Luvs vs Huggies (In-Depth Comparison Review)

Taking care of a newborn baby can be quite daunting. There’s a lot of things to deal with like making them sleep longer, figuring out how to do chores while they’re crying out for you, etc.

Then you also have to think about their baby items, like diapers and how it will fit in your budget. So if you’re thinking of changing your baby’s diaper but can’t decide between Luvs vs Huggies, then this article is for you.

Huggies is quite a popular and reputable brand but that doesn’t necessarily make it better than Luvs.

The latter meanwhile is a budget diaper but doesn’t necessarily translate to a low quality diaper.

In this article, I have researched the different and similar features between the Huggies Little Movers vs Luvs brand.

I have spent a few hours combing through feedback from real parents online to get the advantages and drawbacks of these 2 brands. I’ve also gotten some valuable tips on buying and using these diapers!

I’ve also identified some diaper alternatives, as advised by parents themselves, just in case you’d like to explore other brands.

Let’s start with a quick comparison feature between the Luvs vs Huggies Little Movers.

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Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Disposable Baby Diapers

Luvs vs Huggies Feature Comparison Table

This is best viewed on a desktop. Here’s a quick comparison guide on the features of the Luvs vs Huggies disposable diapers.

FeaturesLuvsHuggies Little Movers
SizesNewborn size (up to 10lb) and goes up to Size 6 (35+ lb)Starts at Size 3 (16-26lb) up to Size 7 (41+ lb)
PriceCheapMore expensive than Luvs
DesignThin and compactUpdated design is thinner than previous one
ComfortableMixed feedback from parentsMixed feedback from parents
Security and FitWith stretchable leg openings with cuffs and a large refastenable tabWith 5-way fit system, Double Grip Strips and a snug waistband
AbsorbencyMixed feedback from parentsMixed feedback from parents
SafetyHypoallergenic (free from paraben, lotion, elemental chlorine and natural rubber latex)Baby safe ingredients
Wetness IndicatorAvailableAvailable

Let’s dive into more detailed information first on the differences between Huggies vs Luvs diapers.

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Disposable Baby Diapers

Difference Between Huggies vs Luvs

Reputable Brand

Huggies is a well-known diaper brand and has started in 1968. Which makes it quite a reputable disposable diaper. They even have a type of diaper that’s used in hospitals for preemies, which is the Huggies Little Snugglers.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Luvs is not as known worldwide but is still a popular budget diaper. It’s made from a trustworthy company – Procter and Gamble, the makers of Pampers diapers.

Luvs used to be marketed as a deluxe diaper in the 80s but have since changed their strategy and are now considered as a budget diaper.


Huggies Little Movers is for older, more active babies, with sizes starting at Size 3 (16-26lb) up to Size 7 (41+ lb).

Luvs has a Newborn size (up to 10lb) and goes up to Size 6 (35+ lb).


Luvs is way cheaper than Huggies. Which is helpful, especially if you have multiple kids and you’re on a tight budget.


Both have very cute designs. However, parents have been complaining about Huggies recent Lion King updates, saying that the quality has gone down.

Luvs, on the other hand, are still thin and compact, which makes them easy to carry and arrange in your diaper bag.


Luvs has quite a mixed review when it comes to the quality and comfort of its diapers.

Some parents have mentioned Luvs having a slight baby powdery smell. Others have noted its thin, paper-like quality of Luvs and that it feels rough, causing diaper rashes and breakouts to their babies.

While most parents don’t have any complaints at all and even prefer to use Luvs over the more popular brands!

Huggies has also some mixed feedback from parents – they either love it or hate it.

Some parents said that it feels super comfortable for their babies.

But lately, though, there have been more complaints of Huggies causing redness, blisters, and rashes to their babies. Some parents complained of how different the latest set of Huggies diapers are and that the quality is not what it used to be.

Other parents have warned not to get the Lion King design, as it was very low quality and uncomfortable for their baby.

A few parents also noticed some slight chemical smell coming from Huggies.

Security and Fit 

Huggies Little Movers has this 5-way fit system that makes it a snug yet flexible, comfy fit while preventing leakages.

It also has a Double Grip Strip feature and a snug waistband, so the diaper will stay in place even if your baby is moving all over.

Some parents even mentioned that they’re great for potty training and the fit is great – it’s not constricting and the diaper stays in place. One mom shared that Huggies fits her daughter perfectly, who’s a little skinny and has long legs.

Some parents have complained about Huggies’ fit, especially with the Lion King design. It seems like the said diaper update is ill-fitting and caused leakages and even red marks on their babies.

Others also noticed that the Velcro strips feel a bit rough and uncomfortable on their baby’s skin.

Luvs has also some mixed feedback about how snug and comfortable it is for babies.

It has stretchable leg openings with cuffs and a large refastenable tab to secure the diaper comfortably. Some parents say it fits really well and they don’t experience leaks. 

While others are saying its tabs get easily ripped off and it doesn’t really hold well.

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Disposable Baby Diapers

Luvs vs Huggies: Similarities


Huggies Little Movers is designed for more mobile, active babies. It promises 12-hour protection, absorbing wetness from your baby’s skin, keeping them dry and free from rashes.

Huggies also have this back pocketed waistband feature – which helps keep in leakages and avoid diaper blowouts.

Lately, though, parents are noticing the big difference between the design updates. Most have mentioned that the recently updated Huggies diaper is not as effective in absorbing wetness and that they’ve experienced so many diaper leakages.

While some said that Huggies rarely cause leakages and that they absorb wetness and leakages well.

Luvs also has some mixed feedback about its absorbency.

Some parents said it does a great job in keeping messes and that it rarely leaks and causes blowouts. Other parents even mentioned preferring Luvs over the more well-known brands as it’s the only diaper that worked for them in keeping all the poop, leaks, and messes!

Some said Luvs doesn’t really deliver on its promise of 12-hour protection, lasting only 5 hours at night.


Huggies is a hypoallergenic diaper and is free from paraben, lotion, elemental chlorine, and natural rubber latex.

You can check out more details about the ingredients they use on Huggies diapers here.

Surprisingly though, there’s quite a handful of complaints from parents about Huggies causing breakouts and rashes. Some mentioned that the new set is of low quality and is so much different from the previous batch.

Luvs doesn’t have a list of components they use on their diapers. But based on their website, they mentioned that all the ingredients used on their diapers are safe for babies.

There are also very few complaints from parents about Luvs causing rashes so that’s something to consider.

Wetness indicator

Both the Luvs and Huggies have a wetness indicator. Both have also some feedback about having some slight smell, especially when it gets wet.

Huggies vs Luvs: Pros and Cons

Here’s a general overview of the advantages and drawbacks of the Luvs vs Huggies diapers

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

Luvs Pros

  • Cheap
  • Thin and compact

Luvs Cons

  • Has complains of paper-like, rough quality
  • Mixed feedback on its absorbency

Huggies Little Movers Disposable Baby Diapers

Huggies Pros

  • Made for mobile, active babies
  • Has back-pocketed waistband to contain messes and leakages

Huggies Cons

  • Has recent complaints of updated, low-quality diapers
  • More expensive than Luvs

Alternatives to Huggies vs Luvs Diapers

If you want to explore other options, other than Luvs or Huggies, then check out the brands below. 

These have been highly recommended by a lot of parents online for a more comfortable, secure diaper that prevents blowouts and leakages.

Kirkland Signature Diapers

Having a Costco membership apparently lets you return diapers, even if you’ve already opened the box and used some.

Up & Up Diapers

Small packs are available at Target so you can test out and see which one seems better, without having to pay too much for a pack.

Aldi Little Journey

luvs vs huggies alternative

Parent’s Choice

Luvs vs Huggies: Tips and Tricks

• Buy a test pack

Especially if you haven’t used either diaper. Just buy one pack for testing and if it seems to fit your baby and has minimal leakages and doesn’t cause rashes, then go buy a few more packs.

Use both

Parents whose kids didn’t have any allergic reaction to both Luvs and Huggies have this tip of using Luvs for daycare (or for daytime use) and Huggies for nighttime use. 

This can work for you if you’re on a budget but you prefer Huggies for overnight use.

Use diaper liners

One mom has this brilliant idea of using diaper liners for night diapers. Especially if you have a heavy wetter, as it mostly resolves the leaking.

Huggies vs Luvs: FAQ

Are Luvs a good brand of diapers?

That would mostly depend on how your baby reacts to it. Luvs is not a perfect diaper but yes, generally Luvs is a great budget diaper.

Which brand of baby diaper is the best?

It is mostly based on your preference and how your baby will react to the diaper. But if you want to know the Top 4 bestselling disposable diapers in Amazon (as of this publishing), check it out below

Top 1: Pampers Swaddlers

Top 2: Huggies Little Movers

Top 1: Pampers Swaddlers

Top 2: Huggies Little Movers

What diapers are comparable to Huggies?

Kirkland diapers seem to be similar to Huggies, as they’re made by Kimberly-Clark, the company that manufactures Huggies diapers.

Luvs vs Huggies: Which One Should You Get?

Unfortunately, this will be more of a trial and process for you.

First off, it depends on how comfortable the diaper is for your baby’s skin. All babies are different so all will react differently to any brand. And one that doesn’t cause any rashes, redness, or is not ill-fitting is of course, ideal to have.

Next, it would be a matter of testing – which one is more absorbent and can help prevent blowouts or avoid leakages more.

If both Luvs and Huggies don’t give your baby any rashes and you find both to have decent absorbent quality, then I’d go for Luvs.

It’s way cheaper than Huggies, it does a decent job in keeping messes and leakages in and it will save you in the long run, especially if you have multiple kids and the budget is tight.

I hope this article has helped you decide between Luvs vs Huggies.

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

Huggies Little Movers Disposable Baby Diapers

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