5 Best Non Toxic Baby Gym For Your Child’s Development

The best non toxic baby gym should ideally, be entirely made from baby-safe materials, with 100% certified organic toys that won’t overstimulate your babies.

A wooden activity gym is a beautiful piece of baby furniture that’s worth having, as it can help spark your newborn’s development to meet their milestones.

But it’s usually expensive and personally, I don’t think it’s a newborn essential

But if you have the budget for it or if you want one for your baby registry, then this article can help you decide which one is worth the money.

I’ve noticed that wooden infant play gyms are also popular newborn gifts from grandparents and relatives as well. So you might also want to share this article with them. Give them that not-so-subtle hint! 🙂

The ones I’ve researched below are the most mentioned, most highly recommended, best baby play gym from experts and parents alike, that are well-built, sturdy, and are baby-safe. 

But first, let’s have a quick check on the benefits of having a non toxic baby gym.

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In A Rush? Check Out The Best Non Toxic Baby Gym Below

Here are the most highly recommended, most mentioned non toxic baby gym for newborns. All of these non-toxic wood baby play gyms can still be utilized until toddlerhood, albeit in a different way.

non toxic baby gym
pic from Lovevery website

The Play Gym by Lovevery

  • One of Our Top Recommendations
  • Award-Winning Non Toxic Activity Gym
  • Top 4 Bestseller on Amazon (as of this publishing)
  • Best For Big Spaces

non toxic baby gym 3
pic from Finn + Emma website

Finn + Emma Wooden Baby Play Gym

  • Two of Our Top Recommendations
  • Best Non Toxic Activity Gym
  • 100% Certified Organic and Eco-friendly
  • All Parts and Toys Are Baby-Safe and Non-Toxic

non toxic baby gym 4
pic from HABA website

HABA Color Fun Play Gym

  • Best Wooden Baby Gym For Small Spaces
  • Best Baby Play Gym For Traveling

The Activity Gym by Monti Kids

  • Includes access to Montessori video guides and Montessori community

non toxic baby gym 5
pic from Ikea

Ikea Leka Baby Gym

Cheapest Non-Toxic and Organic Play Gym for Baby

Benefits Of A Non Toxic Play Gym

Safer Toys For Newborns

Little ones tend to grab, lick, suck and put things in their mouth. Having an safe, organic, non toxic play gym will give you that peace of mind that your baby is not getting any harmful substance that can be toxic for their health.

Improves Gross Motor Skills

Toys on baby play gyms can help newborns meet their movement milestones

Babies will try to swipe at the dangling objects, raise their head, open and shut their hands, bring hands to their mouth, etc. all skills necessary for them to transform into a very active and responsive infant.

Increases Cognitive Development

The best activity gym can offer opportunities for following and recognizing objects at a distance, turning in the direction of a sound, using hands and eyes in coordination, exploring colors, and playing with peekaboo toys (cause and effect), and more. 

These skills are necessary to encourage cognitive development.

But again, not having the best non toxic baby gym doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby will lose on opportunities that can help them meet their developmental milestones.

Having a non toxic baby gym just makes things easier for parents to set up an environment where a newborn can play with age-appropriate toys and activities that can spark their development.

How To Choose The Best Non Toxic Baby Gym


The parts that can be grabbed and mouthed by your baby, should ideally be free of harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, EVA foam, heavy metals PVC, etc, which can be toxic to your baby’s health and can even affect your baby’s behavior.

It would be better if the toy materials are made from 100% organic cotton to ensure that no pesticides were used during growing.

Sustainably sourced wood coated with a baby-safe finishing such as water-based, non-toxic paint is also ideal to have.

One that doesn’t use any glue for construction is also the best option.


The best non toxic play gym that’s durable and stable is obviously best to have as you don’t want its parts breaking and falling on your baby’s face or when your pets and other younger kids accidentally hit it.

Something that’s also wide enough for babies to move and roll under is also ideal to have, so they won’t get stuck against the wooden frame.


A non toxic baby gym that comes with its own set of toys and its playmat is preferable to have. So you don’t need to look what type of plaything or playmat would suit it.

A variety of toys that can assist your baby to meet their developmental milestones would be great to have.

One where you can detach the toys that come with it and attach your toys is also best to have.

Ideally, toys should be engaging enough to spark your newborn’s development.

The best non-toxic play gyms usually go for a few toys, with a more subdued color and are less noisier compared to their plastic counterparts. This is to avoid overstimulating your baby.


A non toxic baby gym that are easy to wipe and clean from spit-ups, vomit, and even diaper blowouts can make your life easier.

Toys that can be easily washed and hung dry are also a must-have.


The best play gym that has an adjustable height and can be easily stored or carried for traveling is ideal to have.

Think also of what you can do with the non toxic play gym after your baby has outgrown it. The best non-toxic activity gyms are quite expensive so you’d want to get more out of it!

Some parents have commented that since the material was sturdy enough, their babies have used it to help them stand or cruise. 

Others were used by their toddlers, for imaginary or pretend play. While some have used it to hang their kid’s toys, clothes, and even plants.

5 Best Non Toxic Baby Gym

The Play Gym by Lovery


pic from Lovevery website

The Play Gym by Lovevery

  • One of Our Top Recommendations
  • Award-Winning Non Toxic Activity Gym
  • Top 4 Bestseller on Amazon (as of this publishing)
  • Best For Big Spaces
Toys are 100% organic, BPA and phthalates free, and wooden legs are sustainably sourced with non-toxic water-based finishing.Playmat is made of polyester 
Stable and durable wooden frameStraps for hanging toys are not adjustable
Easy to assembleChallenging to disassemble
Large and comfortable playmat
Lots of engaging toys and activities
Comes with a play guide with developmental stages
Machine-washable playmat and toys


Product size: 24 H x 38 W x 43 L (in) with mat zones closed

24 H x 50 W x 47 L (in) with mat zones open

Item Weight: ‎7.6 pounds or 3.4kg


The Lovevery Play Mat is a beautiful non-toxic activity gym that has a water-based non-toxic finishing and its plastic and silicone parts are manufactured without BPA and phthalates.

Its Montessori ball is made with 100% organic cotton and the wooden batting ring is sustainably sourced.

Its teether is also made of 100% organic cotton with a BPA-free silicone ring.

And its wooden legs are FSC-certified wood, also sustainably sourced.

Its playmat is made of polyester though, but it’s been tested to be non-toxic and baby-safe. 

The Lovevery team actually tried to use all organic for the mat, just like how they use it for the toy attachments. But they asked their customers about it and the majority voted polyester since it’s cheaper and easier to clean.


Its wooden legs are stable and are secured through the playmat, so your babies won’t be able to tip it over.

It can be pushed or pulled by a toddler though so keep an eye on them on your older kids if they’re also keen to play with the Lovevery while your baby is in it.

The playmat is also big enough and its wooden legs are angled in such a way that your baby can freely roll and crawl without hurting themselves.

The learning cards and mirror are also safely secure in the fabric and its cards are even printed with soy ink!


I think the Lovevery has probably one of the most engaging toys out there that’s not overly stimulating.

I’m not a teacher but I follow a lot of degree and Ph.D. holder teachers/ moms on Instagram who encourage playing, even for newborns. And I’d like to believe I’ve learned enough from them to know how important it is for kids to play, even infants!

But I digress.

Basically, the playmat has 5 different development zones:

  • Learning to focus – which is the mirror and the black and white learning cards
  • Making sounds – the crinkly zone that can also make a honking sound 
  • How things feel – the different textured part
  • Hiding and finding – where the hidden ring is
  • Exploring colors – the soft, colorful tabs

All of these things engage your newborn’s 5 senses, helping them to meet their developmental milestones.

It’s also useful that the Lovevery Play Gym comes with a booklet guide full of activities. This can give you dozens of ideas for fun-staged play for your newborn up to 12 months!

I had to google newborn activities before and I actually subscribed to this Baby Sparks app to get some playtime ideas and to learn anything about developmental milestones.

So it’s quite helpful that the Lovevery has thought of including a pretty helpful booklet guide about it!

The toys in the Lovevery are removable and can be replaced with your chosen toy, using the available velcro pieces.

Other parents though wish that the strap lengths are adjustable and could be hung from more places.

Some parents also mentioned that it would be better if the learning cards can be positioned in another part of the playmat or attached to the wooden legs, as it tends to fall out.

Update: They also have an app now about development stages, age-appropriate activities and more! Check out the Lovevery app here.


The hanging, fabric toys are machine-washable as well as the playmat itself.

But some parents have complained about the “Learn To Focus” part not being detachable and might be ruined by constant washing.

The playmat can attract hair and lint but it’s easy to lint brush it and stains can wash easily in the washing machine.


The Lovevery can become a play fort when used with the Play Space Cover. Twin babies can actually comfortably play in it and it can also be used for playdates!

Even toddlers can also use it as a tent, for hide and seek or pretend play.


The Lovevery Activity Gym is very easy to assemble and would only take you 2 minutes or so. 

However, some parents find it hard to disassemble and would wish that it’s foldable, instead of unscrewing the connector and detaching the legs.

Other parents are also saying it would be great if it came with its travel bag.

Finn + Emma Wooden Baby Play Gym

Finn + Emma Wooden Baby Play Gym

  • Two of Our Top Recommendations
  • Best Non Toxic Activity Gym
  • 100% Certified Organic and Eco-friendly
  • All Parts and Toys Are Baby-Safe and Non-Toxic
Toys are 100% organic cotton yarn, teethers are finished with vegetable seed wax, and neither frame nor toys contain any BPA, VOCs, heavy metals, phthalates, or formaldehydeDoesn’t come with a playmat
Sturdy and stableCan’t fold for easy storing
Simple and stylishWooden leg base might hurt rolling baby
Toys are detachable
Adjustable frame height


Overall: 19″ wide x 24″ high x 2.5″ thick

Decor (4): 1″ thick x 6″ long

‎Item Weight: 4.09 pounds or 1.8 kg


Finn + Emma Play Gym is probably the best non-toxic activity gym that’s 100% certified organic, eco-friendly, and baby-safe. 

Because there are no plastic parts or whatsoever!

Both its frame and toys are free from BPA, VOCs, heavy metals, phthalates, or formaldehyde.

The teething toys are made from untreated Indian hardwood with a vegetable seed wax finishing.

Its rattle toys are made from 100% organic cotton yarn and sheep’s wool stuffing.

The wooden frame is made of 100% birch wood frame finished with non-toxic stains and lacquers.

It also comes in a variety of classic and gorgeous wooden tone colors that will look lovely in your baby’s nursery room.

If you’re looking for a certified 100% non-toxic activity gym and baby safe, then this is it!


The frame is also stable and sturdy enough, with a long base. Your baby won’t be able to grab into this and make it fall on them.

But be wary when you have a rowdy toddler nearby, especially if your baby is under this play gym, as they can easily push or pull it.

It’s the type of toy that can be used for years, especially if you’re planning to expand your family, for its beautiful and durable material.


The toys are quite lovely to look at and 100% baby safe.

The teethers and toys are removable so you can replace them with another toy or take it with you and hang it on strollers, high chairs, or even in the car!

You can also choose to get Finn + Emma’s other toys and pretty much create your play gym.


You can easily wipe down the wooden frame with a damp cloth.

The knitted toys must be washed by hand in cold water and mild detergent.


The height of the frame can be adjusted to two heights, so your baby can properly reach the hanging toys.

You have to use an Allen wrench though to adjust its height and to assemble the whole frame.

Your toddler can use the frame and toys for pretend play or imaginative play.


You can’t fold it for storing so you need to disassemble the whole play gym. Which can be quite a hassle since it needs to be unscrewed using an Allen wrench.

HABA Color Fun Play Gym

HABA Color Fun Play Gym

  • Best Organic Play Gym For Small Spaces
  • Best Baby Gym For Traveling

Wood material is sustainably sourced with solvent-free and/or water-based stains, toys are free from harmful chemicals and substanceDoesn’t come with a playmat
Lightweight yet sturdyComes with only 1 toy
Saves spaceNot wide enough for baby to move
Easy to assemble and disassemble
Has adjustable height bar
Can hang other toys


Dimension: ‎23.4 x 18.7 x 2.6 inches

Item Weight: ‎2.2 pounds


Designed in Germany and made in Bulgaria, the HABA team is pretty serious about its high-quality materials.

The wooden frame and the toy frog are made of birch and beech wood came from Germany and carry the PEFC seal meaning it’s sustainably sourced.

Solvent-free paints or water-based stains are used on any colored wooden toys. So you don’t need to worry about toxic ingredients when the toys end up in your baby’s mouth.

All their toys that are made of fabric have been tested rigorously and are free from harmful substances.

There are no chemicals or glues used in its construction.


It’s very easy to assemble and also easy to adjust the height of the bar, even if your baby is under it!

The HABA is lightweight but safe and sturdy enough for your little one.

Just be careful of toddlers and older kids accidentally pushing or pulling it with your newborn still under the play gym.


It has these colorful wooden disks on the side, which your baby can bang together to make some noises.

It also comes with a rattling frog to help your baby focus and develop their visual, listening, and gross motor skills.

There’s adequate space to hang all sorts of things and toys on its bars, such as black and white graphic cards, ribbons, teethers, etc.

Some parents also hang a small mirror, wind chime toys and one even hung some twinkling lights on the bar!

One mom shared that it fits perfectly inside the pack n play and her baby loves it!


You can wipe the frame and toy with a damp cloth with warm water. 

HABA also said that a small amount of dish soap or vinegar essence mix combined with water can be used to clean its wooden toys. 

But just don’t submerge it in water nor place it in the dishwasher as it can damage its water-based coatings.


It’s very easy to assemble and even disassemble.

Some parents even bring it for travel and vacations as it’s lightweight and quick to dismantle.

It also doesn’t take a lot of space, which is perfect for small rooms or apartments.

Adjusting the height of the bar includes a very simple screw mechanism, allowing you to adjust it in seconds.

It can also be adjusted enough to go over some regular bouncer seats.

It can still also entertain your little one when they get older, for pretend or imaginative play.

Its durable, high-quality material makes it a great hand-me-down gift for your next babies.

The Activity Gym by Monti Kids

The Activity Gym by Monti Kids

  • Includes access to Montessori video guides and Montessori community
Uses sustainably sourced wood, non-toxic paint and has met US standards for resting, including ASTM and CPSCTakes up a lot of space
Sturdy and stableDoesn’t come with a playmat
Large available space for babies to move and roll under
Comes with 6 toys
Includes access to video guides about the Montessori method, private community, online class, etc.

Includes Access to Montessori Video Guides and Community


Uses sustainably sourced wood, non-toxic paint and has met US standards for resting, including ASTM and CPSC

Sturdy and stable

Large available space for babies to move and roll under

Comes with 6 toys

Includes access to video guides about the Montessori method, private community, online class, etc.


Takes up a lot of space

Doesn’t come with a playmat


Dimension: ‎46 x 52 x 39 inches

Weight: ‎3.96 pounds to 1.8 kg


Before we get to the materials, here’s a cool thing about this product – this appeared in Shark Tank! 

Anyway, there’s not much specific, detailed information on their website about their materials but they mentioned that all their products have passed and met all US safety testing, including ASTM and CPSC, making it safe for babies 0-3 years old. 

Their toys and play gym also uses non-toxic paint, sustainably sourced wood, is FSC certified, and 100% recyclable packaging.


The Monti Kids take up quite some space.

At its largest, with the long leg extensions attached, it measures about 52.5″ x 45.6″, and is 39.3” tall. So better have a dedicated nook or corner for it!

It’s safe and sturdy for babies. Parents have also commented on its durability, saying that it’s heirloom quality and could be passed on to their future babies.


Aside from the toys, what’s great about the Monti Kids Activity gym is that it comes with an account that provides access to short videos, online classes, personalized one-on-one support, and a private community moderated by child development experts & internationally certified Montessori educators. 

This sounds amazing to have especially if you’re only starting your Montessori journey.

The toys are all meant to kickstart your newborn’s development, all hanging from an appropriate height to fully engage your baby.

Toys include 4 mobiles, 4 reaching/ grasping toys, and 2 rattles.


It’s easy to wipe and clean the wooden toys with a damp cloth but does take care to not soak or scrub them, as it may damage its water-based finishing.


Its height can be adjusted to make it easier for your babies to grasp and play with the toys.

I can imagine this being used as a tent or teepee by toddlers or older kids or for imaginary play!

Ikea Leka Baby Gym

43_non toxic baby gym
pic from Ikea

Ikea Leka Baby Gym

Cheapest Non-Toxic and Organic Play Gym for Baby

CheapLimited space for rolling or moving baby
Well known, trusted brandNot entirely organic because of its ABS plastic toys
Comes with its own set of toys
Sturdy and stable
Saves space

Cheapest Non-Toxic and Organic Play Gym for Baby


Width: 15 ¾ ”    •      Height: 4 ”    •   Length: 21 ¼ ”   •   Weight: 4 lb 1 oz


The leg is made of birch plywood clear acrylic lacquer. Its layer glued frame is also molded birch plywood and clear acrylic lacquer, making it safe for babies.

The toy mobiles are made of ABS plastic, which is considered safer than PVC. 

ABS plastic is a little controversial as CSPA and toy companies gave assurances that it doesn’t leach toxic substances but some are saying otherwise.


It’s stable and sturdy enough for your baby to play with, but for older babies or toddlers, they can easily grab onto it and pull it down, which can hurt themselves.

So keep a lookout when your older baby is under it or when you have another toddler who’s playing with it, while your newborn is under the frame.


The toys are removable so you can choose to hang in anything that you want your baby to play with.

Some parents mentioned though that there’s not much space for their baby to move around, especially when they’re rolling. 


The whole frame and toys can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


It’s small enough to use for traveling in your car but it can be quite a hassle to disassemble it, as well, it’s an Ikea product.

Your baby can still use this even if they’re past the newborn phase as it’s quite entertaining to play with. 

One mom mentioned that her baby who was learning to walk uses this as a sort of pit stop whenever he’s waddling in the room. 

Other babies have grabbed into it to help themselves stand.

Toddlers can also utilize this toy for their imaginative or pretend play.

FAQ for Best Non Toxic Play Gym

Do babies need play gyms?

No, they don’t. It’s not a newborn essential that’s crucial for a newborn’s development.

But having one will save parents the hassle of thinking age-appropriate newborn activities, that can help meet their little one’s developmental milestones.

It doesn’t also hurt that most organic baby play gyms are durable and beautiful to look at, making them into family heirlooms.

Are wooden baby gyms safe?

Yes they are, most have materials and toys that are free of harmful substances and toxic ingredients that can be detrimental to your baby’s health.

Some like The Play Gym by Lovevery and the Finn + Emma Wooden Baby Play Gym can’t be easily dragged or pushed by babies or toddlers but just remember to keep an eye on your newborn whenever they are under it.

At what age can a baby use a play gym?

Play gyms can be used for newborns who are comfortable on their backs without being swaddled.

Even at 1 week old, they can see something that’s 25 cm in front of them, can know your voice, and recognize your smell too. 

So they can use an activity gym as early as possible. Just take note of how long can they can stay under it without crying so much to be carried or for a swaddle.

When should I stop using a play gym?

If your babies are not engaging with it anymore and are practically ignoring it or they have grown more mobile and are trying to push or pull their play gym, which can hurt them, then it might be time to keep it away.

At what age should I start doing tummy time with my baby?

At what age should I start doing tummy time with my baby?

I didn’t know about this until my newborn had her very 1st monthly visit to the doctor but apparently, you can already introduce tummy time to them as early as their first day home from the hospital!

I made my baby do tummy time right after I got that advice that goodness, think of all those wasted 4 weeks. Good thing my baby still turned out okay, but I digress.
So start tummy time as early as when they come from the hospital.

Best Non Toxic Baby Gym: Takeaway

The best non toxic baby gym can be expensive but it can become a family heirloom, one you can pass on to your kids when they become parents themselves. They are usually well-built, durable, and can withstand the test of time.

With that in mind, and with all the benefits of having one, it makes having the best non toxic baby gym then worthwhile.