Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock a Tot: A Super Detailed Review

The Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock A Tot has 5 similarities and 5 differences. Read on to find out which baby lounger is better.

Are you looking for an item where you can safely place your baby while you’re doing chores or after giving them a bath?

Maybe you can consider between the Snuggle Me vs Dock A Tot, two popular baby loungers. Both are quite well known baby loungers that even celebrities like Kim Kardashian used it for their babies. 

Both these baby loungers are not recommended for unsupervised use or overnight sleep but a lot of parents have used them for both. And most have said that it’s been a lifesaver. Especially when their babies can’t sleep well.

I wouldn’t recommend them personally but I get the part where you’ve tried everything for your precious newborn to sleep. I’ve been there. And it’s pretty tough.

So if a baby lounger is your last resort to get those needed winks for both you and your baby, then this article is for you. Lets dive deeper into the features of the Snuggle Me vs Dock A Tot and compare them with one another. I’ve also researched their pros and cons, to see which one is really the better baby lounger.

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Let’s start with a quick comparison of their features below.

In a hurry? We recommend Snuggle Me Organic. It’s basically like the Dock A Tot, except it’s a tad cheaper, lighter and has a longer warranty policy.

Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock A Tot Comparison Chart

This is best viewed on a desktop. Compare the features of the Snuggle Me vs Dock A Tot at a glance.

FeaturesSnuggle Me OrganicDock A Tot Deluxe+ Dock
WeightWeighs 3 pounds Weighs 4.79 pounds
Safe for newbornsYes, for supervised useYes, for supervised use
Age Range• Infant Loungers (0 to 9 months) • Toddler Loungers (9+ months)• Dock A Tot Deluxe+ (0 to 8 months)
• DockaTot Grand (9 to 36 months)
Multi-use• Supervised lounging, tummy time, and playtime 
• Safe spot for baby massages
• Convenient place for quick diaper/nappy changes 
• Bonding time with parents and family 
• Familiar spot for babies while traveling
• Doing light chores (folding laundry, pumping, etc.) while your wide-awake baby lounges in it
• Working from home while your wide-awake baby is in your direct sight
Offers the same function and uses as Snuggle Me Organic
MaintenanceMachine washableMachine washable but certain parts must be washed manually
Size• 29 x 17 x 4 inches
• Center is 20.5 x 7 in
• 29 (Buckle closed) x 18 inches
• Center is 22 x 8-1/2 inches
•Height can be extended
Design• Simpler, one colour fabrics
• Center is unpadded
• Cradles a newborn better
• Has more various designs and prints
• Center has 1-inch thick padding made of polyester. 
• Has a little more space around the baby
Accessories• Includes one cover and travel bag
• Extra covers sold separately
• Toy Arch and Toy Set, Base Protector, Cabanda Kit, Getaway Tote – all sold separately
PricePriceyMore expensive than Snuggle Me Organic
Return Policy and Warranty60-day return policy and a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty

Below is a more detailed information on the differences and similarties between the Dock A Tot vs Snuggle Me.

Differences Between Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock A Tot


The DockATot can be extended by opening its buckle to accommodate a taller, longer baby.

It’s dimension is 29 inches (73.7 cm) L (Buckle closed) x 18 inches (45.7 cm) W, with its interior dimension at approx. 22 inches (55.9 cm) L x 8-1/2 inches (21.6 cm) W.

The Snuggle Me Organic’s dimension is ‎29 x 17 x 4 inches and its center is 20.5 x 7 in. 

If your baby has outgrown the Snuggle Me a little bit but they still like being on it, you can then just lift their head on the edge of the lounger, rather than keeping it inside the center lounger.


The DockATot Deluxe+ has more various designs and prints, compared to the simpler yet classy Snuggle Me Organic.

The center part of the DockATot Deluxe+ has also 1-inch thick padding made of polyester. While the Snuggle Me Organic‘s interior is unpadded.

However, the Snuggle Me Organic cradles a newborn better than the DockATot. It snuggles your little one quite comfortably, compared to the DockATot. 

Some parents have noted this as well, making their baby sleep well for a whole night. They mentioned that the Snuggle Me keeps their baby’s position on their back so they were not worried about their little ones rolling. They do check constantly for any signs of that. For them, the Snuggle Me acts as a swaddle to keep their babies in place.

The DockATot is basically a tiny crib bumper, according to some parents, and there were worries of their babies rolling in it then smooshing up their faces against the side.

Other parents prefer the DockATot though, as they said, as long as their baby can’t roll yet, there’s some space in it for side-to-side movement, preventing their babies’ face from getting smushed against the bumper.


The DockATot comes with a whole lot of accessories which can be quite useful, especially if you get to maximize its use.

You can purchase a Toy Arch and Toy Set to entertain your baby, get a Base Protector and Cabanda Kit for lounging outdoors, and a Getaway Tote for traveling.

Meanwhile, Snuggle Me Organic has only extra covers. Its set already includes 1 cover and a travel bag.


The DockATot is way more expensive than the Snuggle Me Organic.

Return Policy and Warranty

The Snuggle Me Organic has a 60-day return policy and a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty while the DockaTot has a 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty.

DockaTot vs Snuggle Me: Similarities


Both the DockaTot vs Snuggle Me are great for traveling, with the Snuggle Me Organic weighing at least 3 pounds and the DockaTot at 4.79 pounds. 

You can get a separate Getaway Tote for the DockaTot and purchase a separate travel bag with the Snuggle Me Organic.


Both the Dock A Tot vs Snuggle Me have considerably safe materials for newborns and babies and have been through stringent testing.

Age Range

Both the Snuggle Me vs Dock A Tot cater to infants and toddlers.

The Snuggle Me Organic has the Infant Loungers (0 to 9 months) and Toddler Loungers (9+ months), while Dock A Tot has the Deluxe+ (0 to 8 months) and DockaTot Grand 9 months – 36 months.


Both Snuggle Me vs Dock A Tot have multiple uses such as tummy time, playtime, and more.

Some parents have used it for overnight sleep and have even noted that it was tough to transition their baby to a flat surface, particularly when using the Snuggle Me.

So that’s something to think about.

Other parents have mentioned that they have used the DockATot even for their older babies (9 months old) and have been a great lounger, especially for bottle-feeding.


Both Snuggle Me vs Dock A Tot baby loungers are machine washable but certain parts of the DockATot need to be washed by hand.

If you don’t want to buy more covers for both brands or change it frequently due to spit-ups or messes, some parents have advised putting a diaper changing sheet cover on it.

Some parents have also complained about the Snuggle Me stuffing bunching up and luckily, they have a remedy for that.

Watch this video on how to reshape your Snuggle Me Organic lounger:

Let’s take a look again at each of the key features of these baby loungers, starting with the Snuggle Me Organic.

Snuggle Me Organic Features


The Snuggle Me Organic‘s dimension is ‎29 x 17 x 4 inches and its center is 20.5 x 7 in. 

Keep in mind that the average size of a newborn is 18-20 in and in the first month, they can typically grow 1.5 into 2 in.


You can use it anywhere flat and comfortable such as your bed, couch, or floor, depending on your baby’s age and how mobile they are.

The Snuggle Me Organic comes with a travel bag and weighs at least 3 pounds. So take note of that when bringing it for a quick visit to grandma’s house or family vacations.

Age Range 

The Snuggle Me Organic comes in two sizes: Infant Loungers (0 to 9 months) and Toddler Loungers (9+ months)

According to their website, the Infant lounger is meant for babies up to 9 months who are not yet crawling. 

Babies typically crawl between 6-12 months FYI. You’ll probably only utilize this for less than 9 months unless of course, your baby still likes lounging on it when they get older. 

Their Toddler lounge is considered safe for bigger babies (21″ from top to head) and or for little ones who are already crawling.


If you’re big on sustainable, organic, and ethically made materials, then the Snuggle Me Organic won’t disappoint. 

It’s a USA-Minnesota-made item, created with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard certified, organic, non-toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabrics.

So the materials are safe and comfortable for use, even for newborns.


The Snuggle Me Organic is designed to give your baby that feeling of being hugged, which they need especially in the 4th trimester.

Its middle part is unpadded so the side paddings can pull in to hold and your baby and make them feel like they’re being held. It’s highly effective in comforting and calming them.

If the padding or filling shifts during washing or because of your baby’s movement, you can reshape them. Watch this video on how to reshape your lounger

The Snuggle Me Organic is also available in various classy colors which can suit any bedroom.


The Snuggle Me Organic Set comes with 1 cover. You can buy a travel bag separately. You can also buy an extra cover, which is highly advisable.


The Snuggle Me Organic is filled with polyester fiber, making it a fully machine washable lounger. Make sure that it’s totally dry before using it for your baby.

If don’t want to deal with cleaning it frequently (babies do spit-ups and diaper blowouts), get another extra cover so you can use the other while the other is in the washing machine.

The Snuggle Me Organic Cover material is also made of organic cotton, making it safe and comfy for babies.


The Snuggle Me Organic is quite a pricey baby item, which you can request in your baby registry.

However, if you prefer to buy it yourself, you can head to the Snuggle Me website and subscribe to their newsletter to join their Snuggle Club group for 10% off. Join also their Facebook group to get updates on their heavily discounted items that are a little bit flawed or were returned.

Return Policy and Warranty 

They have a generous 60-day return policy and a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty for all new items.

It doesn’t mean though that you’re guaranteed a new lounger just because you’ve changed your mind or your baby hates staying on it. It’s a case-by-case basis and you will need to liaise with their customer service team for a possible refund or exchange.

You can check out their return portal and click “Initiate Return” for more info or you can also email them at with your order number.


Because of how it’s built, the Snuggle Me Organic is suitable for:

  • Tummy time and playtime
  • Doing light chores (folding laundry, pumping, etc.) while your wide-awake baby lounges on it on the table or sofa or floor
  • Working from home while your wide-awake baby is in your direct sight
  • Sunbathing your newborn out in your garden or picnicking, with a proper shelter and mat
  • Quick, supervised nap

Dock A Tot Features


The Dock A Tot dimension is 29 inches (73.7 cm) L (Buckle closed) x 18 inches (45.7 cm) W and the interior dimension is approx. 22 inches (55.9 cm) L x 8-1/2 inches (21.6 cm) W.

Here’s the interesting part though – the buckle can be opened for an additional length. Check it out below.

So that means, an extra-long or tall baby can still use and you can still utilize this even for older babies or toddlers!


It weighs around 4.79 pounds and you can buy a separate travel bag to bring this along with you anywhere.

Age Range

The Dock A Tot Deluxe+ Dock is recommended for ages 0-8+ months old.

They do have one for older babies – the Dock A Tot Grand, which is for kids 9 months – 36 months.


DockATot material features include air permeability and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certification.

Air permeability is believed to reduce the risk of SIDS (or so they say) While Oeko-Tex certified means the fabric close to your baby is safe and tested above and beyond for health-hazardous substances.


The Dock A Tot has gorgeous designs and prints, a 100% cotton cover, non-toxic dye and inks, and eco-friendly packaging.


The Delux+ Dock includes a cover but you can also purchase additional ones to match your baby’s room or style.

Other accessories such as the Toy Set, Toy Bundle Cabana Kit, Base Protector, and Getaway Tote are also available as a separate purchase.


Each piece of the Dock A Tot is washable but the outer cover and inner sleeve are the only parts safe for machine washing. 

The rest has to be washed manually.


The Dock-a-Tot is way more expensive than the Snuggle Me Organic but it’s probably because of how much you can extend it or accessorize it.

You can even attach a toy arch to it!

Return Policy and Warranty

You can return a Dock A Tot for a refund if your purchase was made within the last 30 items and it must be postmarked or shipped within 30 days from the original purchase date.

Of course, you have to deal with the shipping cost (but they do offer discounted shopping options)

However, return shipping is FREE in exchange for store credit. They offer a 1-year warranty for all Dock A Tot products.


As suggested on their website, the DockATot Deluxe+ can be used for the following:

  • Supervised lounging, tummy time, and playtime 
  • Safe spot for baby massages
  • Bonding time with parents and family 
  • Familiar spot for babies while traveling

Snuggle Me vs Dock A Tot: So Which is Better?

My vote goes to Snuggle Me Organic.

As of this writing, the Snuggle Me Organic is on the Top 4 of Amazon’s bestselling baby loungers, with 2,321 reviews, compared to DockaTot Deluxe+ Dock’sTop 7 with 1,543 reviews.

It practically has the same multiple uses as the DockaTot, only it’s cheaper, lighter, and has a longer return policy.

Parents are also saying it offers a more snug feeling for their newborn, compared to the DockATot.

However, the DockATot does have extra accessories like the Toy Arch and Set and even a Cabanda Kit which is pretty cute and cool to have. It also has more various designs and can be opened up and extended to accommodate a longer baby.

So it still depends on your preference and budget but if you want a cheaper, more snug choice, go for the Snuggle Me Organic.

My Personal Opinion on Dock A Tot vs Snuggle Me

Honestly, you don’t need a baby lounger, especially if your baby is not having some sleep issues.

AAP has already recommended never to use a baby lounger unsupervised nor for overnight sleep.

Both the Dock A Tot vs Snuggle Me have that warning on their products as well so it’s really up to you if you’re willing to take the risk.

But I do understand the need sometimes, to do anything you can to get your baby to sleep.

I have been there and there were a couple of times where I had to make my little one sleep in her baby bouncer because that was the only time she could have a decent, uninterrupted sleep. 

She was going through a particular phase and no amount of swaddling, carrying, babywearing, etc. could settle her down. 

I was feeling desperate to try anything and the only thing that could make her sleep was her baby bouncer. 

Which is also not approved for overnight sleeping nor any unsupervised activities. But I used it as a last resort and luckily, it got us a few days of rest and relief.

So yes, I get the feeling. I totally understand if you have the desperate need to buy and choose between the Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock A Tot.