No BS Newborn Essentials Checklist (Includes How Many Items You’ll Need!)

Overwhelmed about getting items for your baby? Get less stressed when you download this carefully curated newborn essentials checklist that covers everything you’ll need, from feeding to clothing, sleeping to diapering, and more!

We’ve gone the extra mile by including the number of baby items you’ll need PLUS some direct links to the most recommended products.

So we’ll let you know how many mattress sheets you’ll need, how many baby bottles you’ll want, etc.

We know that choosing the right products can be a bit overwhelming with so many options out there. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and provided links to trusted online retailers and manufacturers.

With just a click, you can explore the best baby bottles, cozy sleepers, gentle skincare products, and reliable diapering essentials. We want you to have peace of mind knowing you’re getting top-notch quality for your little one.

Download our free printable “Newborn Essentials Checklist” today, and get ready to check off those items with a smile. Happy parenting!