Pampers Baby Dry Review (How Good or Bad Is This Diaper?)

Want to switch diapers and looking for a helpful, practical, no-bullshit Pampers Baby Dry review?

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Here you’ll see the general opinion of parents about the features of Pampers Baby Dry.

You’ll also see an overview of its pros and cons.

So without further adieu, let’s start with an overview of the features of Pampers Baby Dry diapers.

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Features Table: Pampers Baby Dry

FeaturesPampers Baby Dry
SizesSize 0 (<10lb) up to Size 6 (35lb)
ComfortMixed review
AbsorbencyMixed review
Security & FitMixed review, Adhesive tab keeps falling off
Wetness IndicatorAvailable for Newborn up to Size 2

Pampers Baby Dry Review (Detailed Features Info)

Here’s a more informative breakdown of the features of the Pampers Baby Dry diapers


Pampers is a globally known diaper brand that has been trusted by parents and is even used in hospitals! 

All of their diapers are hypoallergenic and have safe ingredients even for newborns. 

You can check out detailed info on their ingredients here.

Pampers Baby Dry, in particular, is free of BPA, elemental chlorine, alcohol, latex, lead, and mercury in printed inks, parabens, PCV, etc.

They are also hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved, making them super safe for babies.


Pampers Baby Dry has sizes for newborns onwards – from Size 0 (<10lb) up to Size 6 (35lb).


For most parents, Pampers Baby Dry seems gentle and comfortable enough for their babies.

It might not have a super soft cottony quality like the Pampers Saddlers. 

And it might run a bit thinner and smaller (according to some parents).

But so far, it’s been cozy enough for their little ones.

Some parents, though, don’t like how rough and thin it can feel. 

A few have complained of diaper rashes caused by Pampers Baby Dry.

And some also noted that it has a very strong scented smell.


Pampers Baby Dry is advertised to be 100% leak proof, with stretchy sides for a secure and comfy fit that can help prevent diaper blowouts.

They also mentioned having 12-hour wetness protection, with new and improved Dual Leak Guard Barriers that can help with leakages.

And some parents agree! 

Some said it’s been their go-to overnight diaper for their babies. And so far, they have 0 complaints.

But some parents, they’ve experienced leakages from the back.

And because they seem thinner, there are also complaints of it not being absorbent enough, leading to leakages and constant diaper changes.

Security and Fit 

Pampers Baby Dry, according to most parents, generally feels comfortable on their babies.

But for others, there are complaints of it being smaller, which can cause diaper leakages at night.

Some also mentioned some of the diaper mess would spill from their baby’s back.

Some parents also noted that its adhesive side tabs keep getting unfastened, especially with a more mobile baby.

One mom even mentioned that her toddler handed her the said diaper the latter was wearing, asking for a diaper change since the tab wasn’t sticky anymore!

Wetness Indicator 

Pampers Baby Dry has a wetness indicator but it’s weirdly only for newborns up to Size 2.


Pampers Baby Dry has some fun Sesame Street designs, which are pretty useful to have.

Especially if your kid knows Sesame Street and you want to distract them from wriggling while changing their diapers.


Pampers Baby Dry might not be as superior in quality as Pampers Swaddlers but they are definitely cheaper!

That means you can save more on diapers, especially if you get them by subscription.

Pampers Baby Dry Pros and Cons

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of Pampers Baby Dry Diaper

Pros of Pampers Baby Dry

  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • At the time of this article’s publishing, has a lot of positive absorbency reviews

Cons of Pampers Baby Dry

  • Can feel a bit rough and thin
  • Has a scented smell
  • Tab is not sticky enough
  • Feels thin and looks small

Alternatives to Pampers Baby Dry

Here are other alternatives to look at if Pampers Baby Dry doesn’t seem to fit your needs:

Premium Diapers

Affordable Diapers

FAQ on Pampers Baby Dry

Are Pampers Baby Dry diapers good?

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers can be good, depending on your baby. It has mixed reviews in general but lately (as of this publishing), they have been getting a lot of raves from parents, saying that it’s absorbent enough and it’s their go-to overnight diapers.

Is Pampers Baby Dry Good for overnight?

Pampers Baby Dry is good for overnight use, according to some parents. It has a mixed review though as some don’t find it absorbent enough, which leads to a lot of diaper changes and leakages.

Do Pampers Baby Dry leak?

Yes, Pampers Baby Dry leak. 
Some parents said they’ve been able to use it as an overnight diaper with 0 complaints.
But some parents noticed that using Pampers Baby Dry has led to a lot of diaper leakages.

Diapering Tips and Hacks

Check out these tricks and tips for an easier diaper-changing time: 

  • Always apply diaper rash cream, to prevent diaper rashes, regardless if your baby has a diaper rash or not.
  • Give your baby some diaper-free time, to allow their diaper area to breathe.
  • Use a diaper caddy if you find yourself constantly wanting to change your baby’s diaper in another room.
  • Any bag – shoulder bag, messenger bag, duffel bag, backpack – can be a diaper bag!

Pampers Baby Dry Review Takeaway

A lot seems to have changed in Pampers Baby Dry, based on the recent positive reviews from parents online (at the time of this article’s publishing).

They seem to have more positive reviews regarding its absorbency.

There are not a lot of complaints about diaper rash and it’s still more affordable than the premium diapers!

I would recommend trying it out, as it really depends on your baby and how they react to it.

Try buying only a small pack or something that can last for 2 or 3 days, so you can gauge how effective it is for daytime and overnight use.

I hope this Pampers Baby Dry Review article has helped make you choose a more suitable diaper for your baby.