Nesting Days Baby Carrier [In-Depth Product Review]

Baby carriers are a lifesaver. They’re a must-have newborn item, especially if you see yourself multitasking while keeping your baby close. 

You can work, do your chores, work, go out to run errands and groceries – all while your little bundle of joy cozily sleeps against your chest.

But there are a lot of carriers that can be quite intimidating to deal with. Especially when it comes to their features.

Baby wraps have long fabrics, there’s a lot of adjustments to be done with some soft structured carriers and ring slings, etc.

Then there’s the Nesting Day baby carrier. 

Which just looks super cozy and super easy to use, right from the get-go!

If you’re looking for a super detailed review of it, then this article is for you.

I’ve thoroughly researched its features, drawbacks, and advantages and even included some real reviews from parents who have used the said carrier.

Let’s start with a quick overview of its features.

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Feature Summary of Nesting Days Baby Carrier

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick feature guide on the Nesting Days Baby Carrier

FeaturesNesting Days Baby Carrier
Maximum Weight18 lbs
Length of UseNewborns up to 6 months old
FabricLightweight, made of nylon and spandex
Easy to UseYes
Sizes AvailableYes
DesignHad 9 prints and patterns
PositionOnly one – forward facing in
Machine WashableYes
Retun/ Exchange PolicyAvailable

Below is a more detailed info on the Nesting Days Carrier.

Nesting Days Baby Carrier: Detailed Review


The Nesting Days baby carrier is created by a postpartum doula to help meet the unique and ergonomic needs of newborns, for whom skin-to-skin contact is so essential. 

It is meant to prolong the Kangaroo Mother care method.

It uses a lightweight fabric, that’s 60% nylon and 40% spandex, in a patented tubular design. 

This provides a lot of support, which is its most loved feature – parents feel super secure wearing their newborn and even their preemies in it! 

A mom even mentioned that this is the only carrier that doesn’t scare her from letting go of her child’s bottom – truly a hands-free carrier.

The tie or tail of the carrier, should it come undone, doesn’t mean that the baby will fall or is in danger. The tie is just meant for adjusting and tightening, for a more comfortable babywearing experience.

Baby Weight/ Length of Use

The Nesting Days baby carrier is made for newborns and babies up to 18 pounds. 

Some moms said they can only use it until 4 months as their baby is getting heavier.

While others have used it until 6 months old until their baby preferred to face forward. 

But it’s also quite popular amongst parents with preterm babies. 

They still recommend getting the advice of your health professional if your baby is under 8 pounds.


The Nesting Days carrier can be worn indoors throughout the summer, where the temperature is controlled and is between (68° to 75°).

However, if you have to go outdoors on a hot day, they do recommend frequently checking on your baby.

It’s PH neutral and doesn’t have any irritating dyes or chemical finishes.

Its fabric is lightweight and comfortably conforms to one’s body. 

Although a few moms find it a bit tight and uncomfortable to wear, especially during the summer or hot weather. 

While some moms find it cozy to wear for going out with their newborn.)

Some moms like wearing it over a tank top with a cardigan over it. Some wear it with only a bra or nothing at all! Which is super convenient for breastfeeding.

nesting days baby carrier

They also find it super easy to put babies in and out.

It also doesn’t sag unlike the other baby wraps or carriers, and can still retain its shape even after many uses. 

It also evenly distributes your baby’s weight on your body, lessening shoulder and back pains.

Ease of Use

If you’re intimidated with complicated long fabrics of baby wraps, hate dealing with buckles, straps, and harnesses of soft structured carriers, or you feel uncomfortable adjusting ring slings, then you’ll love the Nesting Days baby carrier.

It’s super easy to use on your own, without any help and fuss-free to put on. It’s like wearing a shirt!

But you step into the shirt or garment for that matter, instead of pulling it over your head. 

If you’re a c-sect mom, they recommend sitting down first then stepping into the garment and pulling it up gently. Smooth it over your hips, center the garment on your body then wear the left shoulder wing.

You then get your baby and put them inside and then raise the right shoulder wing, tighten using the tail and that’s it!

You can have your baby’s feet out of the carrier if they’re still small and “feet-out” if they get bigger.

If you want to use it in the hospital, just make sure to wear it before getting there. And to ask a NICU nurse to help you. 

It’s advisable to sit down in a semi-recline position before positioning your preemie in the carrier. Then wrap a blanket over the both of you, if there’s still some space, then tie the wings of the carrier around the two of you.

Of course, there’s a learning curve to go through with, as with all other baby carriers. 

They recommend practicing with a doll or teddy bear until you get the hang of it.

You can check out a video here on this page to see how easy it is to put on.


The Nesting Days carrier has various sizes available for all body types. 

For women, sizes XS to XXL are available, while for men, sizes S to XXL are available.

nesting days baby carrier
pic from @hayleyhermsofficial

Unfortunately, you can’t share it with another adult unless you have more or less the same size. 

So you can’t adjust it but you can tighten it on your body using the “tail” of the carrier.

Make sure to base your measurement on your pre-pregnancy dress size. Check out their size guidelines below.


The women’s carrier is available in 7 patterns, while the men have 2 classic colors to choose from.

They also have cardigans, robes, baby hats and pants, and nursing covers available on their website.


The Nesting Days carrier can only be used in 1 carrying position – forward, with the baby facing in.

If that’s not a dealbreaker in choosing a baby carrier, then one carrying position should suffice.


It’s machine washable and can retain its shape even when worn multiple times.

Its lengthy or “skirt” garment also acts like a body shaper/ tummy support, which is especially suited for those who are pregnant, just gave birth, or had a c-sect delivery.

Return/ Exchange Policy

They allow exchanges or returns as long as the carrier is still in its original condition and you’ve returned it within 30 days of receiving it or 30 days after your baby’s arrival.

If past that, you can just email them at [email protected] to confirm a return or exchange.

If you should find a tear in a seam or on the garment, you can also email them for a replacement.


It can be a little bit expensive for a carrier that you’re only going to use for a few months.

But for parents who’ve used it, they said it was worth it, especially with doing skin-to-skin with their newborn or preemie.

Nesting Days Baby Carrier: FAQ

How do you use the Nesting Days Carrier?

Check out the video on this page on how to use it.

It’s as easy to use as wearing a shirt but you step on it, rather than wearing it on top of your head.

So you put it on below like a skirt, pull it up, and adjust the garment on your center. 
You can then choose to have the lengthy part or “skirt” cover your hips and tummy, acting as a sort of body shaper.

Or you can leave it and just use it as additional support after your baby is tucked comfortably in the carrier.

So after adjusting the garment comfortably, you just wear the left shoulder wing, then you get your baby and place them on your chest in a burping position.
Then you tuck them in the inner pouch. You can choose to have their feet in or feet out, depending on their age and size.

Then you wear the right shoulder wing, tighten it by tying the tail across your body, then you can choose to lift the “skirt” as additional support and you’re done!

How long can you keep a newborn in a carrier?

There’s no official time limit but some health professionals would recommend not using it for several hours straight.

Or using it only one hour at a time and then give your newborn some break, before wearing it again.

Which baby carrier is easiest to put on?

Those that have fewer buckles and straps to tinker with and less material to adjust with are the easiest to put on, such as the Nesting Days baby carrier.

nesting days wrap
pic from @spiffykerms

Pros and Cons: Nesting Days Baby Carrier

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of the Nesting Days Carrier


  • Best for newborns or preemies
  • Has various sizes for different-sized adults
  • Has postpartum body support quality
  • Easy to put on and take off 
  • Comfortable and cozy 
  • The material doesn’t sag 
  • Machine-washable
  • Comes in different designs
  • Breastfeeding friendly


  • Only 1 carrying position
  • Can only be used for a few months 

Takeaway on Nesting Days Baby Carrier

I had an Ergo Omni 360 before, which was a very popular carrier and highly recommended by my veteran mom friends.

The thing was, I didn’t use it until my baby was 2 months old because I felt like she seemed too small to be placed inside it. 

I felt so scared to put her in it, even though I’m quite aware that I could just adjust it when needed.

So I kinda wished I heard about the Nesting Days carrier when I was a new mom.

It looks super comfortable to use and sure, you still need some time to learn how to put your baby on your chest and tuck them in.

But I’m pretty sure, like with the rest of every parenting experience there is, I would have eventually gotten the hang of it.

It would have made the babywearing experience so much easier plus, I would have done so much carrying her around the house!

“skirt” like garmen which can also be lifted as extra support for baby

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