Spectra S1 vs S9 [Detailed Comparison Review]

The Spectra S1 Plus and Spectra S9 Plus are popular choices when it comes to efficient, battery-charged, portable breast pumps. But which one should you get and which is ultimately better?

I will answer that here and more. I will discuss in detail, the differences and similarities between the Spectra S1 vs S9, as well as each other’s pros and cons.

I’ve also included here some feedback from both new moms and veteran mothers alike, who’ve used either of these Spectra breast pumps, to help you better gauge their features and usefulness.

Both can be considered portable breast pumps, as you can use them anywhere without being stuck in one place while pumping.

Let’s start with a feature overview of the Spectra S1 vs S9 Plus.

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If your budget allows it, get both! 

Get the Spectra S1 Plus for home use in your breast pumping station, while the Spectra S9 Plus can be travel or office use, or as a backup pump.

If you can only get one, I’d recommend the Spectra S1 Plus with its powerful motor suction.

Spectra S1 vs S9: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Spectra S1 vs S9.

FeaturesSpectra S1 PlusSpectra S9 Plus
Hospital GradeYesNo
Motor (Suction Power)Up to 270mmHGUp to 260mmHG
Built-in LED LightAvailableNot available
Saved SettingsAvailableNot available
Weight3 lbs or 1.360 kg0.5 lbs or 0.23 kg
PriceSlight more expensive than S9Expensive
Closed SystemYesYes
Universal Voltage100V-240V / 50-60Hz100V-240V / 50-60Hz
Adjustable Pumping Mode AvailableAvailable but no speed setting
Turns into Single and Double PumpYesYes
Complete AccessoriesAvailableAvailable
Easy To CleanYesYes
Auto Turn OFFAfter 30 minutes of pumpingAfter 30 minutes of pumping
Lactation Consultant ServiceAvailableAvailable

Scroll down below to read more info on the similarities, differences, and more of the Spectra S9 vs S1 Plus.

Spectra S1 vs S9: Differences

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the difference between Spectra S1 vs S9 Plus breast pumps.

Hospital Grade

The Spectra S1 Plus is considered a hospital-grade pump because it can be used by other women (provided they have their accessories) and also because of its powerful motor.

The Spectra S9 Plus though is not a hospital-grade breast pump. It has a less powerful motor plus you can’t share or rent this to other people.

Motor (Suction Power)

The Spectra S1 has a powerful pumping motor, allowing you to pump less for more milk.

Its suction rate goes up to 270mmHg.

It has some complaints though about its weakening suction power after using it only for only several months.

The Spectra S9‘s suction in comparison can be adjusted to a maximum of 260mmHg.

But its suction power has also some complaints and mixed reviews about how they can’t empty their milk while using the S9.

Built-in LED Light

The Spectra S1 has a night light with 2 modes, which is convenient to have especially when you’re pumping the dark.

The Spectra S9 Plus doesn’t have a night light but it does have a backlit display.

Saved Settings

The Spectra S1 can remember your last pumping mode, which is an awesome feature to have, so you don’t need to keep on adjusting the setting at the start of every pumping session.

The Spectra S9 Plus doesn’t have that feature though, so it can be a little bit of a hassle to keep on adjusting to your preferred setting.


The Spectra S9 Plus is very easy and convenient to bring on travels and vacations, as it’s very light and portable, weighing only .5 lbs or 0.23kg.

While the Spectra S1 Plus weighs at 3 lbs or 1.36078 kg, way heavier than the S9.


The shape and color are obviously different between these two, with the Spectra S1 having a more heavy-looking design, while the Spectra S9 has a sleeker and slender look.


The Spectra S1 Plus is slightly pricier than the Spectra S9 Plus.

Which can be worth the price, given that the Spectra S1 has a more powerful motor than the Spectra S9.

Similarities of Spectra S1 vs S9

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the similar features of the Spectra S9 vs S1 Plus breast pump


Both the Spectra S1 Plus and Spectra S9 Plus have a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to pump on the go, anywhere.

You can also use both pumps while plugged.

You can fully charge the Spectra S9 Plus for 3 to 4 hours, which will give you a pumping time of at least 2.5 hours.

The Spectra S9 Plus can also be charged in your car using its 9-Volt Portable Car Adapter.

The Spectra S1 Plus, on the other hand, charges fully for 3 hours and its battery lasts a bit longer than the Spectra S9, at 4 hours.


Both the Spectra S1 vs S9 Plus have very gentle suction and according to most users, both are more comfortable to use compared to other brands.

Closed System 

Both the Spectra S1 vs S9 are closed system breast pumps, meaning they each have a backflow protector – a barrier that ensures milk doesn’t go up the tube and into the motor, for safety and hygienic purposes.


Both the Spectra S9 vs S1 have BPA-free parts. That means the parts that touch the breast milk doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients that can cause harmful negative health effects.

Universal Voltage

Both the Spectra S1 vs S9 have the same voltage of 100V-240V / 50-60Hz, which allows you to use it in another country, with the help of a travel adapter.

Adjustable Pumping Mode 

Both the Spectra S9 Plus and S1 Plus have 2 adjustable pumping modes – Massage and Expression mode.

The Massage mode is initially used to stimulate a letdown while the Expression mode is used for regular pumping or after the Massage mode.

For the Spectra S1 Plus, the Massage mode’s suction can be adjusted from level 1 to 5.

Its Expression mode suction can be adjusted from level 1 to 12 and has 5-speed settings.

The Spectra S9’s Massage mode can be adjusted from level 1 to 5.

Its Expression mode is from level 1 up to level 10. 

But the Spectra S9 doesn’t have any speed settings, which means you can’t control how fast or slow the pumping mode can be.

For some moms, these personalized settings can be quite heaven-sent, as you can adjust the suction strength to mimic your baby’s nursing.

However, some new moms might find the level and range of settings overwhelming. 

If you just want to pump at the quickest time possible and it’s your first time, you have to keep on adjusting the pumping settings, until you find the setting that works best for you.

Turns into Single and Double Pump

Both these Spectra breast pumps can be used as double or single pumps.


Both the Spectra S1 vs S9 come with their own complete set of accessories. 

The Spectra S1 Plus breast pump kit includes: 

  • Two (2) 24mm Spectra Breast Flanges.
  • Two (2) 28mm Spectra Breast Flanges.
  • Two (2) Spectra Tubing.
  • Two (2) Spectra Duckbill Valves.
  • Two (2) Spectra Backflow Protectors. Includes silicone membrane, uppercase, and lowercase for each Backflow Protector.
  • Two (2) Spectra Wide Neck Storage Bottles. Includes nipple, cap, disc, and lid for each Bottle.
  • One (1) Spectra 12-Volt AC Power Adapter. Includes detachable power cord prongs.

While the Spectra S9 Plus breast pump includes:

  • (1) Spectra 9 Plus Electric Breast Pump
  • (1) 9 volt AC power adapter
  • (1) detachable power cord prongs 
  • (2) Spectra bottles
  • (2) Spectra backflow protector
  • (2) Spectra duckbill valve
  • (2) Spectra tubing
  • (2) Spectra flange 24mm

Here’s some accessory-related info/tips on using both these Spectra pumps:

  • If you have the budget, get the Kiinde Twist system with all the adapters. You will sing your high praises with this storage system – no more cleaning and maintaining of bottles to store milk with the Kiinde!
  • Accessories can be bought on their website, Amazon (iServe vendor only), Target, Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Amazon (iServe/Pattern ONLY).
  • Check out the [Spectra’s flanges fitting guide (https://www.spectrababyusa.com/guide/) measure, then buy the suitable flanges for you, together with the complete Spectra breast pump kit.
  • Remember to buy a carrying case with an insulated cooler, for the office or travel.
  • Get also a hands-free pumping bra to pump conveniently.
  • If you have the budget, buy extra accessories, especially flanges and tubing, just in case.

Some moms shared that other brand accessories are compatible with the Spectra such as:


Both Spectra breast pumps have quiet motors, with moms complimenting the Spectra S1 Plus more than the S9.

Both are quiet enough to not disturb your sleeping baby at night and are discreet enough to pump behind closed doors.


Most moms shared that the Spectra S1 is easier to clean and assemble.

Spectra S9 is also convenient to clean in general, although some moms find it a little bit difficult, as they said the flange piece is not easy to take apart.

AutoTurn Off 

Both Spectra pumps automatically turn off after pumping for 30 minutes.

Lactation Consultant Service

Spectra offers its customers a lactation consultant service which is amazing!

That means you can ask away any questions you have about nursing, pumping, or even caring for your baby by just setting up an appointment and talking to one of their lactation consultants.


The Spectra S1 is usually not fully covered by insurance and you need to pay an upgrade fee for it.

The Spectra S9 can be covered but just to be sure, just check here if either of the Spectra breast pumps can be covered by your insurance.


Both the Spectra S9 vs S1 Plus have a 2-year warranty on pumps and 90 days warranty on accessories that come with the breast pump.

Customer Service 

Spectra in general offers great customer service but it’s not perfect, with some moms complaining that the customer service rep is sometimes rude and difficult to talk to when it comes to replacing their malfunctioning pumps.

Spectra S1 vs S9 Plus: FAQ

Is the Spectra S9 hospital grade?

No, it’s not. The Spectra S9 Plus is not considered a hospital-grade pump as you can’t share/ rent this for multiple users.

If you want a hospital-grade Spectra pump, you can get a Spectra S1 Plus or Spectra S2 Plus instead.

How long does it take to charge Spectra S1?

It takes 4 hours to fully charge the Spectra S1 Plus.

Will the breast pump still work overseas or in another country?

Both the Spectra S1 and S9 Plus have the same universal voltage (100V-240V / 50-60Hz), allowing you to use either in another country with the use of a travel adapter.

Where can I buy Spectra pump parts and accessories?

You can get them on Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Bed Bath and Beyond, and of course on their Spectra website.

Pros and Cons of the Spectra S1 vs S9

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of both the Spectra S2 vs S9 breast pumps.

Spectra S1 Plus Pros

  • Hospital-grade
  • Has speed pumping settings 

Spectra S1 Plus Cons

  • Heavier than Spectra S9 Plus
  • Slightly more expensive than Spectra S9 Plus

Spectra S9 Plus Pros

  • Cheaper than Spectra S1 Plus
  • Lightweight and portable

Spectra S9 Plus Cons

  • Less powerful motor than Spectra S1 Plus
  • Not hospital-grade

Spectra S1 vs S9: So Which One Should You Get?

If you have the budget for it, I would recommend getting both. 

The Spectra S1 Plus can become your main breast pump for every day and home use.

While your Spectra S9 Plus can become a backup pump or for when you need to travel for work or vacations. 

Even though both are battery-charged pumps which means you won’t be tethered to a wall while pumping, the Spectra S9 is just way more convenient to bring and carry. It’s lighter and sleeker than the Spectra S1.

But if you just need one, just go for the Spectra S1 Plus.

It has a powerful motor, it has a night light and can save your last settings plus, you can sell it if you don’t need it anymore, as it’s a hospital-grade pump.

I hope this article has helped you decide between the Spectra S1 vs S9 PLus breast pumps.

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