When to Stop Using Changing Table (And What To Use Instead?)

Changing tables has been a lifesaver for many parents, providing a dedicated space for diaper changes and creating a routine for both caregivers and babies. 

However, there comes a time when you need to consider saying goodbye to this trusty piece of furniture. 

In this guide, we will share the signs on when to stop using changing tables and offer some safe alternatives.

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When to Stop Using Changing Table

When Baby is More Mobile

One clear sign that it’s time to bid farewell to the changing table is when your little one becomes more mobile. 

If your baby is rolling, crawling, or attempting some adorable gymnastics on the table, it might be safer to switch to alternative diaper-changing setups.

When Baby Has Outgrown the Changing Table

Just like with clothes and shoes, babies outgrow furniture too. 

If your baby is no longer comfortable or it’s a tight fit on the changing table or is about to reach the weight limit of the changing table, then that’s a good indication that it’s time to transition to a more spacious area.

When Baby Doesn’t Want to be on the Changing Table

If your little one protests being on the changing table, it might be a cue that they are ready for a change in the diapering routine.

When Baby is Ready for Potty Training

Potty training is a significant milestone. If your child is showing signs of toilet readiness, it’s time to consider leaving the changing table behind.

When You Have Limited Space

If space is a constraint in your home, ditching the changing table becomes a sensible choice.

Do You Even Need a Changing Table?

If you have backaches or want an elevated surface to easily spot stains and stray poop, then you still need a diaper-changing table.

Otherwise, it’s not a newborn essential.

How to Transition Away from the Changing Table

Honestly, I don’t think any baby would care if you’re ditching their diaper-changing table.

But if your little one is pretty attached to it, you can help them transition by hyping up the new diaper-changing area.

Let them help you set up their new diaper changing place, so they’ll feel involved in the process.

Tell them that since they’re getting bigger, taller, and stronger, it’s time for them to say goodbye to their changing table.

If they can’t let go of it yet, ensure that their new diaper changing station is still in the same place. And maybe, do a pretend farewell party to their old changing table, just to make the transition easier for your baby.

Safe Alternatives to Changing Tables

Consider using a changing mat or a waterproof sheet on the floor, as a new diaper changing station.

You can also opt to change your baby on the bed or couch with a blanket or towel for added comfort.

Safety Tips When Using a Changing Table

  • Make sure the changing table is safe before using it – check that it’s secure and safe.
  • Always keep one hand on your baby, especially if they’re a little bit too active.
  • Always use safety straps to keep your baby secure during changes.
  • Never leave your baby alone on the diaper changing table even if they have safety straps on.
  • Keep diaper supplies close by. 
  • Know the weight limits for the changing table. 
  • Clean the diaper changing station after every changing session.

FAQ on Diaper Changing Tables

How Long Does a Baby Fit on a Changing Table?

It depends but typically, a baby can fit on a changing table until they’re around 2 years old.

Do You Really Need a Diaper Changing Table?

No, you don’t need a diaper-changing table. But it is a convenient piece of furniture, especially if you don’t want to keep bending. 
It can also serve as a diaper storage area.

What Can I Use Instead of a Changing Table?

Instead of a changing table, you can use changing mats on the floor, or change your baby on the bed or couch with some waterproof protective layers.

When to Stop Using Changing Table: Takeaway

Knowing when to stop using changing tables is a personal decision. But always remember to always prioritize your baby’s safety and comfort and if you feel that your baby doesn’t seem safe and comfy in their changing table, then that’s your sign to stop using it.

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