How To Get Things Done With a Baby

how to get things done with a baby

Here are my tips on how to get things done with a baby – whether newborn or older. These are tips on how to do housework/ cook/ run errands/ exercise and more, with a baby. How to actually get stuff done with a baby is quite a challenge, especially if you’re a new mom.  But … Read more

Newborn Baby Checklist [Free Printable]

How many milk bottles do I need? Do I really need a UV sterilizer? How many clothes/ diapers/ mittens does my newborn really need? How can I save more money and still get the essentials for my baby? I remember having the same questions before and more and going through dozens of blogs and vlogs … Read more

Diaper Bag Checklist for Newborns

diaper bag checklist_4

Here are the 13 items for your newborn’s diaper bag checklist. I remember the first few times I prepared a diaper bag checklist for my newborn. It was so heavy and so full! It had a lot of extra items – extra diapers, extra bottles, extra clothes and so on. I eventually wisened up, got … Read more