Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete [Super Detailed Comparison Guide]

Between the Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete Airflow, which one is better suited for plus-sized moms and dads? 

Which one has better back support for parents? 

Which one has a hip-carrying position and seat adjustment? 

This article will answer that and more.

I’ve done thorough research on these 2 popular baby carriers, double-checking their features and even adding helpful, real feedback and reviews from parents online.

Let’s start with a feature overview of the Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete baby carrier.

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Between the two, the Lillebaby is cheaper and has more varied carrying positions than the Tula Explore.

But the latter has a softer material and has lots of design and print options.

Tula Explore

Lillebaby Complete Airflow

Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete.

FeaturesTula ExploreLillebaby Complete Airflow
Weight Limit7lbs to 45 lbs/ 3kg to 20 kg7lbs to 45 lbs/ 3kg to 20 kg
Certified “hip-friendly”YesYes
Breathable Mesh MaterialYesYes
Extension Waist StrapAvailableAvailable
Carrying Positionsfront carrying an infant, baby and toddler, forward-facing and back carrying a baby and toddlerfacing in, facing out, back, hip carry, toddler inward, newborn fetal position
Lumbar SupportAvailable (separate purchase)Available
Seat Width AdjustmentAvailableAvailable
Shoulder Straps“H” style only“H” style (rucksack) and “X” style (crossed)

Below is a more detailed info on the differences of the Lillebaby Complete vs Tula Explore

Tula Explore

Lillebaby Complete Airflow

Differences Between Lillebaby Complete vs Tula Explore

Let’s dive in a little deeper about the difference between Tula vs Lillebaby baby carriers.

Shoulder straps

The Lillebaby Complete has bulky, two-way adjustable straps.

You can adjust it to be used in a rucksack, “H” style or you can also cross the straps at the back. 

The Tula Explore shoulder straps can only be used in a rucksack, “H” style, but it is softer and less stiff compared to the Lillebaby.

Carrying Positions

Both the Tula and Lillebaby carriers have multiple carrying positions but in different ways.

With the Lillebaby, you can carry your kid facing in, facing out, back, hip carry, toddler inward and even adjust it to accommodate a fetal position for your newborn.

The Tula Explore can be used for front carrying an infant, baby and toddler, forward-facing and back carrying a baby and toddler.


Tula Explore, in my opinion (which I think is shared by most parents) has cuter, more adorable designs, compared to the Lillebaby Complete Airflow.

The latter is quite limited and has more subdued darker colors.

While Tula has brighter, more colorful prints that can really reflect one’s personality.

Tula Explore

Lillebaby Complete Airflow

Similarities: Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the similar features of the Lillebaby Complete vs Tula Explore baby carrier.

Weight Limit

Both are suitable for 7lbs to 45 lbs/ 3kg to 20 kg, or from newborn to toddlerhood.

Both also don’t need an infant insert.


The Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete are both certified “hip-friendly” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

That means they’re both ergonomically safe and comfortable, ensuring your baby’s proper hip development.


Both the Tula Coast Explore and Lillebaby breathable mesh material, which is a lot more comfortable for warm weather.

They’re not the best baby carriers for summer or tropical climates though but most find them decently comfy. 

Actually, It’s a mixed review, with some parents finding them tolerable for the hot weather. One Florida dad even said he sweats a lot but he finds the Lillebaby just right for the hot weather. Some love that they can use it for long walks and even hiking!

Others find them too hot. Especially the bulky shoulder parts of the baby carrier.

Tula Explore

Lillebaby Complete Airflow

tula explore vs lillebaby complete airflow

Fit For All

Both the Tula Explore and Lillebaby are mostly suitable for plus-sized moms and even tall, large dads.

However, some petite parents find them comfortable and adjustable enough to accommodate their small frame.

The Lillebaby Complete’s waist belt can be adjusted up to 52”. 

They also have an extension strap that adds 9 inches more to the waist belt.

The Tula carrier has also a waist belt extender, which is compatible with every Tula carrier.

It provides 10 inches of adjustable length to Tula’s waistband (57 to 61 inches depending on the model).

Ease of Use

Both have a bit of a learning curve to get over with, especially if you’re a first-time parent and/or you’ve never used a soft structured baby carrier.

But with most things, it just takes time to get used to it. Over time, you’ll find it easy to use either carrier.

Watch below on how to use a Lillebaby baby carrier

See how to use the Tula Explore baby carrier with a newborn

Lumbar Support

Both have removable lumbar support, which is great, especially if you’re prone to back pains.

But you have to purchase it separately for the Tula Explore. While it’s included in the Lillebaby Complete Airflow.

Seat Adjustment

Both the Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete Airflow carrier has an adjustable seat panel.

This allows for a comfortable seating position for your baby, even as young as a newborn!

Watch how to adjust the Tula Explore’s seat width setting here:

Here’s how you adjust Lillebaby’s seat panel:

Leg Padding

Both the Lillebaby Complete vs Tula Explore has some paddings on the leg. 

But some parents felt that Lillebaby’s material is a little bit rough on their baby’s legs.

Breastfeeding friendly

Both the Lillebaby Complete vs Tula Explore are breastfeeding-friendly. You can even breastfeed while wearing your baby!

Here’s how your nurse in a Tula Explore:

Here’s how you breastfeed in a Lillebaby Complete Airflow baby carrier:


Both have a small pocket to keep small essentials like your phone, keys, and tissues.

Privacy Hood

Both also have a privacy hood for sleeping, which can also be used as an added neck support, or for sun protection and breastfeeding.


These 2 baby carriers are machine-washable, which is convenient, especially when your baby spits, vomits, or worse, does a diaper blowout.


Both offer a 1-year warranty on their baby carriers.

Tula Explore

Lillebaby Complete Airflow

FAQ: Lillebaby vs Tula Baby Carrier

Is Tula Explore suitable for a newborn?

Yes, Tula Explore is suitable for newborns. 
It can accommodate babies weighing 7lbs to 45 lbs/ 3kg to 20 kg and can be used for newborns, without using an infant insert.

Is Tula or Lillebaby better?

That would depend on your preference. You need to identify first at least the top 3 features you prioritize in a baby carrier and start from there.

Pros and Cons of the Lillebaby Complete vs Tula Explore

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of both the Spectra S2 vs S9 breast pumps.

Tula Explore

Pros: Tula Explore

  • More design and print options
  • Softer, less bulky material

Cons: Tula Explore

  • More expensive than Lillebaby
  • Separate purchase for lumbar support

Lillebaby Complete Airflow

Pros: Lillebaby Complete Airflow

  • Cheaper than Tula Explore
  • More varied carrying positions

Cons: Lillebaby Complete Airflow

  • Bulky material
  • Less print and design options

Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete – Which One Should You Get?

It all depends on the features you prioritize on a baby carrier.

Between the two, if you want a cheaper baby carrier that comes with lumbar support and offers various carrying positions, go for the Lillebaby Complete.

But if you have some budget to spare and you want a less bulky, less heavy baby carrier with lots of choices on prints and designs, then I think you’d appreciate Tula Explore more.

Tula Explore

Lillebaby Complete Airflow

Just remember to always test out the baby carrier before making the sale official and to always prioritize your and your baby’s comfort.

I hope you find this Tula Explore vs Lillebaby Complete comparison review helpful.

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