Newborn Baby Checklist [Free Printable]

  • How many milk bottles do I need?
  • Do I really need a UV sterilizer?
  • How many clothes/ diapers/ mittens does my newborn really need?
  • How can I save more money and still get the essentials for my baby?

I remember having the same questions before and more and going through dozens of blogs and vlogs just to know what my baby really needs. I only realized what exactly are the newborn essentials when I was actually taking care of my baby!

They never tell you to get the things that I’ve listed on this list.

If you want to know the logic behind this must-have newborn essentials, check out this article here.

So save a lot of time and tons of money by just getting what really matters with this free newborn essentials checklist. Just subscribe to my newsletter and get the free newborn essentials immediately.

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