Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry: Which One Should You Get?

Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry has 4 similarities and 4 differences. Read more to find out which one is the better diaper.

Are you dissatisfied with your baby’s current diapers? Are they causing massive diaper blowouts, leakages, are they leaving marks on your baby, making your newborn baby cry non-stop especially at night?

I get it. Caring for a baby can be quite overwhelming and if we can do anything to make them comfortable, we will do it! If that means changing their diaper in the hopes that they’ll feel better, then so be it.

So if you’re specifically thinking of changing your baby’s diaper into either the Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry, then this article will help you decide between the two.

I have looked up the key differences, similarities, and parent reviews online between the Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry.

It’s been quite an enlightening research so far, especially about the Pampers Baby Dry. So without further adieu, let’s dive in and start first with comparing the features of the Pampers Baby Dry vs Cruisers.

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Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Compare the features of the Pampers Baby Dry vs Cruisers at a glance.

FeaturesPampers CruisersPampers Baby Dry
Safety• Hypoallergenic
• Free of parabens, ethanol/ alcohol, latex, PVC, BPA, etc.,
Wetness IndicatorAvailable for Sizes 3 to 7Available for Newborn, Size 1 and Size 2
DesignFun and colorfulSame
AbsorbencyMixed reviewsMixed reviews
Sizes• Sizes starts at Size 3 (16-28lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb)
• Made for mobile, active babies
• Starts at Size 0 (<10lb) up to Size 6 (35lb)
• Made for newborns up to older babies
Comfort• Soft and comfortable
• Has a scented smell
• Mixed reviews
• Has a scented smell
Security and Fit• Adapts to movements of active babies Mixed reviews
PriceReasonably pricedSame price as Pampers Cruisers but with more diapers

Below is a more detailed information on the similarities and differences between the Pampers Baby Dry vs Cruisers

Similarities of Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry


Pampers is known for its hypoallergenic diapers and its safe ingredients for even the most delicate skin.

Both the Baby Dry vs Cruisers diapers are free of parabens, ethanol/ alcohol, latex, PVC, BPA, elemental chlorine, and more, making it safe and gentle to use even on the most delicate skin.

Wetness indicator

Both diapers have a wetness indicator but there’s a slight difference.

Pampers Baby Dry‘s wetness indicator is only for Sizes Newborn, 1 and 2. While Pampers Cruisers wetness indicator is available for all sizes.

Which is pretty weird. I mean..why do that Pampers? Does it have to do with the price? Because with Baby Dry, you get more diapers from Baby Dry, which usually the same price as Cruisers.

But again, I digress. 


Both the Pampers Baby Dry vs Cruisers have some fun and colorful designs which make it such a charming and fashionable look on your kid.

pampers cruisers vs baby dry_c
Pampers Cruisers (pic from Pampers website)


Both the Pampers Baby Dry vs Pampers Cruisers have a feature that draws moisture away from your baby’s skin, keeping it safe and dry.

They both also offer 12-hour wetness protection. Which promises to prevent leakages and lockup wetness for overnight use.

But, but both also have some mixed reviews online when it comes to these features.

Some parents find Pampers Cruisers‘ overnight feature quite efficient. They are happy that it delivers its promise of 12-hour wetness protection.

But other parents have complained of the Pampers Cruisers leaking at night.

It’s also the same praise and complaint with the Pampers Baby Dry, with some parents saying it worked great for their babies.

Some have mentioned that even if it feels thinner, it absorbs better, preventing blowouts and leakages. Others are saying quite the opposite, saying it doesn’t absorb well, leading to leakages and blowouts. 

Difference Betwen Pampers Cruisers and Baby Dry


This is the most obvious difference between the 2 diapers.

Pampers Baby Dry is for newborns and onwards, starting at Size 0 (<10lb) up to Size 6 (35lb).

Pampers Cruisers is for active, more mobile babies. Sizes starts at Size 3 (16-28lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb).


Pampers Cruisers is soft and comfortable although some parents have mentioned it has a slight chemical smell, especially when it gets wet even for just a bit.

Pampers Baby Dry has some mixed reviews. 

Some parents find it comfortable for their kids, saying that it seems to fit leaner and taller babies.

pampers cruisers vs baby dry_5
Air-dry Channels: breathable dryness to keep your baby comfortable (pic from Pampers website)

While others mentioned their kids having rashes and even blistering from wearing it. They also complained about Pampers Baby Dry’s material as being thinner and rough to the touch.

Other parents have also noticed that Pampers Baby Dry has also a scented smell.

Security and Fit 

Pampers Cruisers is made for mobile babies and can adapt to their movements better.

Its flexible features offer more freedom of movement to your little one while still making sure that leakages are prevented.

It stays put for a secure yet comfy fit. Even if you’re little one is doing the most ridiculous yet absolutely adorable moves that only babies can do.

Some parents love how Pampers Cruisers perfectly fits their toddlers. While some have issues with the side straps tearing easily.

Pampers Baby Dry has also some mixed reviews online. Some parents love that it’s a comfortable and snug fit for their babies.

While others complained that it runs smaller, thus causing more leakages overnight. Other parents have also noted the side tabs issues, saying that it keeps ripping off, which makes the diaper useless.


Both the Pampers Cruisers vs Pampers Baby Dry diapers are fairly priced diapers but Pampers Baby Dry offers a few dozen more diapers for practically the same price as the Pampers Cruisers.

This means you get a little more diapers from Pampers Baby Dry, making it a bit cheaper.

You can save on both Pampers Baby Dry versus Cruisers by getting a subscription though.

Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry: Which is right for your baby?

If you’re looking for a diaper for an active, older baby, I’d recommend Pampers Cruisers for its comfortable and secure fit, giving your baby freedom to move while still preventing leakages.

If you’re looking for cheaper diapers, then you’ll save more with Pampers Baby Dry.

However, with all the complaints about rashes and redness and mixed reviews online between these 2 diapers, I’d recommend Pampers Swaddlers instead.

I know, we’ve gone off-tangent here, but I don’t want to recommend a product that I wouldn’t personally use for my baby.

Of course, it all depends on your child and how they react to the diaper.

A lot of parents have high praises for how gentle, absorbent, and how well-fit Pampers Baby Dry is for their babies.

But consider how Pampers Swaddlers is highly recommended for use in hospitals and is the top bestselling disposable diaper in Amazon.

So keep that in mind, especially if you’re considering a diaper for your newborn. After all, we just want the best for them.

Do try testing them out first before going for a subscription or buying in bulk, and see which one works best for your baby.