Tula Baby Carrier Vs Ergo: Which Is Better?

The Tula baby carrier vs Ergo has 8 main differences and a lot of similarities. Read below to find out more.

Are you torn between the tula baby carrier vs ergo baby carriers? Both are very popular amongst the babywearing community. It’s also interesting to note that Ergo has acquired BabyTula as of May 11, 2016 and that they still plan on carrying their different signature styles.

Maybe we’ll see a Tula/ Ergo hybrid in the future, but I digress.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a lot of baby carriers especially these 2 top brands so if you can’t decide between the two, then this article is for you.

I did an extensive research on the tula vs ergobaby carrier, noting their differences, similarities and also finding out what moms are saying about them online. 

This article is a general comparison between the two brands but if you’re looking for a more specific comparison review, I suggest you head over to my Tula Explore vs Ergobaby Omni 360 article. I cover those 2 specific soft structed baby carriers in detail.

Anyway, let’s start with a quick summary on the differences between the Tula Baby Carrier vs Ergo.

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Tula Baby Carrier vs Ergo: Differences

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick summary of the major differences between the Tula and Ergo:

All agesOffers 3 options for newborn up to toddlerhood. Has also 1 carrier for up to 60lbs.Offers 4 options for newborn up to toddlerhood
Designsmore varied and colourfulhas standard, basic colours
Carrying Positionslimitedhas lots of models offering 4 carrying positions
Leg Paddinghas soft leg paddinghas a more structured leg padding
Lumbar Supportseparate, has to purchasecomes with most of Ergo’s baby carriers
Modelhas 6 baby carriershas 8 baby carriers
Other Optionshas ring slings and hybrid half buckle carrierhas baby wrap
Warranty1 year warrantylifetime warranty for products manufactures last 2017 and above

Below is a more detailed information on the differences between the 2 brands.

All Ages

Ergo offers 4 options for baby carriers that can accommodate newborns all the way to the toddler phase.

These are the Omni 360 and Adapt (both for 3.2-20 kg / 7-45 lbs), Embrace (3.2-11.3 kg / 7-25 lbs) and Aura Wrap (3.6-11.3 kg / 8-25 lbs)

The Tula in comparison has 2 baby carriers suitable for newborns up to toddlers. These are the Explore and Free-to-Grow, that can carry 7 – 45 lbs.

But Tula has a Preschool baby carrier that can carry up to 70lb.

Ergo doesn’t have that option and can only carry up until 45lbs.

Wrap/ Ring Sling/ Hybird Options

Ergo offers soft structred carriers and a baby wrap, called the Aura Wrap.

Tula’s on the other hand, aside SSC , also offers ring slings, half buckles and hybrid carriers.

Tula’s hybrid carriers provide a more customizable fit and gives you multiple wearing positions such as front, back or on your hip.


Tula has more colorful, richer, fun designs compared to Ergo’s solid, basic colors. 

Not that Ergo has lackluster designs. They have gorgeous, classic patterns and wonderful limited designs (like the Harry Potter themed baby carrier) but most of their carriers have a toned down color that guys or husbands, might prefer.

With Tula, you can definitely show your style and taste better.

Carrying Positions

Ergo’s baby carriers offer more carrying positions: (Omni 360 and 360 has 4 carrying positions, Original/ Adapt/ Hip-Seat has 3), compared to Tula’s.

Tula’s Explore has only 3 carrying positions (front inward, front-outward, and back).

Leg Padding

All Tula baby carriers have some extra padding on the leg area, for the comfort of your baby. Ergo also offers it in some of its baby carriers but it’s more structured compared to Tula’s.

Lumbar Support

Most of Ergo’s baby carriers come with a lumbar support, making it convenient for those prone to back/shoulder pains or for those who have a heavier baby. 

Tula, on the other hand, offers a separate lumbar support which you can purchase from their website.


Ergo has 8 different types of baby carriers, compared to Tula’s 6 baby carrier options.


Here’s an interesting detail, Tula baby carriers offer a 1-year warranty.

BUT Ergo has a lifetime guarantee warranty for products manufactured in 2017 and beyond. Which sounds amazing!

Read more of Ergo’s promised lifetime warranty here.

And here’s Tula’s warranty plus shipping policy.

Similarities: Tula Baby Carrier vs Ergo

These are what makes the Tula brand similar to the Ergo baby carriers. This is best viewed on a desktop.

SimilaritiesTula and Ergo
SSCthey are both a Soft Structured Carrier (buckle carrier)
One size fits allCan be used by petite moms, plus-sized/ large chested moms, and tall, bulky dads
ComfortYes to both, depending on your preferences
BreathableCan use in hot weather or warm climate
Breastfeeding optionYes to both
Privacy HoodBoth have it but Tula’s is detachable, Ergo is not
Infant InsertNot necessary but both offer it
Adjustable Seat WidthBoth can be adjusted for the comfort of your child
Pocketyes to both
Machine washableyes to both
Priceoffers expensive, mid-priced and less pricey baby carriers

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)/ Buckle Carriers 

Both are what you call a SSC or Soft Structured Carrier (buckle carriers). That means they come with padded, adjustable shoulder straps, thick padded waistbands, with easy to use buckles.


Both are considered to be “hip-friendly” baby carriers as certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


Both brands can accommodate adults of different sizes, from petite sized moms to plus-size, large chested mothers and even tall and heavy dads. 


Both are comfortable to use but some moms mentioned that the Tula feels bulkier and more structured as compared to the Ergo which molds and conforms to your body. 

Some parents think it’s actually the way around, that the Ergo is bulkier and the Tula is less structured.

They also said that Tula seems to offer extra support because of the thick waistbands but they still prefer Ergo, especially for everyday chores, probably because of the lumbar support.

On the other hand, some moms prefer Tula as they find it to be more comfortable and cozier.

So it’s really a case of what suits you and your baby. 


Both are also quite comfortable to wear in hot weather or warm climates. Testament to that is the popularity of Ergo and Tula baby carriers here in Singapore.

I’ve personally used a Tula and we do get a little bit sweaty and hot sometimes, but it’s still tolerable. It’s not really a big deal for me as it doesn’t happen often.

Breastfeeding option

You can breastfeed in both but some mom mentioned that Tula has busier straps, especially at the front shoulder part that seems unnecessary and uncomfortable at times. 

Other mothers are not really bothered with it, so I guess it depends on your comfort level.

Privacy Hood

Tula has a removable hood which you can attach to the shoulder straps. Ergo has a hood but it’s not removable. You can roll and tuck it away though but you can’t remove it from the Ergo baby carrier. 

Some moms actually prefer Ergo’s roll and tuck away hood, compared to Tula’s that just flaps around, if you decide to keep it on the baby carrier.

Infant Insert

You can use an infant insert in both the Tula standard size and the Ergobaby 360 baby carriers, if you choose to, although it’s not really necessary.

Adjustable Seat Width

You can adjust the seat width of both the Tula and Ergo baby carriers to better accommodate your kid and make them more comfortable.


They both have pockets for keys, phones and what not, except for Ergo’s Embrace and Aura Wrap

Machine washable

Both can be washed with ease by using a washing machine.

Read more on how to safely wash your Tula here.


They are quality yet expensive brands but they also offer mid-priced carriers like the Tula Standard and the Ergo Original. 

They also offer less expensive options, such as the Tula Lite baby carriers, Ergo Embrace and the Ergo Aura.

Buying Criteria for Baby Carriers

Here are some helpful criteria you can consider before buying a baby carrier: 

Length of Use

Can you use it from newborn up to toddlerhood? Or are you okay with using a baby carrier for a shorter time and just getting a new one as your baby grows? 

Safe, Ergonomic Design

This is a standard, non-issue, must-have, requirement but luckily, with the Tula and Ergo brands, you can be assured that they are safe to use, offering adequate support for both you and your baby. It’s also approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institut as being a “hip-healthy” product.

You can check out the list of all “hip-healthy” baby carrier brands here.

Baby’s Comfort

This might take a while to notice but keep a look out if your baby seems uncomfortable or reacts negatively to being placed in the baby carrier. Some just don’t like being carried in one while some might genuinely find the fabric or the material unbearable.

Notice as well if any material like the straps or buckles, is digging on your baby’s skin. 

Take note also if your baby is getting too hot and sweaty inside the baby carrier.

Wearer’s Comfort

Make sure that you’re comfortable while wearing your baby too, especially when you have to carry them for a longer period of time. You shouldn’t feel any shoulder or back pains, straps shouldn’t be digging on your skin and such.

Notice as well if you’re getting too sweaty or if your baby’s face is getting too squished against your chest.


It might take some practice but after that learning curve, it should be relatively easy to put on and wear your baby, all by yourself.

If it seems that you’re continuously adjusting it while wearing your baby or you can’t seem to adjust it easily to your body and you’ve already watched and read all the tutorials, then it might not be the right baby carrier for you.


With the Tula and Ergo baby carriers, expect it to be more expensive so set aside some budget for it if you’re keen on getting either of these brands.

Return Policy

Are you buying it online or are you buying it from a physical store? Always check their return policy (if they have one). Consider as well if they will pay for the shipping, if you want to return the baby carrier.

Also, don’t wash the baby carrier yet immediately. Test it out within a certain time, so you can still return it on time. And by test, I mean carry your baby while doing chores, go for long walks, etc.

Carrying Positions

Would you prefer a baby carrier with just one or two carrying positions or would you like your baby to see the world and make them face front? How about carrying them at the back? Consider those carrying positions as well.


All expensive baby carriers have a warranty (they must have, right?), but if you’ve read the Tula baby carrier vs Ergo differences above, Ergo take it up a notch by offering a lifetime warranty guarantee for products manufactured last 2017 and above. And that just kicks as. 


These are mostly wants, not necessarily needs or requirements from a baby carrier but you can also choose to have one with pockets, or is nursing-friendly, machine washable, with a hood. Which you can all get from either a Tula or Ergo baby carrier. 

Tula Baby Carrier vs Ego: So Which One Is The Best?

That really depends on what are you looking for in a baby carrier. 

Personally though, on a superficial level, Tula wins because it has more designs.

But Ergo’s has more options for a front-facing carrying position so I’d lean more to that.

But Tula has more leg padding for a baby and the comfort of our child is a number one priority (besides budget).

But Ergo has more options for baby carriers that can accommodate babies up to toddlers.

And so on and so forth.

It all depends on what you need, what you want and what you’d like to prioritise.

I’ll do more comparison reviews on the different types of Tula vs Ergo later nobut for now, I suggest that you join a babywearing group online or locally or better yet, try out and rent one first (if it’s allowed), before deciding to buy one.