Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers: Comparison Review

The Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers has 5 similarities and 4 differences. Read more to find out which one is the better diaper.

Are you wondering what’s the difference between the Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers?

This article then will help you figure out their differences and similarities. I’ve thoroughly researched both, comparing their features and I hope this would help you decide on what’s the best diaper for your baby.

Take note though that I’m reviewing the regular Pampers Swaddlers.

Not the apparently, recently improved Pampers Swaddlers Active Babies.

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And I’m reviewing the regular Pampers Cruisers, not the Pampers Cruisers 360 fit.

Let’s start with the similarities of Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers.

Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers: Similarities


Both are hypoallergenic diapers and are made of materials that are safe for a baby’s, even a newborn’s skin.

Pampers has a list of ingredients that are NOT in their products:

  • parabens
  • ethanol/ alcohol
  • latexPVC
  • BPA
  • elemental chlorine

and more. This makes Pamper diapers safe and gentle to use even on the most delicate skin.

Pampers Swaddlers trumps Cruisers slightly for 2 reasons.

One, it’s been reviewed and certified as skin safe by the Skin Health Alliance.

And two, it carries the seal as being the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Brand, as displayed on their website.

That’s a major flex right there, Swaddlers.

As of this writing, Pampers Swaddlers is the no. 1 bestselling disposable diaper on Amazon while Pampers Cruisers has the no. 8 spot.


Pampers Swaddlers have a very cotton-like softness, making them super comfortable for babies.

But some parents have mentioned that it’s lightly scented, which gets a little stronger when the diaper gets wet.

Pampers Cruisers are also comfortable although not as cottony soft as Pampers Swaddlers.

And according to some parents, it also has a slight chemical smell, when it gets even just a little bit wet.

Wetness indicator

Both diapers have a wetness indicator.

If you haven’t seen one in your Pampers Cruisers, that’s because it’s a recently added feature.

Which for me, is very odd. I’d assume diapers meant for babies (and not for toddlers) should always have the wetness indicator.

They haven’t even updated their “Materials and Safety” page for that so I guess they are still transitioning to the updated design?

I haven’t heard nor seen any reviews about the new wetness indicator for the Pampers Cruisers but for the Pampers Swaddlers, some parents have mentioned that it’s a little sensitive. That immediately changes color even if the diaper is only slightly wet.

Which would make you change diapers quite often, making you buy and spend more on diapers.

But if your baby is 5 months and below, then I think it’s totally fine to change their diapers every 2-3 hours, to avoid diaper rash.

But that’s just me.


Both are fairly priced diapers and you can save on both by getting the subscription.


Both have some really cute and adorable designs.

Pampers swaddlers vs cruisers
pic from Pampers website

I can imagine it being useful to distract a very mobile baby, especially when they are refusing to have their diaper changed.

Both are also thin and very compact, allowing you to carry more in your diaper bag.

Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers: Differences


Pampers Swaddlers promises to keep your baby’s skin dry and healthy. It has a 12-hour wetness protection and BreathFree liner feature keeps away the wetness from your baby’s skin.

It also has an extra-absorbent channel that evenly distributes the wetness throughout the diaper. This helps prevent buildups in just one area that can cause leakage.

This feature also helps in preventing diaper rash, making sure that your baby stays safe and dry.

However, some parents have noticed that its extra-absorbency feature only seems to work on the front of the diaper.

Some parents have also complained about its back part not being long and high enough to hold in leaks and blowouts.

There are also some mixed reviews about its 12-hour wetness protection. Other parents have mentioned that it doesn’t work for overnight use.

It’s still the number one bestselling disposable diaper on Amazon though, so I guess it works for most parents.

There are also some reviews about the Pampers Swaddlers sagging, especially when the baby gets more mobile and active.

Meanwhile, there are also some mixed reviews about the Pampers Cruisers. Especially now that it has updated its diaper and added the wetness indicator feature.

Pampers Cruisers has a Lockaway Channels feature that keeps moisture away from your baby’s skin.

It also ensures to evenly the wetness throughout the entire diaper, to prevent buildup and eventually, leakage.

Most parents are also raving about its overnight feature and are happy that it was able to deliver its 12-hour wetness protection promise.

But there are still some mixed complaints about the Pampers Cruisers leaking especially at nighttime. Some parents have also noted that it’s sagging sometimes.

Security and Fit

The velcro-like fasteners in Pampers Swaddlers are very secure and reliable, giving enough room to adjust it accordingly.

It has comfortable leg openings but it’s not as stretchable, especially if you have a bigger or chubbier baby with thick thighs.

It also doesn’t have the flexibility that older babies need, especially when they are more mobile.

Enter Pampers Cruisers.

This diaper is made for babies who are more active and on the go.

It adapts to your little ones’ waist, legs, and bottom and stays put for a comfy yet secure fit.

This unique 3-way fit feature allows for more freedom of movement while still ensuring leakages are prevented.

Pampers swaddlers vs cruisers
pic from Pampers website

So babies can roll around, run, and whatever gymnastics thing they can do, and the Pampers Cruisers will adjust and move with them.

At least that’s the hope. And their promise.

Some parents have mentioned though its side straps easily tear off, rendering it useless.


Pampers Swaddlers sizes starts at Newborn – Size 0 (less than 10 lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb).

Pampers Cruisers, on the other hand, is more for mobile babies. Sizes starts at Size 3 (16-28lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb).


Pamper Swaddlers has a special cut-out space feature for a newborn’s umbilical cord, keeping it free from irritation or discomfort.

Pampers Cruisers doesn’t have that feature as it’s for younger babies, it’s more for mobile and active little ones.

Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers: Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop computer. Check out the features at a glance and compare the Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers.

FeaturesPampers SwaddlersPampers Cruisers
Safetysafe for newborns, hypoallergenicsafe for babies, hypoallergenic
Comfortcottony-soft texturesoft like a blanket
Wetness Indicatoravailable but a little sensitiveavailable
Pricefairly priced, cheaper with subscriptionfairly priced, cheaper with subscription
Designcute and adorablesame
Absorbencymixed reviews, still the no. 1 bestselling disposable diaper though in Amazonmixed reviews
Security and Fitfits well on newborns and younger babiesmade for more mobile and active babies
Sizesstarts at Newborn – Size 0 (less than 10 lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb)sizes starts at Size 3 (16-28lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb)
Newborn umbilical cord notchavailablenone

Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers: Which is right for you baby?

It generally boils down to how mobile your kid is as the Pampers Crusiers are definitely for more active babies.

The Pampers Swaddlers might also be as comfortable as the Pampers Cruisers but the Cruisers fit better for babies who are always on the move.

And by better fit, I mean they can adapt to the different movements of a more mobile baby while still avoiding leaks.

Pampers Swaddlers are more suitable for newborns and younger babies, (as they have available sizes for such,).

While Pampers Cruisers sizes start only at Size 3 or for babies 16-28lbs.

Of course, it all depends on your preference and how your baby is adjusting to the diaper, as Pampers Swaddlers has also a range of sizes for older babies.

I hope this article has helped make you choose between the Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers.

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