Mika Micky Bassinet Review (What You Really Need to Know!)

Update: Mika Micky according to reliable souce, is out of stock in Amazon BUT there has been significant amount of complaints about it being wobbly and babies rolling to one side. Kindly take note.

Looking for a comprehensive, and straightforward Mika Micky Bassinet review, with feedbacks from parents and even baby experts?

Then this article is for you.

I’ve thoroughly researched the said product, going through their website and reading tons of parents’ comments and also some expert reviews about it.

So without further adieu, here’s a detailed review of the features, pros, cons, and more of the Mika Micky Bassinet.

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Mika Micky Bassinet Review: Feature Details


The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Bassinet is quite a large bassinet, more spacious than the others, according to most parents. 

Some said they can even a DockATot inside it! Which is not recommended by the way not unless you’re going to be fully supervising your baby while they sleep. I digress.

It measures 36 x 22 x 32.7 inches and weighs 20 pounds or 9kg.

It’s also one of those bassinets that have the highest weight limit – 33 lbs or 15 kg.

Age Limit

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Bassinet might look big and spacious and has a high weight limit, but that doesn’t mean it can fit your baby until they’re a year old!

Take note that this is just a regular, albeit spacious and large bassinet. 

It can only hold your baby until they start to roll or pull themselves up in a sitting position. Which usually happens between 4 to 6 months.


The Mika Micky Bassinet meets all the safety standards the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act set. 

It has been certified with ASTM F2194-16e and ASTM F2906-13, complying with all the standards the CPSC and CPSIA required.

It also has a 2-side mesh wall, allowing for a more breathable, worry-free night.

This bassinet also has some fastening straps that let you attach it to your bed, for more stability and security.

It won’t easily move, even if you have another kid pulling at the side, according to a few parents.

Although, some parents mentioned that it has a slight wobble and it doesn’t look balanced. This makes their baby lean toward a side.  Which fortunately has breathable mesh walls.

But for the most part, a lot of parents have no complaints about its stability and durability. Most find it very solid, balanced, and sturdy.


Putting it together is easy for most parents. Although a few mentioned there were some confusing instructions in the guide. But they were able to figure it out, so it turned out fine!


One side of the mesh wall can fold, and clip, which is convenient so you can quickly scoop up your baby for nursing or cuddling.

It also comes with a 7-height adjustable feature, starting from 13 to 21 inches. 

This can accommodate bed heights ranging from 18 inches to 26 inches.

The one-side foldable wall and adjustable height are also a huge help for some C-section moms, as it makes it easier for them to reach for their baby.


Some parents have used it on their travels, mentioning that they could squeeze it in their mid-sized/small trunk along with the stroller.

But others said it’s too heavy and inconvenient to lug around.

Nevertheless, the Mika Micky Bassinet comes with built-in wheels with breaks, allowing you to roll and move it to any room you want.

It doesn’t roll easily on a carpeted area though and its wheels also lock sometimes. Which can be frustrating, according to some parents.

Other parents would advise just keeping this in one room and not moving it around, as the wheels can be quite annoying to deal with.

But some didn’t have any issues with the wheels and can easily roll the bassinet around the house.

Fitted Sheets

The Mika Micky Bassinet’s waterproof fitted sheets are easily available online.

Some parents tried and managed to fit small crib sheets on the bassinet but I wouldn’t recommend doing that, as it can be quite risky. 

Especially when the crib sheets unfurl or fold up and cover your newborn, making it a suffocation hazard.


This bassinet is easy to clean according to most parents.

You can’t wash the mattress but you can machine wash the fitted sheets and the linings then air dry it. This is useful, especially if your baby had a diaper poonami while in the bassinet!

You can also easily wipe its metal frame.


The Mika Micky Bassinet also comes with 2 side pockets for easy storing of diapers and wet wipes. It can even fit swaddles and burp clothes! So you can reach for them quickly when needed.

Return Policy

You can return or replace their bassinet within 90 days of purchase.


They also offer a 1-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons: Mika Micky Bassinet

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of the Mika Micky Bassinet.

Pros of Mika Micky Bassinet

  • 7-height adjustable frame
  • Breathable mesh sides
  • Bed-detachable fastening straps for added security
  • Zippered one side panel
  • With 2 side pocket storage
  • Easy-to-wipe frame 
  • Machine-washable lining
  • Comes with built-in wheels

Cons of Mika Micky Bassinet

  • Has complains of wobbly frame
  • Mixed feedback on wheels
  • Can’t use dryer for fitted sheets

FAQ: Mika Micky Bassinet Product Review

When should I stop using Mika Micky?

You should stop using the Mika Micky bassinet when your baby is more mobile. When they’re starting to roll or are trying to pull themselves up in a sitting position.

Is the Mika Micky bassinet mattress waterproof?

No, the Mika Mick bassinet’s mattress is not waterproof. But they do offer waterproof fitted sheets.

Alternatives to the Mika Micky Bassinet

Here are some other great bassinet alternatives, that can be a lot of help for breastfeeding or C-section moms.

Arm’s Reach Cambria Wooden Co-Sleeper Breastfeeding Bassinet

Papablic 2-in-1 Bonni Baby Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

Arm’s Reach The Versatile Co-Sleeper for Breastfeeding

Tips in Using the Mika Micky Bassinet 

  • Check your bed first

Some parents made the mistake of buying first the Mika Micky Bassinet then realizing that their bed has an extended mattress frame.

This means they can’t align the bassinet next to the bed, as their baby might roll over and might get stuck in the space between the bed mattress frame and the bassinet!

So check your bed first, and make sure you can put the bassinet side by side to it, without any space between.

Check also your bed’s height, just to make sure that you can adjust the Mika Micky bassinet’s height frame to it.

  • Don’t put anything in the bassinet

Especially items that can be a suffocation hazard for your newborn, such as blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys.

Don’t also use this with a Dock-a-tot or any baby loungers if you’re not going to supervise your baby the whole time.

  • Keep pets out of the bassinet

Better to keep your cat out of the bassinet, as they can dirty it up, and knock over the bassinet. Or they can sit on your newborn, which can turn into a very dangerous situation.

  • Help your newborn sleep

If your baby hates sleeping in their bassinet, try certain methods such as the Shush Pat Method or do the Eat Play Sleep routine. Find out more tips on how to make them sleep longer and better right here.

  • The mattress is comfortable for your baby

The bassinet mattress might feel thin and hard for you, but your newborn or baby is perfectly fine and safe in it. 

  • Use only the recommended fitted sheets

The Mika Micky Bassinet has its fitted sheets, which you can buy on their website or in popular online stores.

It’s not recommended to use another fitted sheet, as that can become a sleeping hazard for your baby.

  • Air-dry the fitted sheets

Their bassinet sheets are not of the highest quality and they can get ruined or they can shrink if you put them in the dryer.

It’s a little bit of a hassle, but it’s advisable to just air-dry the fitted sheets, so they can last longer.

Takeaway on Mika Micky Bassinet Review

The Mika Micky Bassinet has great features such as the adjustable height, the mesh wall where you can fold and clip down, and its storage and wheels. It’s an awesome bassinet choice, especially for breastfeeding and C-section moms.

It’s not perfect though, as there are still some complaints about its wobbly frame.

Otherwise, based on tons of parents’ positive reviews, it’s a great bassinet to have that won’t break the bank.

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