The Ultimate Child Recliner Guide

This is a guest post by the team of Recliner Life.

Previously, child recliner chairs were unheard of. But thanks to technological advancements, the market for luxury child products, like recliner chairs, has soared. Child recliners are great for medical and leisure purposes. But how do you know and pick the best recliner for kids?

This guide will answer this question and more. We will help you know what to consider before buying and give tips on choosing the right kid recliner chair.

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What to consider before buying a kid recliner

The purpose

Although recliner chairs are best-known for leisure purposes, you can also buy one to help you address medical issues. Kid recliner chairs have several medical benefits including:

  • Better quality of sleep. The slight head elevation helps asthmatic children breathe easily and reduces asthma symptoms. 
  • Boosts circulation and improves blood pressure. Elevating the legs for prolonged periods on a recliner is good for circulation. 
  • Reduces neck and back pain

Reach out and talk to a doctor if you want a recliner to address health issues. The doctor will advise you on the type and features to have. If the purpose of the recliner is leisure activities like gaming or watching TV, consider the following:

The type

There are two main types of recliners: manually operated and electrically powered. Electricity-powered recliners offer more comfort and are easy to handle. All you need to do is press a button. The recliner will automatically adjust to your preferences. However, they also have several downsides. For example, one can weigh a ton, must be located near a power output point, and could cause heartache if it breaks down and remains fixed in an awkward position.

The space available and size of the recliner

Recliners can take up plenty of space in your home. Even kiddy recliners are pretty large, and you should consider the size vis-a-vis the space available where you want to place them. 

After measuring the space to place it, use the dimensions and the child’s height and weight to determine the perfect recliner size. The recliner shouldn’t be too large. Otherwise, it would make the room feel cramped. It should also not be too small. 

Photo by Yan Krukov

The features

Recliners can have various features, but the most important one is that they should recline. Other features to look for include the following:

  • Cup holders
  • A swivel to help the kids get on and off independently. 
  • Extended leg 
  • Back and leg support
  • Storage space for toys, books, and game consoles

Keep in mind that more features often mean you’ll dig deeper into your pockets. 

Build material 

The material used to make the recliner is crucial. It should have a strong frame and robust fabric. The fabric and cushioning material should be easy to clean, odor-free, child-friendly, and safe – it shouldn’t mess up your house-cleaning routine

The cost

The cost should probably be the first thing to think of. But it is crucial to consider the factors above before the price because they influence the cost. 

What’s your budget? Have you considered how much you want to spend on the child recliner?

A high-quality, bigger, and multi-feature child recliner will cost more. 

Choosing the best child recliner

The following checks will help you know you have the best child recliner. 

  • Check the size: the arms should be at a comfortable height and padded. The occupant should be able to reach the reclining levers without strain. When resting, the feet should lie on the footrest and not dangle over the edge of the chair. The back should feel supported. The neck and head should also lie comfortably.
  • Check if it’s durable: the frame should be strong and the build material should be robust. It should be able to withstand kiddy activities, be easy to clean, and maintain a mint clean look even after months of use. 
  • Do the additional features match your desires? Features like cup holders, swivels, and adequate storage space should match your needs. 
  • The style and color should complement your child’s room and decor
  • Is it comfortable? The recliner should be more comfortable than a traditional armchair or sofa. The padding should be correct and support the head, neck, back, and legs. It should distribute body weight evenly and relieve pressure from joints and muscles. 

A final word

Child recliners have become more popular, and they are more affordable. You can find high-quality child recliners in yard sales and other second-hand shopping opportunities. If you must buy a new one, consider trying out a few in showrooms, then order online.