Newborn Essentials Checklist Printable

How many milk bottles do I need? Do I really need a UV sterilizer? How many clothes/ diapers/ mittens does my newborn really need? How can I save more money and still get the essentials for my baby? I remember having the same questions before and more and going through dozens of blogs and vlogs … Read more

Luvs vs Pampers: Which Diaper Should You Get?

luvs vs pampers

If you’re deciding between Luvs vs Pampers, here’s some quick info: Pampers is more popular and of higher quality (based on online reviews) while Luvs does a decent diapering job, at a cheaper price. Are you thinking of changing your baby’s diaper and have narrowed it down to either Luvs or Pampers? They might be … Read more

Manduca vs Boba: Which is the Better Baby Carrier?

manduca vs boba

The Manduca vs Boba has 10 differences and 8 similarities. Read on to find out more. Have you narrowed down your baby carrier options to the Manduca vs Boba? Both are very reliable, sturdy, and comfy baby carriers but personally, I’d pick Manduca. Because it has some of the features that I would have looked … Read more

Preparing Your Child For The Dentist To Avoid Tears and Tantrums

preparing your child for the dentist

Here are my 13 tips on preparing your child for the dentist to avoid fears, tears and tantrums. My little one’s first dental check-up was when she was 3 months old. She started teething which, according to the dentist, wasn’t unusual for her age.  We left the dentist office less worried but way stressed. Because … Read more

9 Easy Ways On How to Make Tooth Brushing Fun For Toddlers

how to make tooth brushing fun for toddlers_2

Here are my 9 easy tips on how to make tooth brushing fun for toddlers. I started teaching my toddler to brush her teeth a month after she turned 2. I was still brushing her before (started when she was 6 months old with a baby toothbrush and only water) until I noticed some discoloration … Read more

How To Feel Fulfilled As A Stay At Home Mom 

how to feel fulfilled as a stay at home mom

Here are my 15 daily and mental tips on how to feel fulfilled as a stay at home mom. Do you ever feel that you could be doing more than just wiping butts, cleaning non-stop, and occasionally shouting at your kids to behave on a daily basis? Do you feel that your life is just … Read more

15 Tips On Weaning Toddler Off The Bedtime Bottle

weaning toddler off the bedtime bottle

Read my 7 steps in weaning toddler off the bedtime bottle and 8 more ideas on how to bottle wean your little one. I dreaded weaning my toddler off the bedtime bottle. I know she’d go nuts without it, especially at night. So I stalled and told myself it was fine. I personally know a … Read more

How To Get Things Done With a Baby

how to get things done with a baby

Here are my 49 tips on how to get things done with a baby – whether newborn or older. These are tips on how to do housework/ cook/ run errands/ exercise or more, done, with a baby. How to actually get stuff done with a baby is quite a challenge, especially if you’re a new … Read more

Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger Comparison Review

leachco podster vs boppy lounger

The Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger has 3 similarities and 8 differences. Read on to find out which baby lounger is better. Baby loungers are an in-thing with parents nowadays. It’s a lifesaver that can keep you hands-free, so you can get things done even with a clingy baby. A lot of parents have used … Read more