Babyletto Yuzu Review (Is This The Best All-In-One Crib?)

Looking for a super helpful, practical Babyletto Yuzu Review?

In this article, you’ll find out detailed information about the said crib, its features’ pros, and cons, what parents are saying about it, is it worth getting, and more.

Let’s start with a quick overview of its features below.

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Features Overview: Babyletto Yuzu

Here’s a quick feature guide on the Babyletto Yuzu Convertible All-Stages

FeaturesBabyletto Yuzu
Conversion KitsAll Included
MattressBassinet pad and midi pad (full-size crib mattress not included)
Greenguard Gold CertifiedYes
PriceWorth It!

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Babyletto Yuzu Review


This crib is a typical Babyletto crib that sits low on the ground.

Which is a great crib for short moms but not so much for tall ones.

So consider that before getting this crib.

Check out more details on its dimensions below and when converted into different stages:

  • Bassinet: 29.75”L x 19.75”W x 30.75”H
  • Midi crib, Midi toddler, Midi daybed: 37.5” L x 29.75” W x 30.75” H
  • Crib, Toddler bed, Daybed, Junior bed: 53.8″L x 29.8″W x 32.6″H)


The Babyletto Yuzu convertible crib is certified by the ASTM, US CPSC, and most especially, carries the Greenguard Gold certification.

This means that it doesn’t carry toxic materials that can harm your babies in the long run.

I should probably include this in my list of the best non-toxic cribs asap but I digress.

It’s made from sustainably sourced New Zealand pine wood, which is an affordable, durable material that’s commonly used to make sturdy, functional furniture.

But since it’s considered a soft wood, it can be prone to scratches, dents, and bites.

The bassinet and midi mattress supports are TSCA-compliant engineered wood.

A few parents find its wood a little flimsy, and structurally weak.

But for most, it’s quite a strong, durable, and sturdy investment.

Age & Weight Limit

Check out here which ages the Babyletto Yuzu is suitable for (this is best viewed on a desktop):

babyletto yuzu stages


Parents find it super easy to assemble. 

Instructions were clear, it was easy to follow, all the parts are there and it was just a breeze putting it together.


The Babyletto Yuzu crib can be converted into the following:

  • bassinet
  • midi crib
  • midi toddler bed
  • midi daybed
  • full-size crib
  • full toddler bed
  • full daybed
  • junior bed

It makes getting a convertible crib so much worth it!

What’s also so convenient about this Babyletto Yuzu convertible crib is, it comes with a complete conversion kit.

That’s right! You don’t need to figure out what conversion kit comes with it and what is it that you need to buy separately – it all comes with the crib! 

It also includes all the tools you need to convert it.

Yes, it might be expensive upfront but at least, you don’t need to buy anything in the future. 

Nor worry if the kits are out of stock or are not in production anymore.

The only issue I see with these is storing those conversion kits. 

You need to have a dedicated space for them in your home, so they won’t be damaged or ruined when you need to use them.

Anyway, check out how this crib converts to a toddler bed:

Adjustable Mattress Height

The Babyletto Yuzu has 4 adjustable mattress levels for the bassinet and midi, and 3 mattress height levels for the full-size crib.

Mattress & Sheets

Another great thing about the Babyletto Yuzu crib is you don’t need to buy a bassinet pad or midi pad – it’s also included with the crib.

The bassinet pad is 1 inch thick, while the midi pad is 2 inches thick.

You might find the bassinet pad too thin or hard but don’t worry, your newborn needs a flat, firm surface as a safe sleeping space. 

So they’re okay with it, their comfort level is different from ours. They’ll be fine.

A soft pad or mattress can become a suffocation hazard anyway, but I digress.

Basically, the only thing you need to buy separately is the crib’s mattress and the sheets for all mattresses/pads.

You just need a standard crib mattress. 

But the sheet well, that can be a little bit tricky.

I’m saying this because the bassinet and midi pad are not the standard size.

So it’s a little bit difficult to buy any other sheet, other than Babyletto’s.

Babyletto’s sheets can be expensive and are always sold out, so that might be an issue. You need to buy at least 3 sheets (think about middle-of-the-night diaper blowouts, vomits, etc. on the sheets), which can be pricey!

Some parents shared that the Kushies bassinet sheets fit the mattress well.

Others said the standard bassinet sheet they found online fits, so you’ll have to do some testing.


This comes with wheels, so it’ll be easy to move it around the house!

Its wheels can still be improved, as some parents have complained about it making noises on the wooden floor.

One parent even mentioned the wheels snapping in half when they were moving the bassinet around!

Hopefully, that was an isolated incident as I haven’t seen nor read any similar incident.


For its price, with all the pads and conversion kits, I’d say it’s a freaking steal!

Usually, convertible cribs with separate conversion kits can get quite expensive. 

So Babyletto Yuzu’s is really well-priced, considering everything that comes with it. 

Alternatives: Babyletto Yuzu

Here are some options if you’re still on the fence about the Babyletto Yuzu but you like something similar to it:

Nestig The Wave 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Stokke Sleepi Bed

Pros & Cons: Babyletto Yuzu Convertible Crib

Here’s a quick look at the advantage and drawbacks of having the Babyletto Yuzu:

Pros: Babyletto Yuzu

  • All conversion kits are included
  • Includes bassinet and midi pad 

Cons: Babyletto Yuzu

  • Bassinet mattress sheets that fit are hard to find
  • Crib mattress not included

Tips on Getting The Babyletto Yuzu

  • Check your space

Consider where to keep the conversion kits and the other pads that come with the Babyletto Yuzu.

  • Unbox and assemble asap

It’s ideal to assemble the crib asap. So you can see if there are any damages or missing pieces or tools.

  • Assemble the other bed stages

If possible, try to also test how to assemble the Babyletto Yuzu crib to all its bed stages. So you can see if something is wrong, doesn’t fit right, etc. then contact the manufacturers immediately.

FAQ: Best Convertible Baby Cribs

Does Babyletto make good cribs?

Yes, Babyletto makes good cribs. They’ve been around for a decade and are one of the most trusted and popular crib brands.

How long does a babyletto crib last?

A Babyletto crib can last for years, but of course, that will depend on the circumstances – if it was delivered properly without any dents or damages, if multiple kids have been biting it and kicking it, etc.

Is babyletto non toxic?

Yes, Babyletto is non-toxic. It carries the Greenguard Gold certification, indicating that the crib has been tested for VOCs and other harmful materials and has been considered safe for babies.
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How many pounds can a Babyletto crib hold?

The Babyletto crib can carry up to 50 lbs or 22.6 kg. It’s suitable for newborns up to 5 years old.

Babyletto Yuzu Review: Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for the best convertible crib, I highly recommend getting this Babyletto Yuzu.

It’s got everything you need, you don’t need to shop around in the future for another bed for your toddler, or kindergartener, it comes with all the conversion kits and for all that’s included, and its brand, it’s reasonably priced.

I hope this Babyletto Yuzu review has been helpful in your decision-making process.

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