Manduca vs Boba: Which is the Better Baby Carrier?

The Manduca vs Boba has 10 differences and 8 similarities. Read on to find out more.

Have you narrowed down your baby carrier options to the Manduca vs Boba? Both are very reliable, sturdy, and comfy baby carriers but personally, I’d pick Manduca. Because it has some of the features that I would have looked for in a baby carrier when I was a new mom.

But that’s just me and I digress.

For this review, I’ve compared the Manduca XT vs the Boba Baby Carrier Classic 4Gs. I’ve looked into their details, watched their tutorial/ tips/ tricks videos, and made a thorough comparison of their features.

Let’s dive in and start with a quick feature comparison of the Manduca VS Boba baby carrier.

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Manduca VS Boba Feature Comparison

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick rundown of the features of the Manduca VS Boba.

FeaturesManduca XTBoba Classic 4G
Infant InsertNo needRequired and included in the carrier
Ease of UseMixed reviewsModerately easy
Head SupportAvailableNone
Leg PaddingAvailableNone
Seat AdjustmentAvailableNone
Shoulder straps– Rucksack “H” style position
– Criss cross “X” style position at the back
– Rucksack “H” style position
DesignVarious colors and printsLimited colors
WarrantyDepends on country1 year
PriceMore expensive than Boba 4GWell priced
Age/ Weight RangeNewborn to toddlerhood (3.5kg to 20kg)Newborn to toddlerhood (7-45 lbs)
SafetyCertified “hip-friendly” International Hip Dysplasia InstituteCertified “hip-friendly” International Hip Dysplasia Institute
Carrying Position3 – facing in, hip and back3 – facing in, back and facing in newborn position
Fit For AllYesYes but not so much for extra petite wearers
Comfort– Made from 100% organic cotton
– Can be hot to wear for longer hours or during summer
– Thick, padded waist belt
– Made from 100% organic cotton
– Can be hot to wear for longer hours or during summer
Privacy HoodAvailableAvailable

Below is more detailed information about differences and similaraties of their features.

What’s The Difference Between Manduca vs Boba?

Infant Insert

The Manduca XT doesn’t need an infant insert but the Boba 4G does.

Fortunately, it’s included in the baby carrier, no need to buy it separately. It also has 2 configurations: one for newborns and another for babies weighing 10 lbs.

Boba 4G’s detachable infant insert mainly acts as a booster seat. It helps maintain an ergonomic position that newborn babies naturally assume.

Ease of Use 

Some parents find the Manduca XT a little bit overwhelming to use, probably because of its safety features. It has a safety waistband buckle that comes with an extra button, so you really need 2 hands to unclasp or secure the buckle.

This is actually made for safety purposes, which is a good thing. Apparently, some parents have been absentmindedly removing their baby carriers while their baby is still inside the baby carrier! So as an extra precautionary measure, they’ve added that extra button. 

manduca vs boba_2
pic from Manduca website

I know, yikes.

For those who don’t mind the extra button, the Manduca XT can be easy to use. You just need some time to get used to it.

Check out their youtube videos on how to use their baby carriers.

Meanwhile, the Boba 4G is a very light and intuitive baby carrier.

There’s still a learning curve but when you’ve made all the shoulder straps adjustments and such, the Boba 4G can be very easy to put on and off.

Head Support 

The Manduca Xt’s adjustable height setting can be utilized as head support. Its privacy hood can also be rolled and used as another head support if needed.

The Boba 4G has only a tiny flap on top of its panel, which may not be enough as head support for babies.

Leg padding 

There’s some soft leg padding for the Manduca XT to make it more comfortable for your little one.

The Boba 4G doesn’t have any leg paddings and some parents have complained about it. Some said their babies were getting red marks on the legs, because the baby carrier digs on their poor little one’s skin.

Seat Adjustment 

The Manduca XT has a seat adjustment, to accommodate newborns or smaller babies. Adjusting the seat width can be done easily by sliding the material across the waistband.

There’s no way to secure your preferred seat width though and some parents have complained that it never stays put and it keeps changing.

Meanwhile, the Boba 4G doesn’t have a seat adjustment at all. 

Probably because it has an infant insert that is there to accommodate newborns. So if you want to adjust the seat width for older babies, unfortunately, Boba 4G doesn’t have them.

Shoulder straps 

The Manduca has soft, padded, adjustable straps that can be worn in a rucksack or “H” style position and a criss-cross or “X” style at the back.

Some parents love these shoulder strap features as it allows them to tighten the baby carrier, giving that feeling of extra security.

The Boba 4G’s shoulder straps can only be worn in a rucksack or “H” position but it’s comfortable enough for most parents. Its shoulder straps can also be adjusted from 20″–40″, to accommodate plus-size wearers.


The Boba 4G has a zippered waist belt pocket. The Manduca XT has none but you can buy a hip pouch for it.


Both have very subdued yet classic designs, although Manduca XT offers more color and print variety than the Boba 4G.


All Boba products have a 1-year warranty while the Manduca warranty varies in each country. For eg, in France, it’s 2 years, in Singapore and Australia it’s 3 years, etc.


The Manduca XT is more expensive than the Boba 4G.

Manduca XT vs Ergobaby Omni 360: Similarities

Age/ Weight Range

Both baby carriers can be used from newborn to toddlerhood, which makes both value for money.

The Manduca XT can carry kids weighing 3.5kg and at a maximum weight of 20kg. It can also accommodate tall toddlers because of its adjustable height panel.

The Boba 4G can also be used for newborns up to even 4-year-olds, with its weight capacity of 7-45lbs.

Take note though that some parents find both baby carriers a bit uncomfortable for their newborn. Most waited until their baby is at least one or 2 months old.

manduca vs boba_1
pic from Boba website


Both are certified “hip-friendly” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which means they help encourage healthy hip development for your baby.

Carrying Position

The Manduca XT has 3 carrying positions – facing in, hip, and back.

The Boba 4G has also 3 positions – facing in, back, and facing in newborn position. The newborn position can be assumed in a “froggy” or “M” position using the infant insert.

Fit For All 

Both the Manduca vs Boba 4G can fit all kinds of body types – from petite moms, plus-size, busty moms, and even burly and broad-shouldered dads.

The Manduca XT waist belt goes up to 140 cm in circumference and can be adjusted to fit an XS or XXL size.

The Boba 4G should be comfortable for parents that range from 5’0″ to 6’3″ tall and with a 25″ – 58″ waist. 

If you’re extra petite, you may not find the Boba 4G agreeable but some have made it work though. 

For plus-size wearers, they provide free extenders for both the waist and chest straps, which is a great feature to have.


Both baby carriers are made from 100% organic cotton, which is comfortable for your baby’s skin.

But since these two carriers don’t really have a mesh nor a breathable panel, it can get a bit hot to wear them. Especially during long walks, hikes, or in hot climates.

Both don’t have lumbar support (unlike the Ergobaby carrier). However, the Manduca has a very thick and wide padded waistbelt, where the buckle sits. It acts as sufficient back support plus it stops the buckle from digging on your back, especially if you’ve been carrying your kid for hours.

The Boba 4G has also a padded waistbelt although it’s not as thick nor long, so there’s a tendency for the buckles to dig on your skin.


Both the Manduca and Boba carriers can be used for nursing. You just need to practice on how to use it.

Here’s how to nurse in the Manduca XT

Privacy Hood 

Both have a built-in, easy-to-roll-and-keep privacy hood, for sun or rain protection. It can also be used while your baby is sleeping or nursing. 


Both are machine-washable. 

Manduca vs Boba – Which Is The Better Baby Carrier?

Personally, Manduca wins this round, hands down.

I know Boba is quite a popular baby carrier brand and Manduca might be hard to come by in the US. But the Manduca is a formidable contender and it even has a feature that I haven’t seen even in other US-made baby carriers – the patented height extender back panel. Which can be a very useful feature for tall babies.

manduca vs boba_3
pic from Manduca website

Yes, it doesn’t have a built-in pocket, but you can buy a hip pouch for it. 

Yes, you and your baby can get hot wearing it, especially during the summer but so does the Boba 4G.

And yes, it can be a little bit clumsy and hard to unclasp and secure the waistband buckle but like all baby carriers, it has a learning curve that will just take some time and patience to over with.

So my vote goes to the Manduca XT baby carrier. But I’m not a baby carrier expert so I’d highly advice that you test it out first – borrow, rent or go to stores personally and test out these 2 baby carriers.