Where To Put The Baby Monitor (Safety Tips)

Are you wondering where to put the baby monitor in the nursery room and how to secure it?

There are a few methods you can try that are safe and easy to do.

In this article, you’ll find out different ways of installing baby monitors, as well as tips to hide their cords.

You’ll also learn some tips in managing and uninstalling a baby camera from various places.

Without further adieu, here are some places and techniques to mount a baby monitor in your baby’s room.

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Where To Put The Baby Monitor 

By The Wall 

This is by far the most popular and easiest method – affixing the baby monitor by the wall.

Just take note not to place it and even the crib/ bassinet for that matter, near a window, should its glass break.

It’s also best to place the camera away from your child’s head.

Place it at the side or at an angle where your baby’s feet are towards the camera instead. As long as there’s an unobstructed view of your baby’s face and chest, that should be fine.

It’s also recommended not to place the camera too high on the wall.

There might be some instances where you need to adjust or fix the camera, replace the battery, remove it and transfer to a better position or carry it with you when traveling, etc.,

So it’s better if it’s not too high that it’s difficult for you to reach for it. Especially if you’re a petite mom!

Nearby Furniture

It could be the dresser, a nearby diaper changing table, a cabinet, a table, etc.

Basically, any furniture near enough to the crib or bassinet that’s stable enough to clip or clamp a baby camera would be fine.

Camera Tripod

You can also try using a tripod and attach the baby camera there.

Look for an affordable camera tripod with a phone attachment, so you can secure the baby monitor on it.

You can easily move this around and even bring it as a portable baby monitor on trips and vacations.

Just take note that not all camera tripods are universally suited to attach any baby camera brands.

But there’s a workaround for that.

One parent had a brilliant idea of putting a thick dowel in a piece of wood and screwing the camera on top of the dowel as a portable stand!

How To Safely Mount a Baby Monitor By The Wall

Wall Mount Bracket

Using a wall mount bracket is probably your safest bet in securing a baby camera on the wall.

If done right, it cannot fall, unlike an adhesive strip that can lose its stickiness over time.

But wall mount brackets can be quite tricky since you need to drill a hole in the wall to install them.

You might want to skip this one if you’re renting the place or you just don’t want to ruin your wall with holes.

Adhesive Strips

If you don’t want to do any drilling on your wall, you can always use adhesive or command strips/ 3M velcro strips to mount a baby camera.

They’re quite heavy-duty, long-lasting, and easy to install. 

Just stick it on the baby monitor, then stick the baby monitor on the wall and you’re done!

Wall Floating Shelf

This is a popular option, as it’s quite easy to find a floating shelf that can be secured on the wall using screws or adhesive strips.

Just take note that it’s better to NOT setup this up directly above the crib, in case it falls. 

Especially if you used adhesive strips. You don’t want both the baby camera AND the wall shelf to fall and hurt your baby!

Wall Mount Kit

Other baby monitors come with a wall mount kit. So you don’t need to worry about the process of securing it on a wall.

So if you have one, then that’s one less thing to worry about!

How To Attach Baby Monitor to a Furniture

Baby Monitor Holder

You can also call them extenders, fancy clips, or clamps.

But they’re basically these baby camera-carrying gadgets that attach to a piece of furniture.

You just need to secure the baby camera on it then it’s easy to clip or clamp it on a table, dresser, even shelf, etc.

Best of all, they’re handy enough that you can carry them with you anywhere, even on vacations and travels!

Some parents have attached it to their crib but it’s highly recommended not to do so, as there’s a chance of it falling and hitting your little one.

Where To Put the Camera Tripod in the Nursery Room

You can place it near the crib or bassinet but just take note not to place it where an older, more mobile baby can easily reach for it.

Also keep in mind that this is not the best option if you have younger kids around, who can play and topple over the baby monitor tripod.

How To Hide Baby Monitor Cords

Remember to hide the baby monitor cords as well, so as not to cause any endangerment to your child.

Here are some ways of hiding or keeping it:

Using a Cord Cover

One of the safest ways to secure the baby monitor’s cord is by using a cord cover.

You basically just run the cord inside and fix the cord cover to the wall.

These are also used in hospitals and schools to hide wires of various electronic items. 

You can also choose to paint the cord cover, to blend them with your wall decor.

Cable Management Box

You can use this to hide the baby monitor cords if you have a piece of furniture near the crib, like a tall table or dresser, where your baby and other younger kids won’t easily reach the cable box.

You basically just place the cords, and adapter inside a cable box and then secure the cable box with tape and whatnot.

Inside The Wall

Another option is to run the cords INSIDE a false wall.

You just drill a hole in an area on the false wall, behind the baby monitor then drill another hole on the bottom of the false wall.

Then fix the baby monitor cords to fish tape and slide them from top to bottom.

You would need tools to do this though. Also, this is only applicable for false walls so if you don’t have one, then skip this method.

Cord Clip

This is a temporary solution to secure the baby monitor cords.

If you’re lacking time to set things up and you don’t have other little kids running around the room, then it should be okay to use this. 


Just remember to look for a more permanent method to hide the baby monitor cords, such as using a cord cover.

Behind a Curtain

If the baby monitor is installed near a curtain, then you can hide the cord there!

Just take note that the curtain should be far away from the crib or bassinet for safety reasons.

Take note also to use another method of keeping the cords, if you have little ones exploring the room.

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Where NOT To Put a Baby Camera

Inside the crib or bassinet

It’s not advisable to put it inside the crib or bassinet, especially if you’re using a baby monitor for the SNOO.

It can jostle and move around and it can hurt your newborn.

It can also harm your baby in different ways – the wires and cords can suffocate them, something might fall off and they might accidentally swallow it, a part of it might poke their eye, etc.

There’s also the danger of electromagnetic radiation, which does exist in baby cameras and even from our phones, wifi routers, appliances, etc.

If you check every baby monitor installation guide or user manual, they will always advise placing the baby monitor at a safe distance.

So never place a baby camera inside a bassinet or a crib.

Directly above your baby’s head

It’s also not advisable to place and angle the camera right above your baby’s head, as it might fall and hurt them.

Attached to the baby’s crib/ bassinet

Although there are some baby monitor holders/ clips/ clamps that can be attached to the crib or a bassinet, it’s also not advisable to do so.

As there’s still the possibility of it falling inside and hurting your baby.

There’s also a chance of an older, more active baby, grabbing the baby monitor. Which can harm them and/or can break the baby camera!

Unstable surface

Don’t also just place a baby camera somewhere unstable, where it can easily fall and break.

Or worse, where it can fall in your baby’s crib or bassinet and hurt your child.

Unless it has its stand, don’t just place the camera on top of books or an uneven surface, like a piece of wobbly furniture.

Things To Consider Before Mounting Baby Monitors

Below are just quick guidelines for ensuring the proper installation of the baby monitors and keeping your little one safe as always.

Baby’s Safety

Keep the baby monitor at a safe distance from your baby.

Don’t install the baby camera directly above the crib or your baby’s head, unless it came with instructions and a wall mount kit.

Don’t clip or place the baby camera on an unstable, uneven surface.

Don’t leave cords within your baby’s reach.

Don’t place the crib or bassinet near a window, just in case the glass window breaks.

If possible, don’t place the crib/ bassinet and baby monitor near a curtain if your baby is more mobile, as they might be able to reach and pull on the strings, cords, and fabric.

Angle & Distance of Baby Monitor

Make sure to install the baby monitor where you can see your baby’s face and chest. So you can quickly check their breathing.

Ensure that you can also audibly hear your baby.

Tips on Mounting a Baby Camera

  • Allow for some flexibility

Always keep in mind that you might want to change the placement of the baby monitor in the future. Say for eg., if a new baby comes, new furniture is installed, etc.

So pick a place where you can still easily move the baby camera for later on.

  • Your wallpaper can be destroyed

There’s a high chance that uninstalling a cord cover or a baby monitor with adhesive strips can ruin your wall.

So keep that in mind and manage your expectations when fixing a baby monitor to the wall.

FAQ on Where To Mount a Baby Monitor

How to mount the baby monitor on the wall without drilling the wall?

You can mount a baby monitor without drilling the wall by using adhesive strips.
Just stick them on the baby monitor directly or a wall floating shelf and fix it against the wall.

Where is the best place to hang a baby monitor?

The best place to hang a baby monitor is by the wall, away from a glass window or mirror, that’s a safe distance from your baby.

Where should you place your video baby monitor in the room?

You should place it near enough the crib, where you can hear your baby’s cries and see them clearly without anything blocking your view.

Baby Monitors That Comes with Wall Mount Kit or Stand

Here are some baby monitors that have a wall mount kit or stand, so you don’t have to think of how to place this in the nursery room:

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount

Owlet Cam Smart Baby Monitor

MoonyBaby No WiFi Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount

Miku Pro Contact-Free Breathing & Sleep Tracking Monitor

Where To Put The Baby Monitor: Takeaway

The easiest, most popular way to mount a baby monitor is by using adhesive strips.

You just slap it on the baby monitor and stick it on the wall.

I still use the same baby camera in my kid’s room for 5 years and it’s still hanging there by the wall using adhesive strips!

But we are all different so go for the method that suits you.

I hope this “where to put the baby monitor” guide was helpful. If you like this article, check out our other related guides: