online, as the best diaper for their tall, lanky babies.

They’ve apparently chosen this over Huggies and other premium brands and it still works great on their little ones even after a few years!

Parents also mentioned that they haven’t had any leaks when they switched to this Costo brand diaper.

Although some noticed that its leg holes were a lot bigger for their babies, which caused some blowouts and leakages.


  • Similar quality to Huggies Little Snugglers
  • Fits both skinny and chunky babies


  • Mixed review on absorbency
  • Had complaints of big leg holes

Huggies Little Snugglers

This popular, premium diaper is also great for babies with long, skinny legs.

One parent even mentioned it fits their baby who’s in the 98 height percentile!

Most said it fits well and has less mess and poop is coming out of the leg holes.

Huggies has also great absorption with a special “back poop catcher” and is one of the softest diapers out there.

What’s great is it can also accommodate large babies with chunky thighs and booty!


  • Great absorbency
  • Can accommodate skinny and chunky babies


  • Slightly pricier
  • Fits more chunkier babies than skinny ones

Hello Bello Diapers

Hello Bello diapers (which are often pitted against Honest diapers), are also great for tall, skinny babies, according to some parents.

They said other newborn diapers were sagging off their baby’s butt but not Hello Bello apparently – they actually fit!

Some parents also noticed they tend to run small compared to other popular diapers.

They are also not the best for absorption, according to most parents.

But they’re very gentle and there are hardly any complaints about causing diaper rashes.


  • Gentle on newborn’s skin
  • Can accommodate small, skinny babies


  • Has complaints of poor absorption
  • Tends to run smaller than regular diapers

Check out my comparison video on Hello Bello vs Honest below:

Luvs Diaper

This affordable diaper also works for skinny babies – both tall and short, according to some parents.

It fits better than Pampers apparently but most parents are not a fan of its slightly powdery smell.

Some also find it to be a bit rough and too thin for absorption. But it worked for some parents so we recommend trying this out as a very last option.


  • Affordable
  • Can fit short and tall skinny babies


  • Has complaints of poor absorption
  • Has complaints of it being rough on baby’s skin

Diaper Alternatives for Tall and Skinny Babies

If you’ve tried almost all disposable diapers but most of them just caused you more headaches, why not try cloth diapers or cloth diaper covers.

A lot of parents swear on it!

Here are a few brands that are recommended by parents for lean, skinny babies:

Buying Guide on Diapers for Long, Skinny Babies

Here’s what you should prioritize when choosing the best diaper for your tall lean baby:

Diaper Size and Length

Diapers are sized according to the average baby’s height and weight.

But some might seem smaller, leaner, and longer. 

These kinds of diapers fit babies with longer torsos, skinny legs, and smaller waists. 

So if possible, look for these kinds of diapers.

Buy a small pack first of diapers and test it out to see if it can fit well on your baby.

Leg Elasticity

Some diapers come with huge, loose leg holes, where it’s very easy for skinny babies to spill their diaper messes.

Look for one that’s a little bit narrower but still stretchable enough for your baby’s comfort. Especially if they’re older and more mobile.

Ideally, the best diaper for skinny babies should also be:


This is one of the important factors you should look for in a diaper, regardless if it’s for a skinny baby or not – how quickly and efficiently it can absorb and hold in diaper messes.


Ideally, a diaper shouldn’t cause any irritation, redness, or rashes to your baby. 

The best diapers are those that are super soft and gentle, with an almost cottony feel.

It should also be the right size – not too tight and not too loose. One that wouldn’t leave any red marks on your baby’s thigh, skin, etc.


You should also consider your budget when it comes to diapers.

Every parent of course wants the best for their kid. 

But if finances are too tight and you have other bills and items to pay for, look for the next best diaper that’s within your price range.

It might not be the premium ones, with the best features. 

But if it’s gentle and absorbent enough, then that’s good enough to have.


A diaper brand that’s sustainable and uses only natural ingredients is ideal to have. Especially if you’re keen on that philosophy and way of living.

They might not have the best absorption though and can be more expensive than the usual, store-bought brand.

But they usually have the gentlest, non-toxic ingredients, so you can be assured that nothing harmful will be on your baby’s skin.

Diaper Tricks and Hacks for Skinny Babies

Check out some diaper tips for lean, thin babies:

  • Point the tabs downward when fastening them, to make the diaper tighter and the leg holes smaller.
  • Try also folding the top of the diaper outwards, then attach the tab. It would make the diaper shorter and would also tighten up the leg holes.
  • Always make sure to point down your baby boy’s penis, as not doing so will cause leakages.
  • Ensure the diaper ruffles around the leg holes are pulled out, to prevent leaks.

Here are more tips to make your life with a baby much more manageable:

  • Give your baby some diaper free time, to let their diaper area breathe.
  • Use a diaper rash cream after every diaper change.
  • Use any bag as a diaper bag.
  • Use a diaper caddy to store and organize diaper essentials.

Takeaway on the Best Diaper for Skinny Baby

Remember to always test out the diapers first, before buying in bulk.

All babies are different and a diaper brand that works for most skinny babies, might not work for your little one.

So see if you can get free diapers first or get a small pack if possible. 

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