Luvs vs Pampers: Which Diaper Should You Get?

Are you thinking of changing your baby’s diaper and have narrowed it down to either Luvs or Pampers? They might be under the same company (Procter and Gamble) but they are marketed differently. 

Pampers is well known worldwide and while Luvs might not have the same branding or marketing status as Pampers, it has its own strengths. Which is its price.

So in this article, I’m going to compare Luvs vs Pampers Swaddlers. I’m going to layout detailed information that will help you decide which diaper will be suitable for your kid and/or your budget in general.

Pampers Swaddlers is currently, as of this article’s publishing, the #1 best-selling disposable diapers on Amazon. While Luvs is at the Top 5.

Let’s start with a quick comparison feature table below.

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Luvs vs Pampers Feature Comparison Table

FeaturesPampers SwaddlersLuvs
Reputable BrandOwned by Procter & GambleOwned by Procter & Gamble
Safety– Hypoallergenic diaper
– Has list of ingredients that are included and excluded from their diapers
No info about being hypoallergenic or ingredients
Comfort– Cotton-like softness
– Slightly scented, especially when wet
– Has baby powdery smell
AbsorbencyMixed reviewsMixed reviews
Security and Fit– Secure and comfy for younger babies
– Not as stretchable for older, mobile babies
– Secure enough to contain mess
– Mixed reviews about refastenable tabs
Wetness IndicatorAvailableAvailable
SizesStarts at Size 0 (less than 10 lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb)Starts at newborn size (up to 10lb) and up to size 6 (35+ lb)
Umbilical cord cutoutAvailableNot available
DesignThin, compact with cute printsSame
PriceMore expensive than LuvsCheap

Let’s dive into more detailed information on the differences and similarities between Luvs vs Pampers diapers.

Pampers vs Luvs: Differences

Reputable Brand

I think everyone who’s old enough to understand how babies are really made knows Pampers. It’s been around since 1961 and has become one of the most trusted brands of diapers worldwide. 

Luv diapers might not have the same global recognition and  as Pampers but it is from Procter and Gamble, the same company that owns Pampers. So that says a lot, even if the Luvs brand is marketed in a different way.

Luv was previously sold as a deluxe disposable diaper in the ’80s but they are now currently marketed as budget diapers.


Pampers Swaddlers is a hypoallergenic diaper that carries a seal of being the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Brand. It also is skin-safe certified product by the Skin Health Alliance.

It’s recommended by doctors and even used in hospitals so you can be assured of its safety on your baby’s skin. 

They’ve also listed down ingredients that are included and are NOT included in their products. Which can lessen parent’s worries about toxic materials that might be harmful for their baby’s skin.

In comparison, Luv doesn’t really have any list of ingredients on their website or other platforms.

What do they have in their website are answers to common questions like, does their diaper contain dioxin or latex, etc.

But there’s not a lot of complaints about rashes and breakouts from parents who used Luv on their babies so it’s something to take note of.


Pampers Swaddlers has a lot of positive feedback on its absorbency, based on its Amazon reviews and on other popular online groups.

It features a 12-hour wetness protection and an extra absorbent channel that keeps wetness away from your baby’s skin while evenly distributing the wetness throughout the diaper.

This keeps your baby’s skin dry for longer hours, preventing rashes. This feature also prevents buildups in the diaper that can cause leaks.

It’s an excellent attribute, especially if you want your baby to sleep longer at night without disturbing them for a diaper change.

Some parents have noticed though that the back part of the diaper doesn’t seem to have that much extra-absorbency feature. Which leads to leaks and diaper blowouts.

Others have also complained that it doesn’t really do well for overnight use. A few parents also noted that Pampers Swaddlers sags, especially on more active and mobile babies.

There’s been some recent complaints as well on the absorbency of Pampers Swaddlers in general. Some parents shared that there’s been an upgrade and the latest version is of low quality – the diaper feels thinner and leaks all the time.

Meanwhile, Luvs diapers have some mixed reviews regarding their absorbency. Some parents said that it does a great job in keeping in messes and leaks in.

Some even preferred Luvs over Pampers or Huggies because it’s so much more effective in preventing diaper blowouts.

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While some are saying it doesn’t really deliver on its Nightlock and Triple Leakguards feature – the promise to lockaway wetness for 12 hours.

Some parents have mentioned it can only probably last you 5 hours at night.


Pampers Swaddlers starts at Size 0 (less than 10 lbs) up to Size 7 (41+ lb) while Luvs starts at newborn size (up to 10lb) and up to size 6 (35+ lb).

Umbilical Cord Cutout 

Pampers Swaddlers has an umbilical cord cutout. It protects your newborn’s delicate belly from irritation or discomfort.

Luvs doesn’t have that feature, but since they’re also under Procter and Gamble, who knows, someone might think of adding that umbilical cutout feature in a Luvs diaper.


Pampers Swaddlers is a well-priced diaper and you can save more by getting the subscription.

Luvs, however, is cheaper than Pampers. You can get more diapers than Pampers which is quite helpful especially if the budget is a little bit tight.

Similarities Between Luvs vs Pampers


Pampers Swaddlers is also known as one of the most comfortable diapers for babies. It has a very cotton-like softness that is just gentle on even the most delicate of skin.

It’s slightly scented though which is off-putting for some parents. According to some, the smell gets a tad stronger when the diaper gets wet. 

Luvs also has a baby powdery smell which has some mixed reviews – some parents like it, some hated it.

Some parents have also mentioned how thin Luvs is and how it feels very rough and that their babies had rashes using it.

While some have no complaints about Luvs at all and preferred to use it over other brands.

Security and Fit 

Pampers Swaddlers’ velcro-like fasteners are secure and reliable enough for younger babies. Its leg openings are also snug and comfy but not as stretchable nor flexible. It might not suit bigger, chubbier babies or those that are more mobile.

You might want to switch to Pampers Cruisers for older, more active babies. Check out my comparison review of Pampers Swaddlers vs Pampers Cruisers here.

Luvs, on the other hand, has large refastenable tabs and stretchable leg openings with cuffs. These features make it a very snug, comfy yet secure enough diaper to contain the mess.

There’s some complaint though about the tabs, with some parents saying that it’s not flexible, doesn’t really hold well, and easily rips off.

Wetness indicator

Both have a wetness indicator which I think should be a requirement in all disposable diapers. Including Pampers Baby Dry for older babies.

But hey, I’m not a diaper-making expert, just a regular mom here, trying to inform new mamas. And I digress.

Pamper Swaddlers though are a bit sensitive. It immediately turns blue even if it’s only slightly wet, according to some parents. 

Which would make you use more diapers because of course, you wouldn’t want your child stewing on their own filth and dirt. Making you buy more diapers and spending more in the process.

I think it’s totally fine to change diapers after 2-3 hours, especially when you’re taking care of a newborn and you want to avoid diaper rash.

But if you’re throwing mostly dry diapers which are just a teeny, tiny wet and your baby is not really prone to rashes, then that can be such a waste.

Anyway, I have yet to see any comments on the sensitivity of Luvs’ wetness indicator.


Both have cute designs, are thin, and very compact, allowing you to carry more in your diaper bag easily.

FAQ about Pampers vs Luvs

Are Pampers And Luvs Made By The Same Company?

Yes, Pampers and Luvs are made by the same company, Procter and Gamble.

Where Can I Buy Luvs And Pampers Diapers?

You can buy Luvs and Pampers diapers on popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon and physical shops like Target or Walmart.

Luvs vs Pampers: Which Diaper Should You Get?

Honestly, I think it generally boils down to your priorities, especially at these unpredictable times.

Budget might be tight, you may have several kids and you may want to save more than ever.

Pampers Swaddlers is great diaper overall. It’s one of the highly recommended disposable diapers out there with lots of positive reviews online.

It’s very comfortable and you’ll worry less about toxic ingredients that might give your child some rashes or whatnot. 

It’s not perfect though. There has been some negative feedback about it recently but it’s still recognized as a top, high-quality disposable diaper.

Luvs, on the other hand, might not have the number of positive reviews online to rival Pampers Swaddlers.

However, most parents commented that it does the job, it’s a great diaper plus, you get more savings. This can be a huge factor, especially you have multiple younger kids and you want to save more on diapers.

I suggest trying out Luvs for a while. Buy a few pieces from a friend or test out a whole pack and see if it works for your family. 

If it doesn’t work out, you can always go and try Pampers Swaddlers instead.

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