How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need (And How To Save On Wet Wipes!)

“How many baby wipes do I need?” is a common question among new parents, especially those who are trying to stick to a budget.

Taking care of babies can get pretty expensive, so if you can save and stockpile wet wipes by figuring out how many wipes you need, then that’ll be so much better!

So how many baby wipes do you need per day? 

Per month? For the whole year?

We’ll compute that here and more.

But before that, let’s figure out first how many diaper changes an average baby goes through and how many wipes are there in a pack of wet wipes.

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How Often Should I Change My Baby’s Diaper?

You should change your baby’s diaper between 8-12 times a day.

I’m simplifying things here but this is based on the advice of notable and trustworthy organizations.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that on average, a baby usually goes through as many as 8 to 12 diapers per day.

While the National Diaper Bank Networks has a more conservative number of 6 to 8 diaper changes per day. 

Breastfed and exclusive formula-fed babies have a different number of bowel movements per day, but on average, expect at least 2 to 4 poopy diapers in a day.

The frequency of pooping and diaper changes also typically decreases as your baby gets older.

Let’s go with the average of 10 diaper changes, which can include regular wet diapers, poopy diapers, and massive diaper blowouts.

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How Many Wipes Are in a Pack?

The number of wet wipes in a single pack can range from 48 to 208 wipes per pack, depending on the brand, size, and packaging.

For those looking to buy in bulk, some packs have 200 to 300 wipes

Keep this in mind when planning your purchase.

What’s the Average Cost of 1 Pack of Wet Wipes?

The average cost of 1 pack of wet wipes can range from $1 to $3

Premium single packs can cost from $4 up to $7.

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need Per Day?

You’ll need 40 baby wipes per day, at a maximum.

At a minimum, you’ll only need 5-10 wet wipes per day.

The maximum is based on popular baby expert’s advice online and feedback from tons of parents.

Baby experts say that the rule of thumb is 1-2 wipes per wet diaper

But most of the time, one wet wipe is enough (at least for my baby then!).

I’ve also heard from a lot of parents that they only use at least 1 wipe for a wet diaper.

For a poopy diaper, you might need 4 to 10 wipes or more, depending on the severity of the diaper blowout.

Let’s cap that at: 

  • 1 wet wipe per wet diaper
  • 4 wet wipes per regular poopy diaper
  • 10 wipes per diaper blowout

And I know we’re all different, some babies do diaper poonamis regularly but let’s just average things here.

Based on our 10 diaper changes per day, let’s say that on average, babies have 6 wet diapers, 2 regular poopy diapers, and 2 diaper blowouts per day.

  • 6 wet diapers x 2 wipes = 12 wipes
  • 2 poopy diapers x 4 wipes = 8 wipes
  • 2 diaper blowouts x 10 wipes = 20 wipes

Total per day: 40 wipes

So again, at a maximum, you’ll need 40 wet wipes per day!

But take note that you’ll be changing diapers less and less as your baby gets older. So that means you’ll need fewer baby wipes.

Hence at a minimum, you can get by with 5 wipes per day.

We are just keeping things at a maximum here as a buffer.

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need Per Month?

You’ll need 1,200 baby wipes per month at a maximum, and 150 baby wipes per month at a minimum.

And that is based on our average:

40 wipes per day x 30 days = 1,200 baby wipes per month.

And at a minimum, you’ll need:

5 wipes per day x 30 days = 150 baby wipes per month.

According to most experts though, you’ll find yourself reaching for approximately 200 to 300 wipes per month

But for most parents, there are ways to make it less than that.

How Many Wipes Do Babies Use In A Year?

Babies can use 14,400 wipes in a year, at a maximum. 

And 1,800 wipes in a year, at a minimum.

This is based on our calculation of: 

  • Maximum: 1,200 baby wipes per month x 12 months = 14,400 wipes/ year
  • Minimum: 150 baby wipes per month x 12 months = 1,800 wipes/ year

How Many Baby Wipes Should I Register For?

You should register eight to 16 packs of wipes per month to ensure you’re well-stocked for the months to come.

Or just get a whole box of wet wipes – that will do!

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How Long Do Baby Wipes Last?

The lifespan of a pack depends on your baby’s age and diapering habits. 

If you use an average of 37 wipes in a day, a pack with 80 wipes will last just over two days. 

How Do I Save On Wet Wipes?

You can save on wet wipes by looking out for coupons, taking advantage of bulk discounts, and subscribing to delivery services that offer regular discounts. OR just wash your baby in the bathroom for every soiled diaper, instead of using wet wipes!

Get also a wipes dispenser so you don’t always accidentally pull 5 wipes at once when you only meant to use 1 wet wipe. 

How Do I Stockpile on Baby Wipes?

You can stockpile baby wipes by waiting for sale periods, like Black Fridays, buying in bulk, and taking advantage of subscription services to build your stockpile.

Alternatives to Baby Wet Wipes

Here are items you can consider to replace baby wet wipes:

FAQ on Packs Of Wet Wipes You’ll Need

How many wipes does a newborn use per day?

Newborns may use around 8 to 10 wipes per day.

Can I use adult wipes on my baby?

No, you can’t use adult wipes on your baby. It’s recommended to use wipes specifically designed for babies, as adult wipes may contain harsher chemicals.

Are scented wipes safe for babies?

While many babies tolerate scented wipes, it’s wise to choose unscented ones to avoid potential irritation.

Final Thoughts on How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need

Having a baby on a budget can make us a bit anxious about expenses.

Remember that when it comes to the number of wet wipes you need, it’ll ultimately depend on your baby.

Just get what you can for now, then figure out the rest later, when you more or less, know your baby’s bowel movements.

I hope this guide has helped answer your questions about how many wipes do babies use a day, month, and year.

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