Best Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas (Practical, Fun, and Unique Gifts for Teachers)

Are you looking for some unique and fun teacher appreciation gift ideas?

It can be quite corny to keep on giving the teachers the same old gifts like mugs, flowers, or heaven forbid, picture frames.

So if you want to show your appreciation to them by giving them thoughtful gifts or at least fun gifts, scroll down below.

Best Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Practical, Useful Gifts

1.) USB Flash Drive

Everyone needs it for work or personal related matters. They might be running out of free space in their Google Drive or Dropbox, they might have forgotten to bring their external hard drive and just wants to quickly share a file with a co-teacher in the classroom. So flash drives can be quite a useful gift for teachers and anyone for that matter.

2.) Face mask with container plus hand sanitizer

It’s especially quite helpful especially during these the-new-normal times.

3.) Hand Sanitizer

Another useful item during the pandemic.

4. Pouch or coin purse

We all have some loose change, receipts, trinkets, toiletries, some makeup and what not to deal with. And what better way to organize them than putting them in pouch or purse.

5.) Tote bag

The teachers can use it to carry their school supplies, lunch, groceries, for shopping and more.

6.) Vacuum Tumbler

These can handle hot and cold drinks, which is pretty great for people who likes coffee in the morning and something cold in the middle of the day then something hot again at night.

7. Badge holders with lanyard

Always needed to carry one’s ID, smart cards or even bus passes, money and prepaid cards.

8. Covid care package

It’s inescapable, especially with the Omnicron variant, so might as well deal with it and face it with a care package. You can put in some simple, inexpensive items, like cough drops, throat lozenges, Vicks vaporub, etc.

And if you’re feeling extra generous, get them Manuka Honey to treat all sorts of ailments, including coughing and runny nose.

School Supplies

1.) Markers, Pens, Highlighters

2.) Sticky Notes and Notepads

3.) Planners

4.) Notebooks

5.) Stationeries Paper Set

Gift Cards, Certificates and Memberships

1. ) Amazon

2.) Walmart

3.) Starbucks

4.) Audible Subscription

5.) Teachers Pay Teachers

Novelty Items

1.) Funny Socks

My kid has some teachers who likes funny socks so I’m thinking of giving this to them for teacher’s day.

2.) Hair Accessories

If the teacher is fond of wearing hair accessories and you’ve seen them wear different ones all the time, they might like this gift.

3.) Nail Polish Set

Just take note to only give this to teachers who you’ve observed, are into changing their nail polish all the time. Don’t give it to someone who doesn’t regularly do their nails. They might think you’re judging them.

4.) Scented Candles

5.) Flower pot

If you know they’re fond of plants, give this to them with a clever note, “Thanks for helping my kid to grow.”

Food and Snacks

1.) Fresh fruits

You can pack up 3-5 fruits, wrap it nicely, put some notes on it and it’ll be a great teacher’s appreciation gift – inexpensive yet healthy!

2.) Box of chocolates

3.) Kitkat

Add a note – “Hope you’ll enjoy this on your break!”

4.) Donuts

Order some fresh donuts and have it delivered in school for every teachers to enjoy!

5.) Candies, Gum, M&M’s, Skittles

Just classic treats for those with a sweet tooth. Give them a fancy packaging by putting them in mason jar and adding a note on it.

6.) Cupcakes or muffins

7.) Cookies or Wafers

8.) Brownies

9.) Coffee or Tea

For big coffee and tea lovers, I’m assuming there’s a lot of them – us. You can get these packs and just gift it to all the teachers!

Personalized Gifts

1.) Handwritten card or letter or artwork from your kid

These are always appreciated by teachers.

2.) Baked goods

Something you’ve personally prepared and baked. That can be some cupcake, mufffins, brownies, etc.

3.) Personalized Items

I know some parents giving teachers some personalized keychains, face towels, etc.

Tips on Picking The Best Teacher Appreciation Gift

Observe the teacher

Try to figure out their personality by looking at them.

Are they usually wearing funny socks? Do they always change their ID or badge holders? Are they fond of styling up their hair in funky hair accessories?

Try to notice little things about them and make a note of them, as you search for a cute teacher’s gift.

• Ask your kid

You can also try to ask your kid if their teachers mentioned some of their favorites in the class.

Teachers tend to share little things about themselves to their students, like their favorite food, book, etc.

So you might find some quirky info from your own kid, about the teacher’s personality which can help you think of a better gift.

• Talk to them

You don’t need to blatantly ask them what gift they want for teacher’s day.

Just talk to them normally and discuss your child’s progress then after, maybe point out something that they’re holding or wearing and ask about it.

Say for eg., you noticed that they have colorful nails, compliment them and ask them if they usually have their nails done on a regular basis. 

And that it really looks cute and maybe tell them you’ll also try doing that, just so it won’t seem creepy to ask.

• Think of practical gifts

If you don’t want to gift the usual novelty items but you also have no idea what to give to them, think of something practical that you’d gift to yourself.

Come up with a list of items that are not too expensive, that you think anyone would find useful, regardless of whether they’re a teacher or not.

• Consider fun gifts

Try to think of something fun as well, if you don’t feel like buying sensible gifts. 

Something unique and surprising, something memorable.

Something that would make them laugh or at least amuse them, would definitely be better.

• Make the gift presentable

You don’t need to get it wrap professionally or buy an expensive box or gift wrapper. Just make it presentable. Be creative with the gift wrapping. Use some supplies you have at home.

Or you can also get a few of these items below and just be resourceful about it!

Make it look really special and that you’ve also put some though into wrapping the gift by adding some notes to it. Or writing some funny quips.

Takeaway on Best Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Personally, I don’t like giving mugs because I don’t like receiving mugs myself. Even if it has a super funny message.

I’d rather receive a personalized gift, like an artwork or a handwritten letter, with a heartfelt message.

I’m betting teachers (and people in general) are the same.

We all appreciate well-thought-out gifts. That tells me the giver took the time, in their busy schedule, to think of a meaningful or fun gift, which is always appreciated.

And teachers need more than just a thank you from all of us. 

They need a raise, better benefits, and whatnot but we can’t really provide them those.

So let’s at least make them feel better by giving them better gifts, items that they won’t expect like the things on this list!

I had a great time writing this article, thinking of gifts for the teachers. Hope you’ll also have a fun time going through these lists and shopping for it!