Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger Comparison Review

The Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger has 3 similarities and 8 differences. Read on to find out which baby lounger is better.

There is now a safety recall on Boppy Loungers. Please contact The Boppy Company for a refund if you recently bought one. Click to read more here.

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Baby loungers are an in-thing with parents nowadays. It’s a lifesaver that can keep you hands-free, so you can get things done even with a clingy baby. A lot of parents have used it for their newborns and even older babies.

If you’re thinking of getting one and you’ve finally narrowed your decision between the Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger but you’re undecided between the two, then this article is for you.

I have listed down their similar features and differences, as well as their pros and cons, so you can make the best buying decision when it comes to these two affordable baby loungers.

(I also wrote a review on the more expensive yet equally popular baby loungers, the Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock A Tot.)

Let’s start with a quick comparison of their features below.

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Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger: Feature Comparison

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FeaturesLeachco PodsterBoppy Lounger
Multi-use Tummy time, playtime, feeding time, helps with acid reflux, hanging out with loved onesTummy time, playtime, feeding time, helps with acid reflux, hanging out with loved ones
PortableWeighs 2.95 lbsWeighs 2.89 lbs
Return Policy and Warranty • 30 Day return policy
• 90-Day Limited Warranty
• 30 day return policy
• Limited warranty
Age/ Weight Range6 to 16 lbs (0-6 months)(0-4 months)
Size• 25.5 x 23 x 8 inches (LxWxH)
• Slightly bigger than the Boppy
18 x 18 x 7 inches (LxWxH)
Cleaning• Can remove cover for machine washing• Can put entire lounger in washing machine (only for delicate cycle)
Comfort and Safety• For supervised awake times only
• Adjustable inner mesh center depth creates more security for baby
• For supervised awake times only
• Firmer and sturdier than Leachco Podster
AccessoriesCan purchase extra covers onlineExtra covers are only available at other retailers
DesignLimited prints and patternsLimited prints and patterns but offers more than Leachco Podster
MaterialMade of 65% polyester and 35% cottonSoft and breathable fabric
PriceA little more pricey than Boppy LoungerCheap

Below is a more detailed information on the differences and similarities of the Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger.

Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger: Similarities


You can use both the Podster vs Boppy Lounger for bottle feeding, playtime, tummy time and just hanging out with loved ones in general.

Some parents have also mentioned that both the Boppy Newborn Lounger and the Leachco Podsters have helped their baby’s acid reflux, by keeping them slightly upright.

Other parents have also used both for bath time. They’ll put the towel on top of the baby loungers then dry and set their baby there to wrap them and cuddle them in their arms.

If your kids have overgrown it, you can still use both as beds for your pets, if you have one.


Both the Podster vs Boppy Lounger are easy to move around and travel by car, with the Boppy Lounger weighing 2.89 lbs and the Leachco Podster at 2.95 lbs.

It’s not convenient to travel with both by plane though as they’re not that compact but the Boppy Lounger has its plastic carrying case. You might need to purchase a separate bag for the Leachco Podster for plane travel.

Return Policy and Warranty

The Leachco Podster comes with a 30-day return policy and 90-Day Limited Warranty.

While the Boppy Lounger has also a 30-day return policy and also comes with a limited warranty.

Podster vs Boppy Lounger: Differences

Age Range

The Leachco Podster is for average to big babies weighing 6 to 16 lbs (0-6 months) while the Boppy Lounger is for newborns (0-4 months).

Both are only suitable for supervised awake time use.


The Boppy Lounger’s dimension is 18 x 18 x 7 inches (LxWxH) while the Leachco Podster measures ‎25.5 x 23 x 8 inches (LxWxH), slightly bigger than the Boppy.


You can wash the entire Boppy Lounger in the machine washing, but only at hand wash or delicate cycle.

You can’t do that with the Leachco Podster. But you can remove its cover, making it convenient for washing.

You can also buy an extra Leachco Podster cover on Amazon or on their website, which the Boppy Lounger oddly, doesn’t have. You’d have to purchase an extra Boppy Lounger cover from another retailer, which is strange. I mean, why don’t they just make and sell covers on their website?

Anyway, some parents have complained though that it’s a little hard to put back the cover in the Leachco Podster.

One parent’s tip is to just put a blanket or soft fabric on top of both the Boppy Lounger and the Leachco Podster. This makes it easy to clean, especially when there are spit-ups or diaper blowouts.

Comfort and Safety

When it comes to the structure, the Leachco Podster has that cozy sling style with deep contoured sides to help keep your baby in place. Some parents prefer this, as they’re not worried about their little ones sliding out of the Leachco Podster.

They said it’s much harder for their babies to roll out of the Leachco Podster than the Boppy Lounger, thus preventing injuries and the danger of positional asphyxia.

The Leachco Podster’s inner depth can also be adjusted, depending on the size of your baby. That area gives that feeling of being cradled and held, which is very comforting for little ones.

pic from Leachco website

The center of the Leachco Podster is also made of a mesh material, which prevents your little ones from overheating.

Some parents prefer this mesh, as their babies are less likely to be all sweaty in it, unlike the Boppy Lounger.

While others prefer something that has more support for newborns to lie down on, so they go for the Boppy Lounger.

They also like the Boppy Lounger because it is so much firmer and sturdier than the Leachco Podster.

A few parents also said that the Boppy Lounger isn’t as long as the Leachco Podster. Their baby’s legs just dangle off the end of the former, whereas on the Leachco Podster, their baby’s legs were raised and supported.

Nevertheless, it’s still not advisable to leave your babies unsupervised in both the Boppy Lounger and Leachco Podster.

Some parents have admitted to using both for their babies to sleep in. Which can be safe IF and ONLY IF, the babies can’t roll out of the loungers and if there’s no danger of their babies’ faces getting squished against the sides.

But again, both brands have strongly advised using their products for only supervised awake time. They also noted to never move these products while your baby is on them.


Boppy Loungers don’t sell extra covers on their website and you have to get that from separate retailers.

While you can purchase an extra cover for the Leachco Podster, right on their website or from other retailers.

Some parents have complained about the subpar quality of the Leachco Podster covers. Some have mentioned the covers are so thin that stains go right through the pillow, it keeps ripping and tearing off and the zipper falls off.

I suggest always getting an extra cover just in case. Or just use a blanket or towel on it, so it’ll be easier to clean, especially for spit-ups or worse, diaper blowouts.


Both have limited print and patterns but the Boppy Lounger has a bit more variations, design-wise.


The Boppy Lounger, according to their website, has a soft and breathable fabric that can be easily wiped for little messes.

It’s also stated on their website that their manufacturing process starts in China. But they are doing some effort in reducing their carbon footprint by doing the fulfillment, packaging, and shipping from US factories.

The Leachco Podster, on the other hand, does not contain flame retardants or PBDE. Its material is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.


The Leachco Podster is a little more expensive than the Boppy Lounger but still way less pricey than a DockaTot or even a Snuggle Me.

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Leachco Podster Pros

  • Can accommodate bigger babies
  • Deep contoured, adjustable seating
  • Travel-friendly by car

Leachco Podster Cons

  • Mesh center offers less support for babies
  • Thin and subpar cover

Boppy Lounger Pros

  • Cheap
  • Firm and sturdy material
  • Travel-friendly by car

Boppy Lounger Cons

  • Highly dangerous for unsupervised times
  • No accessories, cover sold from other retailers

Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger: Which One Is Better?

They practically have the same use but if you want something to keep your baby more secure, my vote goes to the Leachco Podster.

It’s almost the same as the Boppy Lounger, except for the adjustable mesh center with its deep contoured sides.

There’s less danger for newborns to roll off the Leachco Podster as compared to the Boppy Lounger.

However, Boppy Loungers are known for their high quality, sturdy and firm material so you can still use them for your future babies.

They are also cheaper and are a consistent top bestseller on popular e-commerce websites.

My Takeaway

I have never used one for my baby and I know a lot of parents have used it for their kids to sleep in.

Which is very dangerous actually, especially for unsupervised sleeping times.

But I do understand when you’re on the breaking point and you’ve tried practically everything to comfort your baby or for them to have a decent sleep.

I have been there. I’ve made my baby sleep in a baby bouncer when she was going through a challenging phase, which fortunately only lasted for a few days.

So I understand the need to have a baby lounger, especially if you desperately need some hands-free time to do some work or chores.

Just remember that both the Boppy Lounger and the Leachco Podster are strongly advised for supervised wake times only and to understand the risks involved when letting your baby sleep on it, unsupervised. I hope this article has helped you decide between the Boppy Lounger vs the Leachco Podster.