What Do Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day (Service, Written and Phyical Gifts)

What do mothers really want for Mother’s Day? Like seriously?!

What do we want the most, what would be the best gift to get, how can our children and spouses make us feel special on Mother’s Day?

Let me share some gifts and ideas below.

If you’re a mom who stumbled on this article, remember to share this to your family group chat and highlight the things you really want for Mother’s Day! 😆😜

If you’re the spouse or one of the older kids and you want to give your mom the best Mother’s Day ever, the one where she’d rave about it for years to come, basically making you spouse/ child of the year, then keep scrolling.

Ultimate List of What Do Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day

A Weekend-Off

If you have the budget, book her a staycation for a whole weekend. 

Alone. Don’t come. Don’t let anyone come with her.

Don’t bother her with phone calls and texts about not being able to find this, how to cook this, where is this and that and blah, blah, blah.

You’re only allowed to contact your wife (or mom) when the house is on fire or you’re critically hurt. That’s it.

If the budget is tight, then let her rest for the whole weekend.

And by rest, I mean, she won’t need to do anything for the whole weekend. No chores, no errands, no responsibilities – because you’ll be taking care of everything yourself.

You will just tell her that you’ll handle everything and she can just do whatever she wants for the whole weekend.

She wouldn’t need to worry about the house being cleaned, the laundry, the groceries, errands, cooking, pets, and even the kids. 

Because you’ll handle it, without pestering her with so many questions on how to do it!

If you can’t do everything, hire a cleaner.

But don’t bother your wife (or mom) with questions on how to clean this, where do I find this, and blah, blah, blah.

And if you’re hiring cleaners, better do a deep clean of the whole house then!

Cook or Order Her Fave Food 

Offer to cook the entire week or buy her takeout food.

If you’re offering to cook, remember to prepare something that she really likes and not just something that the whole family will eat.

Also, clean up the dishes afterward.

If you’re not adept at cooking, then just order takeout the entire weekend.

Again, make sure you know her favorite food and get that then also get some for the entire family.

And no sharing! Kids are not allowed to take their mom’s favorite food from her!

Spa Day Package

Give her some chance to have a quiet and relaxing time, away from the house, kids, pets, and you.

Go all out – get her a massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut, and even a facial!

Thank You Letter or Video

This is the cheapest, simplest way to make any mom happy on Mother’s Day, if done the right way.

But you need to spend some time writing or preparing your message.

Because we moms would know if you’re being sincere and if this was rushed or not.

So be thoughtful about this gift. Take some time to think about the things that you really want to say to your mom.

You can start with saying you love them then thanking them for being awesome then listing down the reasons why they’re the best mom ever.

You can share with them why you love them and again, why they’re the best mom ever.

You can tell them your best and favorite memories with her and again, tell them why they’re the best mom ever.

Be specific, be sincere, and elaborate. Give us details!

We moms will never get tired of hearing or reading your appreciation of us. 

Especially because we don’t hear it enough.

Girl’s Night Out

Arrange a girl’s night out for her. 

This is a little bit tricky as you need to know if she’s still close with her friends. And you also need to make sure that her friends are free and would agree to meet up.

You also need to know if she’s the type to enjoy a night out with friends or she’d just prefer to be left alone to relax and have some “me-time.”

So subtly ask questions about her friends, what she likes to do before with them, is there a restaurant she’d like to try, etc. Just be subtle about it.

Flowers and Chocolates

It sounds so cliche, I know and I’m one of those girls who’d rather get something practical. 

Maybe it’s the way we were programmed or bombarded by the media, but receiving flowers and chocolates from my husband just makes me feel so special. 

It brings me back to those times when he’d still be pursuing me and he’d do anything to get me? I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. 

Flowers and chocolates, in general, are still popular gifts for mother’s day but consider also the personality of your spouse.

They might prefer something that they can use, so for that, I’d click here to check out some physical gift ideas you can purchase for Mother’s Day.

What Can Kids Do Or Give To Their Moms For Mother’s Day

Clean Home

Assuming you’re the spouse reading this, tell your kids to clean up after themselves properly, as a gift to their mother for Mother’s Day.

It would make their mom very happy and when mommy is happy, everyone is happy!

So subtly remind them to clean up their toys, their bags, their clothes, etc. when mom is around.

Better yet, deep clean the whole house with your kids and surprise your mom with it!

Clean Car

Offer to clean the car and let your kids help.

But remember to not throw anything as there might be some important documents or items in her car.

So organize everything and let her decide after cleaning the car if the items you found inside should be thrown out or not.

No Arguing

Tell your kids to stop fighting for at least one whole day.

Especially in front or within earshot of their mom.

If they can’t help it, do it when their mom is not around. Just at least, for one whole day.

Hugs and Kisses

The best gift that moms of teens can ever have is some quality time and lots of hugs and kisses from their teenage children.

It’s probably been a while since they’ve gotten a sloppy kiss and big hug from them and they surely miss it. 

So remember to keep on hugging and kissing them on their special day.

Things Moms Secretly Want For Mother's Day
Seriously, when was the last time a mom got a sincere, not forced, hug and a kiss from their teenager kids?

Spend Quality Time Where Mom Wants To Go

A picnic, a broadway show, a simple dinner at a restaurant, watching movies, workshpo activities, wherever it is that mom wants to go with the whole family, that’s where the whole family should go.

If it’s something that needs some preparation, like booking for a show, getting everyone ready, packing some snacks, etc., don’t let mom do it.

Handle everything.

And remind everyone not to bicker, not at least for the day.

And to put away phones. Tell mom stories, bond with her, engage, make her laugh, give her your full attention when she’s saying something.

No snarky comments, no rolling of eyes, no sighing of boredom. 

Especially from your teen kids. 

Also, remind your kids to make mom feel like a queen for the day. 

So that means, everyone will do everything for her. Get her drinks, food, give her the jacket when she looks like she’s cold, ask her where she wants to go or what to do next.

Nobody is allowed to request anything to do or go for the day. 

At least for Mother’s Day.

What Gifts Do Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day


She might want to start blogging (like me!) or she might want to enroll in an online class, get some freelance work, or start her own business. 

Whatever the reason might be, if you know your spouse (or mom!) would love to have a new tech toy, get her a top-of-the-line laptop.

iPad or Tablet

Some moms just want to have a bigger screen to read or watch something.

They might not want to share the TV with their kids so if you know your spouse (or mom) is big on watching shows, then she’d love having her own iPad or Tablet.


A lot of women love makeup and if you know your wife (or mom) loves makeup, ask her specifically what she likes and get that for her.

It might be like a simple gift but things like that will make her day. 

Doing something that she used to do a lot before, like putting on makeup, can make her feel like herself again, and that’s a big deal for moms, especially if they’re feeling a bit down and unmotivated.

Gardening Tools

Does she love gardening? Then get her something related to it. 

Don’t assume that any gardening tool or equipment would do, because she might not need it.

Ask her directly what she wants, so your gift won’t be wasted.


Don’t just get her any book. 

Ask her what she wants then leave her alone for a few hours to enjoy reading her book, uninterrupted.

Observe your wife and the activities that they do during their downtime. 

Do they love to exercise? Maybe she’d like an exercise bike.

Do you see them knitting all the time? Maybe she’d enjoy some new knitting materials.

Does she love scrapbooking? Maybe she’d love to get some new scrapbook supplies.

Does she bake a lot? Maybe some new baking tools would be nice to have.

Take note of her hobbies and buy her a tool or equipment related to their hobby.

If you’re not sure what to get her, then again, just ask her.

Practical Gifts

Some moms might like something that they’ll use.

If you know your spouse (or mom) is a practical type, just ask them what gift they want for Mother’s Day.

If they want a new oven, vacuum, coffee maker, wine cooler, etc. then just go get it!

Gift Cards or Shopping Spree

If you don’t know what to get her, then give her some gift cards or go with her on a shopping spree!

Just remember – no whining that you’re tired, carry all her bags, order food for her, and basically become her butler for the entire day.

For gift cards, you can give something that you know they usually use, like an Amazon gift card, or maybe Sephora, Starbucks or maybe an Uber gift card!

Takeaway on What Do Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day

It’s ideal to mix some ideas here.

Say for eg., let her rest for the weekend and tell the kids not to argue for at least a couple of days when their mom is within earshot.

Or do a combo of Spending Quality Time + Shopping Spree.

Or Clean Home + Clean Car + Thank You Letter or Video

Just remember to always tell her you love her, thank you for being an awesome mother, and the reasons why she’s the best mom in the whole world.