The Last Poem Printable

Do you have that song or book or poem that, whenever you hear or see or read it, you just feel that pinch in your heart? That every time you hear or read it, you just feel this lump in your throat and makes you teary-eyed all the time?

This poem does it for me. Every time I see this, no matter where I am or what I’m feeling, I always get choked up. I feel like stopping time so my baby won’t grow up and leave me, to go abroad to work or study or to have her own family. 🙁

I know it seems melodramatic but it’s just a reminder for us to parents to enjoy them while they’re still young, while you can still carry them in your arms, while they still consider you their bestfriend, while they still want to hold your hand, hug and kiss you and sleep beside you.

Because there will come a day, where they wouldn’t want to do those things with you anymore…

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