A Surprising Pampers Swaddlers Review (With Test Video)

Looking for a Pampers Swaddlers review – a detailed one on Size 1 and Size 3 (Active Baby), with all helpful and practical info, with feedback from real parents that have used this diaper?

Then this article is for you.

Here you’ll get to watch a video and learn what makes Pampers Swaddlers one of the best-selling, popular diapers for parents and even for hospitals.

And you’ll get to know some not-so-nice reviews from parents about the said diaper.

Let’s start with a quick features table of the Pampers Swaddlers diapers.

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Features Table: Pampers Swaddlers

Here’s a quick guide on the features of Pampers Swaddlers Diaper:

FeaturesPampers Swaddlers
SizesPreemie Size 0 (less than 10 lbs) up to Size 8 (46+ lb)
Umbilical Cord protection Available
PriceNot Cheap

Scroll below for detailed info on its features

Pampers Swaddlers Review


Pampers Swaddlers is a hypoallergenic diaper that makes it great to use even for newborns.

In fact, it is certified as skin safe by the Skin Health Alliance and it’s used in most hospitals for preemies – even in the NICU!

As of this writing, Pampers Swaddlers is the no. 1 bestselling disposable diaper on a major e-commerce website for months now.

This is proof of how popular and trusted this diaper is among parents.

This has also an Umbilical Cord Notch, a special feature that keeps your baby’s belly free from irritation or discomfort.


Pampers Swaddlers may not the best choice for an eco-friendly, organic diaper if you’re looking for one.

Their diapers don’t have any parabens, ethanol/ alcohol, latex, PVC, BPA, or elemental chlorine, which makes it safe and gentle to use on newborns. 

But they are scented, which makes parents switch to a more organic diaper.


Pampers Swaddlers come in Preemie sizes and from Size 0 (less than 10 lbs) up to Size 8 (46+ lbs).


There’s a reason why Pampers Swaddlers is one of the top consistently bestselling disposable diapers. 

And one of them is its very soft, cotton quality, making it super comfortable and cozy for your baby.

A lot of parents say their babies never had a diaper rash because of Pampers Swaddlers!

However it’s slightly scentd, which some parents don’t like. Some said the smell gets stronger when it gets wet.

I do smell a powdery scent on it, which is quite strong actually.

Some said the pee of their baby’s smell gets stronger too in this diaper!

A few parents also had complaints about their babies getting diaper rash from using Pampers Swaddlers.

Wetness indicator

Pampers Swaddlers has a wetness indicator which makes it very easy to know if your baby needs diaper changing.

But some parents said it’s too sensitive. The wetness indicator will immediately change color even if the diaper is only slightly wet.

This makes parents change their baby’s diaper more often.

This means, you need to buy more diapers and Pampers Swaddlers are not cheap! It gets pretty pricey if you change your baby’s diaper multiple times a day.


I find Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 diapers really absorbent.

Just check out my test video below:

Just take note that, just because a diaper absorbs quickly, doesn’t mean you can’t change your baby’s diaper that often.

You still need to change their diapers every 2-3 hours, especially for newborns and younger babies, to prevent diaper rash.

So don’t get too complacent with Pampers Swaddlers Size 1.

Some parents love that they don’t experience any diaper leaks or diaper blowouts and that it’s great for overnight use.

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One mom even shared this comment – “I can leave him in this all night and it doesn’t leak. His clothes will be dry in the morning.”

But some don’t find it as effective and said they still experience leaks and diaper blowouts, especially at night. Some also noticed that its back part can’t seem to hold in diaper messes.

Pampers Swaddlers ACTIVE BABY Size 3 diapers is a completely different story.

I don’t find it that quick to absorb large amounts of liquid.

Just check out my test video for Pampers Size 3 diapers below:

Which is a bummer cause this is meant for older, more mobile babies. That means they pee, poop and move a lot, so ideally, they’ll wear a diaper that’s stretchable enough and can absorb quickly.

Security and Fit 

Pampers Swaddlers is a huge diaper, which will suit large, tall, chunky babies.

Most parents like how Pampers Swaddlers fit their little ones. It’s very secure and fits snugly on their cute little tushies.

I find the Size 3 tabs not as sticky, but the Size 1 tabs are sticky enough to keep the diaper in place.

Pampers Swaddlers is not really advertised as a stretchable, flexible diaper.

So if you want a diaper that can accommodate a more mobile baby or active toddler, you might want to try and test out another diaper.

Like Pampers Cruisers.

You can check out my comparison review between Pampers Swaddlers vs Pampers Cruisers here.


Pampers Swaddlers is considered a premium diaper so it doesn’t come cheap. 

But you can save some if you get it by subscription.

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It’s also better to get it online on a subscription, as most parents said it’s slightly cheaper than getting it in a physical store.


Pampers Swaddlers has some cute designs but they’re not as varied, compared to other diapers.

Like, say Hello Bello or Honest diapers.

But if the design is the least bit of your concern, then you’ll find Pampers Swaddlers adequate.

FAQ: Pampers Swaddlers

What is the difference between Swaddlers and regular Pampers?

The difference between Pampers Swaddlers and assuming the regular Pampers is the Baby Dry is primarily, its top absorbent layer and the umbilical cord notch.
Pampers Swaddlers has the latter while Pampers Baby Dry doesn’t have it.
And Pampers Swaddlers has a soft, cottony feel, compared to Pampers Baby Dry.

When to stop using Pampers Swaddlers?

There’s no recommended advice to stop using Pampers Swaddlers at a specific age or size.
But typically, most parents change diapers when they experience a lot of leakages, or blowouts, see some diaper marks, or when their baby is getting more mobile.

What Pampers is better: Swaddlers or Baby Dry?

To find which Pampers diaper is better, Swaddlers or Baby Dry, you would need to test the diapers as it will depend on your baby.

How many hours do Pampers Swaddlers last?

Pampers Swaddlers promises 12-hour leak protection and many parents can attest to that.
However, it’s not a perfect diaper and some parents have experienced a lot of leakages and diaper blowouts from it.

Diapering Hacks

Here are some diaper tips and tricks you can try:

  • Prevent diaper rash, by always applying diaper rash cream, even if your baby doesn’t have a diaper rash.
  • Do a lot of diaper-free time. It’s a lot more freeing for your baby.
  • Get a diaper caddy for easy changing of your baby’s diaper anywhere in the house!
  • You can use a backpack as a diaper bag. Or any bag – shoulder bag, messenger bag, duffel bag – can turn into a diaper bag!

Alternatives to Pampers Swaddlers

Here are other alternatives to look at if Pampers Swaddlers doesn’t seem to suit your baby:

Check out my comparison review of some these diapers against Pampers Swaddlers below:

Pampers Swaddlers: Pros and Cons

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of Pampers Swaddlers Diaper

Pros of Pampers Swaddlers Diaper

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Has umbilical cord protection 
  • Preemie size available
  • Very absorbent

Cons of Pampers Swaddlers Diaper

  • Scented
  • Not cheap

Final Thoughts on Pampers Swaddlers Review

There’s no doubt that Pampers Swaddlers has top-notch quality and is one of the bestselling disposable diapers out there.

It’s even used in the NICU and carries the seal of approval from dermatologists.

It would have been better though if they were more transparent with the ingredients of their diapers, as this seems to be one of the most complaints from baby diapering experts.

Still, the Size diapers are very effective in keeping your baby dry and away from diaper rash – there’s no doubt about that.

But again, I would recommend trying it out first before buying it in bulk. As it will really depend on your baby.

You can also try out a test diaper pack here – get other diapers for testing, to see which one works better for your baby.

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